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Netflix TV series The attention to detail of checking the medallion makes me so happy


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Netflix TV series The show is in love with Yennefer and it will backfire


Have you noticed that Yennefer steals so many arcs from different characters?

S1: Tissaia's best student was Philippa, not Yen. She mentions that in Thanned. The hero of Sodden is Vilgefortz, not Yen. Yen fought hard but was not the savior. Yen is now supposedly the most powerful mage in the Continent, and both Vilgefortz and Tissaia are nerfed during the battle for Yen to achieve that.

S2: the previous tropes from S1 develop into something worse. Tissaia's character continues to revolve around Yennefer: she mourns her, she thinks about her all the time. I mean, its nice, but doesn't she have other students? When Yen arrives, the mage council is obsessed with her, especially Stregobor. Istredd is in Aretuza just to talk about Yennefer. Even in the deleted scene between Stregobor and Vilgefortz they are talking about Yennefer. And my favorite: Tissaia wants Yen to play low in order for Vilgefortz to have political success, so we have Hollywood-favorite "a man is stealing her success" cliche. Lol it is exactly the opposite: its the show Yennefer robbing book Vilgefortz out of his achievements xD

Edit: yes, she even steals Triss' "fourteenth of the hill" title.

Apart from this, she appears in the show so many times that there is hardly and space for Geralt. She is basically robbing him and Ciri of their own story.

I mean, I know they had to develop her, but the way they did it will backfire. First, nerfing Vilgefortz, Yennefer's main opponent, is basically nerfing one of the major villains. With Yennefer being the true hero of Sodden that was more effective than Tissaia and Vilgefortz combined, Vilgefortz cannot pose as much as a threat for her anymore. Which is a shame, cause a hero is only as strong as the villain she or he defeats. Since they seem to be afraid to give her a powerful male antagonist (I was hoping for Stregobor at some moment, but they are making him a creep), they will have to continue with stretchy plots with her basically fighting against herself, like with the "I want to be a mom" or "I am losing my magic' plots. Shit, she basically stole Ciri's losing her powers arc. For what? For drama. Also, the way other mages talk and think about her all the time is just unbalanced.

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Netflix TV series [TV show spoilers] I read the criticism of S2 for weeks before actually watching S2. Here’s what I expected vs. what I got


Expectation: Eskel’s character is ruined to the point of ruining the entire season, he is a horrible whoremongering bastard, it’s unforgivable butchery.

Reality: Eskel has about 10 minutes of screentime total, consisting mainly of him acting like a dick (to everyone’s alarm, implying that it’s not his normal behavior) because he’s infected by the leshy, and also a flashback explicitly illustrating that he used to be the sweetie everyone expected him to be. Eskel is largely irrelevant to the season aside from providing a bit of mild angst, and setting the scene for Vesemir going a bit bananas over the possibility of creating new witchers. Eskel is a nice character in the source material, but saying that him getting mostly cut out is a tragedy is a bit much.

Expectation: Vesemir’s character is ruined to the point of ruining the entire season, he acts completely out of character, he is cold and cruel, it’s unforgivable butchery.

Reality: The only thing wrong with Vesemir in S2 is that he has weaknesses, which I realize is unpalatable to the people who expected him to be a caricature of the Wise Grandpa archetype. He devoted his entire life to the witcher trade, and he can see it dying before his eyes. He’s freaking the fuck out, he almost made some bad decisions (which are explicitly portrayed as bad), and he’s seen wrestling with his consciousness. The horror.

Expectation: Witchers are loud boors with one brain cell between them, when they’re supposed to be a friendly band of brothers and give everyone warm feels. Lambert does nothing except bully everyone and is a total dick.

Reality: Background witchers aren’t given a lot of exposition either way. They drink and swear, but like… Are they not supposed to do that when they’re chilling at home lol? Lambert is bitter and picks on people (which is hardly news for anyone), but apologizes when he crosses the line (he apologized to both Triss and Ciri when he hurt them inadvertently). Lambert pushed Ciri rather meanly on the training course, but genuinely cheered for her when she responded positively to the tough love and was eager to prove she’s more than meets the eye. Coen is a completely benign figure. The portrayal of witchers as a whole is largely unproblematic.

Expectation: Yennefer acts like a total bitch the entire season, she’s purely selfish and overall wholly unpleasant, she tried to sacrifice Ciri in cold blood when she’s supposed to love her like a daughter. Yennefer has too much screentime. Yennefer carries the banner for the woke feminist agenda. Her character is irredeemable and ruined.

