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Announcement Introducing new and updated user flairs


Hi everyone!

We have long had user flairs on this subreddit, although as of late we have noticed that the feature has been underutilized. Many new subscribers likely maybe don't even know how to get theirs!

Well, We've taken the time to create some new ones - particular some that may help you reflect exactly how you were introduced to the universe of The Witcher. We encourage to make use of these new flairs as a way of showing were you are coming from and how your opinions may have formed.

You can choose pretty much any combination (Please let us know if there's something we missed) so feel free pick what is most accurate for you.

A few examples:

We expect this combination to be fairly unusual...

Nothing is more important than gaming right?

Maybe you were introduced to the world through Netflix and picked up the games?

Gone are the long list of uninspired flairs like 'Northern Realms' and 'Nilfgaard' - Although if you feel strongly about your alliances , please let me know how we could reintroduce these in a better way. Most of the old flairs got the chop although, the waifu wars wage on...

The legendary 'Team Triss' and 'Team Yennefer' flairs have been updated with a nice little icon to help people understand at a glance, how much you care for your virtual lady.

The two that remain:

This is the one Cavill would choose.

What color is her hair again?

We hope you like them, but please feel free to provide feedback. There's 64x64 size limit on the icons, so don't expect any wonders in that aspect.

We leave you with a guide on how to change or implement your new user flair:

User flair is the icon or text that appears next to your username in a community. Each community has its own user flairs set up by the community’s moderators. 

On reddit.com

  1. Select Community Options on the right-hand side of the community’s page..
  2. Next to User Flair Preview, click the edit icon to set up your flair. If you don’t see the User Flair Preview option, then only moderators of the community you’re in can set up your user flair.  

On old.reddit.com

  1. On the right-hand side of the community page under the reader count, you’ll see the option to Show my flair on this subreddit.
  2. Next to that option click edit. If there isn’t an edit option, then only moderators of the community you’re in can set up your user flair.  

On the iOS and Android apps

  1. Tap the ... menu in the upper right-hand corner of the community page. 
  2. A menu will pop up and you’ll see the option to Change user flair. If user flair isn’t set up in that community, you’ll see a message saying, No user flair assigned.  

If you have more questions that aren’t covered in these FAQs, check out r/help. Someone may have had the same question, or you can ask a new one and a Reddit administrator or one of your fellow redditors will help you out.


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Announcement Call for Moderators!


Hi everyone.

We are looking for a few new moderators to help us out in keeping this community great. This time, there is no expectation or requirement for previous mod experience - and that is why we have waited until now, so that anyone completely new to the game of moderating, can feel comfortable once the next piece of Witcher content launches and we see a spike in traffic.

To apply click here and fill out the survey. Please refrain from applying any other way. Doing so will be a waste of time. Asking for clarification or having questions however, is of course completely okay. You can use the comments here to do so.

But please do consider your own available time and abilities before applying - moderating a community of this size can be time consuming and at times not always fun. To stay on we would need you to contribute actively and able to harsh interactions.

But moderating is great too and we need your help in making /r/witcher better and we have ambitions to ensure it. We will look through the applications in mid february and reach out via direct message on Reddit to those of interest.

Good luck!

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Discussion What is the most comedic moment in the game series?


I personally love pretty much all of the dialogue with the Rock Trolls and the Witchers drunk dialing with the Megascope .

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Meme I cannot believe this actually works


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The Witcher 3 Ran into the Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter. These easter eggs are getting out of hand. 😂

Thumbnail gallery

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Netflix TV series (TV) I find scenes with Yennefer in them completely boring and tedious


I’m rewatching the TV show and found myself skipping through most of the last two episodes of the first season (Battle of Sodden) because I have zero interest on what is going on with the mages/brotherhood, or whatever Yennefer is doing on her own. I do however wish we would see more Triss.

I don’t know if it’s her dialogue, character or the actress but I just find she takes up far too much screen time and it’s all completely uninteresting. But I do find her interesting when she is in the books or games.

The episodes she doesn’t feature in are in my opinion the better ones or she’s at least in Geralt’s company.

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Discussion What are your ideas for a possible fourth Witcher Game?


As the title says, I've been wondering what I'd like to see in a fourth witcher game, seeing that it's unlikely for Geralt or Ciri to be the main protagonist.

That said, I would like to see the main character be a fully customisable Witcher from the school of Manticote whose legacy you have to build as you explore and navigate through the landscapes of Zerrikania. It'd be cool for CDPR to create such a world as we only have bits and pieces of the culture. There's so much potential and room for creativity in making a story set outside the confines of the North.

As for gameplay, I'd be happy if they used the mechanics of Witcher 3 and gave them an update to make a more fluid experience.

What do you think of this? What ideas do you guys have?

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Discussion Geralt of Rivia, how strong is he?


In the nightmare of the wolf movie the Witchers dismember and kill regular humans with their bare hands. The leader of the Witchers at the time (forgot his name) stomped on somebody’s skull and obliterated it. Vesemir rode a giant flying creature and killed it by punching a hole through it and used Aard to finish it off and near the end of the movie used Igni to melt a small frozen lake. Despite all these superhuman feats, Geralt apparently took additional mutagens that boosts all of his other physical stats to an unknown degree. So if possible, does anybody know how physically and magically powerful Geralt is compared to the other Witchers?

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Meme What a view


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The Witcher 3 Geralt:I have been falling for 30 minutes !


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Discussion Which Witcher school would you pick if you were in the universe? And why?