Reality: Yennefer spends the entire season completely torn up over losing what made her, her. Despite that, she bravely saves Jaskier, risking her life and missing the ship she went through so much to get to, for no reason other than because she simply doesn’t want him to die. She has no one to turn to and she feels broken, her mind is fully fucked by Voleth Meir, her ability to think clearly wanes more and more as the season goes on, she’s lost and in pain, and she – VERY reluctantly – gives in to the very human impulse to do a horrible thing just to make it all stop. She literally just met Ciri, she would be allowed to have zero feelings for Ciri, she has no basis for maternal feelings yet nor is she obligated to even really care beyond not wanting to hurt Geralt, which she doesn’t – and despite all that she very clearly does care about Ciri’s well-being from the very beginning, and even more so later on, and hates that her choice is between betrayal and entirely sacrificing her own agency forever by forgoing what she at that point believes is the only way of regaining her powers. She chooses herself, and she regrets it before she even steps through that portal in the temple. Her entire journey with Ciri is filled with palpable grief, regret and self-hatred because her own actions repulse her and she loathes hurting Geralt and Ciri. She can’t go through with it, and she will be paying for this moment of weakness for a long time.

Expectation: Jaskier is supposed to be Geralt’s best friend in the whole wide world, but for some unfathomable reason he hates Geralt now. He gives away Geralt’s secrets to Rience. Jaskier’s character is ruined.

Reality: Jaskier loves Geralt and very justifiably feels betrayed by him because Geralt acted like an absolute shithead and totally deserved to be put on blast with that song. Jaskier, a gentle artist, is brutally tortured by Rience for a long time and gives away fuck all. He joyfully reconciles with Geralt the second he has a chance to and follows him into danger without a second thought. Enough said, really.

There’s more, of course. About Nilfgaard, the elves, the Brotherhood… But, bottom line: I fully expected to see a freakshow of completely one-dimensional, butchered characters who are all completely awful and unrecognizable. What I saw instead were characters battling their inner demons in a very understandable way. I’m glad that that’s how it played out for me, but I’m alarmed at just how vacuous most of the critique I’ve been exposed to (primarily on this sub) ended up being.

That’s not to say the season is flawless, not at all. There are legitimate things to criticize about each character, although I'd say most of them aren't that serious. On top of that, all characters often act like they have a stick up their ass, they act written, not real. The whole season is horribly unfunny, the only relief is Jaskier and even he has only one “bumbling idiot” comedic act that gets recycled over and over; everyone else is just totally solemn all the time. Ciri and Tissaia cry pretty much every other time they’re seen on screen, they both must be severely dehydrated by now, I mean it’s like the writers think that unless a character sheds at least two tears, the audience can’t possibly pick up on the fact that they’re going through some shit?

And sure, there are some plot holes and the characterization is weak in places. There are cringey moments. It’s not by any means a perfect show and I wouldn’t even say it’s a great one, aside from Henry Cavill god bless him. But it’s really not as terrible as it would seem from common points of criticisn.

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Netflix TV series The Witcher: Henry Cavill Hopes Season 3 Is Loyal To Books 'Without Too Much In the Way Of Diversions'

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Netflix TV series Lauren’s interviews are almost comically bad


I know this subject has already been discussed at length, but I can’t help providing my two cents. I just watched this interview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cfq41-aGOvs&t=81s

Apart from the interviewer clearly being another generic sycophant who just says amazing on repeat, almost everything she says is bizarre. First of all, she’s sticking to this line about how difficult it will be to adapt blood of elves to the screen. I just don’t buy it. No forward plot progression? Ciri gets trained, first by the witchers, then by yen, rience is introduced and geralt tracks him, there’s a scene of all the northern kings discussing the political situation, and we’re introduced to a lot of important characters (Djikstra, Philippa, Vilgefortz, Triss, etc). Also, I feel like there is a fair amount of action between ciris training, the fight with the scoia’tael, the fight with the sea monster on the river, and then the fight with the Michelet brothers and rience. There’s a lot going on and a lot of important world building and yes, character development, all of which I think would translate fine to screen. I think the success of game of thrones proves political intrigue/world building can be entertaining.

Next she goes on about how Yennefer isn’t in it much and only shows up when Geralt calls her. And that that would upset audiences. Really? I think by audience she just means her. Plus Yennefer is in blood of elves a fair amount: she saves dandilion in the beginning and then the last part of the book is just her training and bonding with ciri. She’s in it far more than baptism of fire-I wonder how much convoluted writing will be required to shove her into that one. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with yen doing a favor for a dear friend. Like is Lauren’s problem that yen should be more selfish?

Then she goes on about how sad Vesemir is, and how desolate kaer morhen is with so few people in it. Except…she shoved an extra 15 witchers into it, completely undermining that empty, desolate feeling. Plus the continuity error with the nightmare of the wolf, where only a handful of kids are left. What?

Of course, the funniest line may be the bit about how book readers will find a bunch of “page to page correlations.” In season 2, the only direct correlations are basically Easter eggs (dear friend).

Again, I know this subject has been beaten to death, but my god, how did she get hired? I don’t think she’s ever been a showrunner before. Why would they hire such an inexperienced, incompetent person for such a big budget show? Feels like a dumb gamble. When something goes this far off the rails, usually it’s hard to point the blame at just one person, but she’s the one hiring the writers. Most of the shows problems can be traced back to something dumb she said in an interview or on twitter. At this point, I think season 3 would be better if they just hired a random as her replacement.

Tldr; Lauren sucks and season 2 sucks

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Netflix TV series book quotes in season 2

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Netflix TV series The writing maybe shit, but one thing you can't criticise is that Geralt, Yen, Ciri and Jaskier are all well cast and their actors are putting in a great effort with what they are given.


Some extra points after reading comments.

Yen being miss cast is something that a lot of people are bringing up. However I don't see this as a miss cast but a bad choice is her costume/makeup design. Look at how different Ciri is from S1 to S2. They could definitely adjust Yen to be older looking though costume and makeup choices. Furthermore, alot of what makes her seem immature is not a casting issue but rather a writing issue. If you watch Anya in interviews she seems more than capable of playing the character Yen should be, but she hasn't been given the chance. Her lack lf connection to the character (unlike Henry's knowledge) could mean she has less input on how she is portrayed more accurately.

One thing I would say is that if they swapped the appreance of age between Triss and Yen. There would be a lot less complaints about Yen as a character.

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Netflix TV series What a joke...


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Netflix TV series Did we watch the same show?


Obviously everyone's feelings towards the show are valid. You can like something, you can dislike, even hate the season/the show/the producer. However, after reading so many posts explaining why the show sucks and Lauren Hissrich is literally Voleth Meir herself I have to add my own opinion to the mix.

I watched season 2 a few days ago and was thoroughly entertained. Before that, I watched all Netflix media, played all games (Even the Gwent standalone lol) and, of course, read all the books twice. Does the show deviate from the source material? Yes it does. Is that necessarily bad? No. When compared to other fantasy media like LOTR, they didn't even change that much. I found myself confused over lots of changes that Jackson and co. made to the source material. And yet those movies are three of the best of all time.

Sapkowski's world is way less complex than Tolkien's. His works are meant to be entertaining, and they are. The story of Geralt and Ciri is a wonderful modern take on chivalry and family. The show manages to get this point across.

Minor points/criticism I found unwarranted:

  • all fights were thoroughly enjoyable with surprising elements (e.g. the brawl in ep. 6)
  • the monsters were bizarre, frightening, beautiful and alien at the same time
  • almost every actor nailed the part they were chosen for. I adored Dijkstra and of course Geralt and loved almost every portrayal, from Jaskier to Dara
  • Vesemir was clearly conflicted about turning Ciri and hesitated multiple times. He is a torn old man in a difficult position. I found it fitting.
  • Yennefer was resourceful and clever throughout the season, even without her powers. She was only weak when confronted with Geralt, but that makes sense. They are like cryptonite (ha, lazy superman joke) for each other.
  • it is not impossible for Cahir to turn into a good guy. You guys kinda forgot (f you Dave) about Jaime Lannister, do you? (well, until S8. There is no S8. And no S7. And no Dorne plot)
  • speaking of which, while the dialogue is sometimes a bit lacking, a bad offender like "bäd pooosy" has yet to come
  • the addition of Voleth Meir was a nice B-plot that fits the folklore and incorporates elements from the games, something some of us were kinda desperate about.

I understand that you may disagree with me. That's ok. I will look forward to season 3. Despite all the criticism, this is still one of the best shows in recent memory.

EDIT: I did not expect this to blow up at all. Thanks for the awards. Some of you are legit insane. Also those who call me a Netflix shill: can you get me in touch? I'd very much like to get money for posts like this :)

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Netflix TV series Henry Cavill's stance on being loyal to the books


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Netflix TV series Tomasz Bagiński, executive producer of season 2: "the younger the audience, the logic is less important, [...] we're going away from a typical book-type storytelling, [...] the younger people grew up with tik-tok and youtube where they jump from video to video"


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Netflix TV series My conversation with Henry Cavill, who cares about the source material, immediately after finishing season 2.


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Netflix TV series Netflix’s Jaskier Was A Bad Friend Who Needs To Take Responsibility For His Part In Their Falling Out


Before I possibly get crucified, I quite enjoy Jaskier on Netflix. He’s funny, petty, and good comic relief. His loud personality is a great contrast to Geralt’s and a lot of their interactions are entertaining AF.

But. Ever since Geralt and Jaskier split in S1, I have heard nothing but hate towards Geralt for leaving his best friend, who has done nothing but devote his entire life to him, alone on a mountain to die. “Jaskier deserves more.” “Geralt needs to do more to earn his forgiveness.” “Jaskier did nothing wrong. Geralt was a bad friend.”

This is where I must interject: Jaskier wasn’t much better.

The first time we met Jaskier, he went out of his way to invade the space of a man who so obviously wanted to be alone. Then he purposefully outed him in front of everyone at the bar. Geralt is uncomfortable. Geralt doesn’t want to be the center of attention. But Jaskier sees none of this; he sees only what he wants to see: the mysterious majestic bloodthirsty BUTCHER OF BLAVIKA.

And this sentiment follows him into every interaction they share. Jaskier insists on making Geralt his muse so his songs can be famous, disguising it as an offer of good PR. Geralt neither needs nor wants that. Jaskier doesn’t care.

When they get captured by the elves, Jaskier shows his ignorance of elven history, before being passionately corrected. He witnesses Geralt reason with the elves, even empathize with them, until they set both him and Jaskier free. And then he starts making a promo song about Geralt defeating the evil bloodthirsty elves, this “friend of humanity” conquering an already hated species. Geralt himself dislikes this. Jaskier doesn’t care. “Respect doesn’t make history.”

When Geralt is fishing for a Djinn to help him get some damn SLEEP, Jaskier talks his ear off and then gets offended when Geralt implies his dislikes Jaskier’s musical lies about his conquests. Jaskier so so far as to take the Djinn vase to get Geralt to take back his comments, then commences to engage in a tug-of-war with him (What are we, four?) after which the jar opens…and Jaskier’s first instinct is to demand all three wishes for himself, and smash the fucking jar to the ground when Geralt tells him to stop. Thereby landing himself at death door when he gets cursed, which Geralt goes the extra mile to lift.

Jaskier has this man body guarding him from all the Lords whose wives he slept with, and spends Geralt’s bathtime insisting he’s his “best friend in the whole world” and calling the man’s livelihood “monster-hunting nonsense.” You know, that nonsense that has helped make Jaskier popular. But I digress.

Jaskier and Geralt’s relationship is one of willful ignorance and imposition. Jaskier imposed himself one day on Geralt to be his PR singer for his own wants, and he’s been imposing ever since. He ignores what Geralt says and does to indicate he doesn’t want something, and decides to do that thing anyway. He imposes his fantasy of a towering badass on a man who already sees himself as a monster. He talks over the other guy’s clear dissent 24/7, and gets surprised when Geralt finally snaps after another tone deaf comment.

Of course, Geralt was dead wrong to put all his pain on Jaskier. He was angry and hurt and lashing out at someone when he shouldn’t have. We just can’t deny that it was a long time coming.

Geralt wasn’t mean. He was tired. He was tired of this one sided codependent relationship whose purpose was to make Jaskier’s music the talk of the town, even when so many of them were embellished to the point of lies (like the very first one). They frankly needed the space from each other, and while it sucks how it happened, it was necessary.

But then again, it probably didn’t do much, because Jaskier is still out here singing self-pity songs about how he did everything for Geralt and got nothing in return.

Look at these lyrics:

Did I not bring you some glee, Mister "oh! oh-look-at-me"?

When was Geralt ever Mister “Oh look at me?” When? We watched 8 episodes of him trying to be the exact opposite!

After everything we did, we saw, You turned your back on me

This revisionist history. It is exactly everything the two of you went through that led to Geralt eventually turning his back on you.

What for d'you yearn?

He told you thousands of times what he yearned for, you just didn’t listen. You assumed you knew better and acted on that delusion.

Watch that butcher burn

This is just petty and nasty, given Geralt’s conflicted feelings about that name and how it was given to him. It’s Jaskier lashing out in hurt, and going below the belt to do it.

And someone, when he finds Yen, we are expected to watch them commiserate over Geralt and see their situations as the same; two people fucked over by Geralt. Yen could make a case for that despite him saving her life. But Jaskier is a different story and we all know it. While Yen hates the thought that she might need Geralt, Jaskier hates the notion that Geralt never needed him. It’s all built around his self-absorbed need to be needed, at the cost of what Geralt actually said he wanted.

Only time will tell if Jaskier has grown from the way he used to be, and the two men can start from scratch with a friendship that is rooted in the reality of who they are and acceptance of each other. But one thing is for certain: Geralt didn’t happen to Jaskier. It takes two to tango, and Jaskier was dragging Geralt across the floor until he finally pushed him away. Trying to victimize him and romanticize the toxic relationship they shared in season 1 takes responsibility away from Jaskier’s part in their friendship’s demise, and as a grown man, he doesn’t need that kind of protection.

If either one of them want to be friend again, it starts with both sides acknowledging their fuckups and promising to do better, not just one side groveling for the other.

TL;DR: Jaskier is not an innocent victim of Geralt’s asshole behavior; he was pushy, willfully ignorant and selfish, and those issues led to their downfall. If they want a real friendship, they have to take responsibility for BOTH their roles in this mess. Especially Jaskier.

Whew. I had to get that off my chest.

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Netflix TV series Lauren Hissrich on Twitter talks about finding herself in fantasy and having no boxes or quotas to check in casting.



Lauren talks about how it was hard to see herself in fantasy, I am assuming she is talking about fantasy being dominated by male leads, and how that made her feel. She was "looking for characters that were incredibly well rounded, imperfect, had layers, and were as important as their [male] counterpart". Well she had two perfect examples right here with Ciri and Yen, so why the hell is Yen being written as if she is on the cover of Teen Vogue? I wish she would address the writing and character assassination.

I feel a little bad for her, just as a human being, but then I remember this is the lady that excluded all White actresses from auditioning for Ciri and then instead of taking her lumps, left Twitter for a while. Yep, she ain't checking no boxes at all. No quotas for this kween. I don't hate the lady, it's just a tv show, but this entire video is her saying she has no agenda, while stating she most definitely has an agenda.

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Netflix TV series Shout out to this guy for his commitment

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Netflix TV series I learned some of the Witcher theme on my violin for a YouTube video I made.


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Netflix TV series Post Season 2 Discussion Thread


Season 2: The Witcher

Synopsis: Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia brings Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons strive for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses inside.

Creator: Lauren Schmidt


Series Discussion Hub



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Netflix TV series Elven Plot Cringe


I felt like there were many issues with season 2, but this whole arc was the most egregious. I gathered that a baby elf is a huge deal for their people, but it’s contrivance to the highest degree for it to be the full swing of this subplot.

I just don’t get how/why they turned the existence or non-existence of a baby into the pivotal plot point. In a plot where careful political maneuvering and alliances, imperialist expansion and guerrilla freedom fighters are the main elements. All of those things are what encompassed this wing of the story, yet it was the existence of a baby that was the sole motor for moving this plot along any path. Not the complex political intrigue of each side arguing which is the best way to proceed with their alliance. Not the ideological intrigue of whether the elf’s should trust humans again after what happened the last time they did (after the conjunction). Nope. It all boils down to the two elven leaders being rightfully singularly focused with becoming parents. So much so that they think to renege on their promises to Nilfguard because one baby was successfully born.

The entire elven race can be thought of as unified gang acting on Francesca’s will. None of them think “Damn we had it pretty good with Nilfguard. We were safe. If they did send us to fight, it would be alongside their well equipped armies. And it would be in service of maintaining our well protected safe haven they’ve delivered to us.” Nope, nobody thinks that. They just decide to kill babies with Francesca because she’s so heartbroken that she lost hers.

This show lacks depth and complexity and this is a glaring example. It boils an entire race of people down to being mind-slaves for Fran.

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Netflix TV series "A faithful adaptation wasn't promised" fact check - Talking to IGN, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said of the seven season plan, “It would be a straight translation of the books… I think there's just so much material that I don't feel the need to start inventing my own to keep it going.”


Just a quick fact check for all people who say that we had unreasonable expectation when we expected more than 10% of Season 2 to follow the story beats from the books.

Talking to IGN, The Witcher showrunner and Executive Producer, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, said of the seven season plan, “It would be a straight translation of the books… I think there's just so much material that I don't feel the need to start inventing my own to keep it going.”

Do you think what we got in Season 2 of the Netflix show lines up with the expectations she helped create herself?

If you like the show for what it is, I'm happy for you.

However, please understand why the fans of the franchise who actually are invested in the lore of the books (and to a lesser extent, the games) are not wrong for expecting a SIGNIFICANTLY more accurate adaptation than what we got.

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Netflix TV series This will be downvoted to oblivion, but here's something from Sapkowski I think many folks here might want to consider:


“Creators of adaptations of literary works for other media have the right to be sovereign creators, with an unrestricted right to creative freedom. In the particular case of this adaptation, their ideas can be different than mine. And even when some of their ideas are different than mine, so what? My books are not the Bible.“

From this interview

DM me for my address for any hate mail or death threats.

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Netflix TV series Unpopular Opinion: I like the Witcher Netflix series


Both seasons. Changes and all. Really. I think the acting is great and even though the story deviates from the books quite a bit, I think adaptations should change and do new things with the premise because if I just wanted the story from the books, I would read the books again. I'm intrigued about where the story is going to go and even though there are some things I'm less than happy about, Geralts armor for example, there are also changes I really like, like how every Witcher medallion has subtle differences, or that Vesemir is tired of seeing less and less witchers every year, yet still hesitates to give the mutations to ciri. There's a lot of room for characters to grow and develop as time goes on, maybe Vesemir becomes more mellow and more like we know him because he's ashamed of what he was going to do, maybe Geralt and Yennefer get together permanently much sooner because they seem to be traveling together, or it would also be interesting if they didn't, yet still care for and look after ciri together.

Sorry for the rambling, just saw this might be an unpopular opinion and wanted to get my thoughts out there. TLDR: I like the Witcher series, flaws and all I really enjoy watching it

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Netflix TV series Lambert and Eskel vibing to Burn Butcher Burn [Paul Bullion's IG Reel]


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Netflix TV series Unpopular opinion: season 2 was really good.


You're allowed to disagree with me. I understand how a lot of people who read the books and played the games were hoping for a faithful adaptation of them and were let down when it wasn't. I am a huge fan of the Witcher 3, and have done probably a dozen playthroughs at this point. I loved the lore of the game enough to read through the entire series. And yet, I still absolutely loved the second season of this show. Is it a carbon copy of the books? No. I think that's okay, though. The books were good. So is this show.

I think it's okay for the two things to be separate and tell two flavors of the same story. I say this because that's how I'm viewing it. I'm not going into the season expecting it to be a 1:1 copy of any previously existing media, and I think this is the healthy way to approach it. It's its own thing, that can stand on its own legs without someone having to play the game or read the books to fully appreciate it. So, if you're reading this and haven't watched the new season yet, just go in with an open mind.

Edit: going to leave this comment here as the person covered a lot of points more eloquently than I might have been able to

Edit 2: if you're a fan of the show and are tired of the constant negativity in this sub I'd like to point you in the direction of r/netflixwitcher

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Netflix TV series My personal fan casts for live action Regis (even though I know these ain't gonna happen): Bill Nighy (fav), Charles Dance, Jeremy Irons. Whatcha think?

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Netflix TV series A commentary on the plot inconsistencies of Netflix Witcher Season 2




This isn’t a post on the differences from the book and the show. I was a fan of Season 1 and had high hopes for Season 2. I believe reimagining rather than solely adapting a book series can be done and can be done well (see the animated Nightmare of the Wolf). However, I feel Season 2 failed on all fronts. It was rushed, disjointed and was clear to me the overall execution and direction was very lacking. The aim of this post will be to analyse, raise inconsistencies and facilitate discussion on plot-points that I took issue (this does mean this whole post is indeed subjective opinion!!) with using the established lore of Season 1 and acting as if the original source material never existed (to the best of my ability). You're welcome to disagree.


Voleth Meir

  • In their first confrontation with Voleth, Francesca saw Ithlinne, Fringilla saw Emhyr and Yen saw what looked to be a young Tissaia. Why wasn’t it just regular Tissaia? The show has been confusing enough in the first season for people that have no knowledge of the Witcher universe. Why add to the confusion. EDIT: So it has been raised a couple of times that this is actually Yennefer. If this is true, that is even worse and makes even less sense. Why is she young? Wasn't she a hunchback? Why does she say piglet? Emhyr and Ithlinne seem to be accurate representations of themselves. Why is Yen's so different?
  • Voleth is just used to decide their motivations and make them do what the plot requires:
    • Alliance with Elves and Nilfgaard against the North? Check.
    • Inciting Francesca against the humans of the North? Check.
    • Yen meeting Ciri? (wow this is actually how it happens) Check.
  • Used this way, it bypasses any need for existentialism that makes characters feel real. Any personal choice, political motive or decision is now dictated by Voleth, forcing them to become one-dimensional. Instead of empowering these characters, the writers managed to make them all helpless victims to the world and their circumstances. For a show that clearly wants to empower female leads, they manage to achieve the complete opposite.
  • Geralt says in the final episode that Voleth Meir’s ultimate goal was to return home which is why she needs the Master of Time and Space, Ciri. Okay, awesome. Once she has the body, what is the point of killing all the witchers? Why doesn’t she just leave and go back to the world of the Aen Elle? Just to have a nonsensical fight in Kaer Mohern? To “reveal” the Wild Hunt? EDIT: It's been pointed out a few times now that the most logical motive is revenge which makes sense to me. I didn't really think about that at the time of writing this.
  • Did Voleth Meir transform into the Wild Hunt? Is that what is being implied? Is she the Wild Hunt? EDIT: Turns out, yes according to the twittersphere. It has been revealed she is meant to be one of the riders.


  • In Season 1, Yennefer is quickly established as the most powerful mage in the Witcher universe. We are spoon-fed the idea that Yen wants nothing more than to have a child:
    • She gets her choice of having a child removed from her when she transforms;
    • She teleports back to save Queen Kalis’ baby at the expense of the Queen herself;
    • She attempts to use a Djinn to restore her ability to bear children;
    • She joins the hunt for a dragon for the same reason.
  • In Season 2, the show decides the only redeeming characteristic about Yennefer was her power. Nothing else. After watching the bond both Ciri and Geralt share in Melitele, Yen throwing her love for Geralt away to even CONSIDER sacrificing Ciri to regain her power is awful writing. She risked her life to save a baby she had no relation to a season ago. Why wasn’t this an opportunity to forgo her lust for power and go back to her Season 1 roots? Why would she give up having what she wanted originally, a child and a family? How can Ciri even consider her as a mother now when even Geralt himself mentioned he would never forgive her (we’ll see how long that lasts in Season 3). In the span of one episode we went from Yen being fully prepared to sacrifice her only means of having a child to then sacrificing herself to save said child.
  • How did she even get her power back? No, really. How? Fire magic consumes the soul (apparently). Was it her soul returning her? Where did it come back from?


  • Francesca is a mage, why can she bear children? Lara Dorren being both a mage and an elf refutes this point I made. My mistake, completely forgot this when I was making the post.
  • Gonna upset a lot of people but I’m gonna come out and say it. Her plotline is just Yennefer’s recycled. She’s tried to bear kids but none of them have come to term, so she asks Voleth to help her. I understand it was to reinforce the idea of “the future of the elves”, but it just ended up being a plot device to sacrifice to get her to ally herself with Nilfgaard which I find very lazy. What could have been a cold, ruthless and pragmatic leader is reduced to another female lead that can’t bear children. Awesome.
  • It also got us that scene in Redania which made no sense. How did they even get into Redania without any human interference? After seeing that scene on the dock where the elf said “Fuck the North” allowing Jaskier, Yen, Cahir and co. to board the ship, I find it really hard to believe a company of elves can just waltz down 1st Street, Redania casting spells on doors.
  • I don’t buy her line at the end of the series where she says the baby killings “wasn’t about revenge, it was about justice”. How was that justice? That’s probably the point the show was trying to make about her character but the way it was delivered under the context doesn’t do her any favours in convincing me she’s the best fit for the leader of the free elves. It felt like later season GOT where they just wanted to shock the audience for the sake of it without earning a scene like that with proper character development.


  • It irked me that Vesemir would be willing to attempt the Trial of Grasses on Ciri. I know I said I’d act as if the original source material didn’t exist, but it really didn’t sit well with me. So you can go ahead and ignore this point and the next one.
  • Vesemir wouldn’t allow whores in Kaer Morhern. That’s it. He wouldn’t. Fuck that.


  • Season 1 issue and not a plot-hole (depending on who you ask) but how did Cahir beat Vilgefortz? One of the most powerful sorcerers in the Witcher universe. In a sword fight. Future season spoiler but I can’t wait to be mad to see him suddenly best Geralt when they inevitably fight. Now you can argue he was faking this for his agenda (which I don’t buy because of how they shot the scene with Yen interjecting “conserve your chaos.” The worst red herring of all time if true), but it doesn’t do him any favours in being this supposed hero of Sodden bringing me to my next point
  • Why does Vilgefortz get to take Yen’s glory? Everyone saw that it was Yennefer who won the battle of Sodden. The reason they give is “I’m better at politics”. What gives? If you know the books then it feels like it is setting the stage for the coup at Thanned. Pretty lazy if this is the reason.
  • When did Tissaia and Vilgefortz become lovers? That was just thrown in there and wasn’t even remotely hinted at before.
  • This is a possible Season 3 spoiler,>! but if the books are anything to go off, then Rience and Lydia are working for Vilgefortz. Why then do we have the scene with Vilgefortz yelling at Tissaia for not pushing Triss on information about Ciri and the Elder Blood? Vilgefortz is already clearly after Ciri as he has already sent out Lydia and Rience to find her. That scene served no purpose other than showing Vilgefortz can yell. Perhaps it won’t be Vilgefortz in Season 3 in which case this point will be moot. But if it is, then it still begs the question.!<

General Plot Holes

Cahir’s Execution

  • Why is Aretuza a place to execute prisoners of war? And knowing that it is, why are they using an axe? Foltest said that magic is forbidden by the use of spells which seems convenient and brings me to my next point:
  • Why is it forbidden? At ARETUZA. And how was it so easy for a powerless Yennefer and unarmed Cahir to just run out to a horse and ride away? After the North tried so hard to find and capture them and then invite the leaders of ALL NORTHERN KINGDOMS to the execution, did no one even consider to try and stop them?


  • How did he know where Kaer Morhern is? When he was interrogating Jaskier, all he had to go off was “in the mountains”. Now, no geography has been established so far (which I will get to in a later point) but there must only be one set of mountains on the continent.
  • How did he know Ciri was in Melitele? He said to Yennefer “Well if I’d known to follow you from Oxenfurt, it would’ve saved me a spy mission to Kaer Morhern.” I’m sorry what? Someone explain this to me please.
  • Why can he use fire magic without being consumed? All he says is “it consumes the soul.” Brilliant. This was stated in Episode 5 and was never returned to in the remaining 3.5 episodes. What does this mean? Tissaia established in Season 1 that there is always a give and a take when channelling chaos. How is the soul affected? Was Yen’s affected? I hope it’s not as simple as “bad guys can do the fire magics”.

Geography and Time

  • We need a map. And a clock. Where is everything? When is everything? Geralt ignored Yennefer all the way from Cintra to Kaer Morhern, probably a month’s journey in the book. A couple of minutes in the show.
  • Geralt and Ciri walked to Melitele. (???)
  • Fringilla massacres the Nilfgaardian generals in true Gaunter O’ Dimm fashion (if you are a fan of The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone) but then delivers Francesca’s baby a couple of episodes later. EDIT: I had these sequence of events the wrong way around
  • Francesca’s baby was killed in Cintra. A couple of minutes later she was in REDANIA killing human Redanian babies. I feel these points speak for themselves.

Kaer Morhern Fight

  • How did Ciri sneak up and kill witchers in their sleep? Why didn’t their amulets resonate?
  • Why can’t a room full of witchers kill 2 basilisks? Is the monolith buff that strong?
  • What was the point of Jaskier being there? Comic relief? He said Yen gave him a potion to help separate Voleth from Ciri only for Yen to come in and do it herself anyway.

General grievances both related (sorry I lied) and unrelated to books

  • Why does Nenekke swear so much? She’s a PRIESTESS of Melitele, a mother goddess of love, marriage, peace and nature. Don’t need to read a book for that to feel out of place. EDIT: So turns out she actually does swear in the books. Could not remember this at the time of posting. She's even a bit cruder in the original Polish text. (Thanks morbidzanna)
  • Why did Emhyr openly advertise that Ciri was his daughter? If you read the books then Emhyr wants to marry her due to Ithlinne’s prophecy and bury the secret that he is the father. Not sure what the end game is now.
  • Tissaia berates Yennefer for crying saying there is nothing more pathetic than a weeping sorceress. I’ll just let that one sit there. EDIT: I'll explain this one a bit more. Yennefer uses this in the book to chastise Ciri. I take issue with giving iconic lines to different characters. The irony in the show, however, was Tissaia actually cries a lot in Season 2. But that could be the point. Her cold, indifferent persona is just that. A persona (not a fan of this personally).
  • I could hear the laughter worldwide at Jarre’s accidental dick joke.
  • Fringilla using Vilgefortz’s line about “mistaking the stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky” pissed me off. It didn’t even make sense in the context of Cahir at the end of Season 1. She doesn’t deserve that line. And then using Geralt’s letter titled “Dear Friend” asking for Yen to train Ciri at Melitele. Yen made Geralt regret those words in the most sarcastic, sassy and cruel way. But here in the show, it’s like there are checkboxes next to iconic lines and the writers just roll a dice to decide when to insert them.
  • Destiny, destiny, destiny. The show does an awful lot of telling and not showing in regards to destiny. In the books, Geralt crosses Ciri’s path 3(?) times before the Fall of Cintra. It’s only then he decides there probably is a greater force at play bringing them together. While I appreciate how they did it in the show (not sure why they hugged each other since they have never met before upon meeting), the actions of both Geralt and Ciri should reflect destiny is at play here instead of 100 characters telling Geralt that he can’t elude his destiny.

I could make a whole other list of things I hated about Season 2 but this is all I remember for now. I feel the show could have been a lot better if it just focused on a couple characters at a time. With such a wide audience and high demand for the show, I don’t see why they can’t stretch out the story across multiple seasons with better developed characters instead of trying to tell everything all at once. Feel free to call me out and discuss.

EDIT: A few of you are saying that these aren't plotholes or inconsistencies. While some definitely aren't (and some definitely are), the original title of this post was "Things I Hate About Netflix The Witcher - Season 2" but I think that upset a mod so it was deleted. I also mention this in the introduction (now bolded). I changed no content of the original post. Only the title was changed and it got way more traction that I thought. A lot of good points have been made to refute my claims, and I'm gonna do my best to go through them all and edit them if they seem logical enough. Thanks for the engagement! I want the show to succeed, and I believe fair and balanced criticism is a good way to get a show everyone will be happy with. The Witcher is an amazing universe and I want to see everyone love it.