I've been listening to the Witcher lorecast on Spotify which goes into quite a bit of detail about the history of the other witcher schools, apart from the Wolves- the Griffins, Cats, Bears, Vipers, and briefly the Cranes and Manticores. I'm not sure exactly where they source their lore from, but if I had to pick I'd go with the school of the Griffins.

I'd pick the Griffins bc Erland of Larvik modelled the school after himself, and he's the closest thing in the Witcher universe to a classic knightly archetype. As one of the original young boys experimented on to be one of the first Witchers, Erland experienced a great deal of suffering over the course of his lifetime, relentlessly. He went through a great a deal of physical agony and lost most of his relationships. What sets him apart, however, from other witchers who went through similar experiences is his response to it- he decides to give his suffering meaning by deciding that he went through it for a purpose, which is monster hunting.

His school is therefore almost monastic in its aim, with a higher, partly religious orientation. The podcast also talks about how the Griffins were the most respected of the Witcher schools in their heyday bc of their knightly code of conduct and the respect with which they treated people. Erland even went as far as trying to get the various states of the Continent to sponsor his school so that they could provide their services for free to even the poorest person bothered by monsters. I love the idea of a socialist witcher lmfao. But yes, in addition to this stuff I think he mightve been against slaughtering sapient monsters as well, much like Geralt. In any case, he doesn't have a happy ending, with all his efforts ultimately crashing down around him and the school of the Griffin being brought down by the mages, but I think his story of trying to find purpose in helping other people through his skillset, acquired through great suffering, is something that really attracts me.

also incidentally the school of the vipers was solely formed to kill off the wild hunt they're my second pick haha i think that's quite badass.

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Netflix TV series Witcher actors wearing contacts?


I'm new to this reddit, so I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered, but in the Netflix series is everyone wearing contact lenses? Henry Cavill obviously is, but what about the other actors? Everyone's eyes look unnaturally colorful, round and wide.

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Discussion Making a skyrim mod with a witcher themed silver sword!


First of all, don't ask me about the flair, I had no idea which to pick.

I'm pretty new to the witcher, started by watching the netflix show and got really interested in it but I haven't played the games.

Nevertheless I decided to start making a skyrim mod based on this franchise with a very special silver greatsword as it's centerpiece, I have the idea of making it so it cast a quen-like spell when you block with it and all.

My question to you, dear witcher fans, what should I name this silver blade. If you have a suggestion (can be either based on skyrim's dawnguard or on the witcher franchise) please explain why this name fits a sword of legendary proportions!

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Lady of the Lake Just finished reading the Witcher books


I’m pretty new to the Witcher universe! I’ve finished reading the Witcher books, and currently catching up with the Netflix series.

I’ve been thinking about the ending of the final book, and I’m really confused as to what happens with Yen & Geralt. I understand where and what world Ciri is in and why she had to flee her universe/world (I actually found where she ended up really clever).

I’ve looked online for theories about what happens to Yen & Geralt, but mostly found just re-explanations of what the text has already told me. I guess I’m asking:

a) where does the boat take them? Is it the same world as Ciri? b) are they alive?

Is there anything canon after this point or is it all fan theory? (I haven’t played the games — and I don’t mind spoilers from the games)


I think I’m just still wrapping my head around the world a bit. I’ll probably re-read the books at some point, as I LOVED them.

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All Games Game recommendations for someone who likes to play as a good person?


I know this sub gets posts asking for game recommendations a lot, but I was hoping I could ask with the caveat that I want to play as a good guy or gal because I was getting the impression that some games you are supposed to be a bad guy and I think I won't enjoy that. Now I don't mean that I need to be like Malala Yousafzai level of good, but like a Geralt of Rivia level of good (at least how I played) where I'm trying to do the right thing and help people, but I also might murder some bandits or other bad guys when needed. Morally gray is obviously okay and a big part of what made Witcher 3 so interesting.

The Witcher 3 was the first video game I ever played since I was a kid and was utterly blown away. I've since played all 3 games (and read all the books). Since the witcher games I have played Ghost of Tsushima and Breath of the Wild. I also really loved GOT, although if I wanted to be picky I would say that I did feel the story lacked a little meat at times and took a while for it to grab me and feel emotionally invested, at least compared to W3. But the scenery! EFFING BEAUTIFUL. I loved that actually in all the games, riding around exploring and taking in such beautiful and amazing views. BOTW was cute and fun but I did feel it didn't really have enough story for me. Combat was really cool in GOT but I'll admit I care less about that and even found Witcher 1 to be totally fine so I guess I'm just more story driven?

I've read similar posts and was thinking of playing Red Dead Redemption 2 next, but then I started getting the impression I would be a bad guy which turned me off to it. I didn't want to look into to much more detail because I felt I was starting to get spoilers, so perhaps I'm wrong that you are a bad guy in this game? Also a bad guy in Cyperbunk? Although I'm not sure how interested I am in playing Cyberbunk anyway.

I was going to try Skyrim but I read it's not worth it on a Ps4 and should really be played on a gaming PC?

Any recommendations would be awesome. I know I could probably google around some more myself but I really don't want to ruin any of the games by learning too much about them first.

FYI, I'm working with a PS4 or Switch. Don't have a gaming PC (one day!)

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Discussion Am I the only one that thinks the Netflix series is only average.


Everybody seems to think it’s one of the greatest shows ever. Sure, it’s ok, but honestly I think it would have been a better movie series. Season 2 kind of feels like watching a soap opera… it’s just… kinda boring:/ This is just my personal opinion and I am curious if anyone else thinks the same?

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The Witcher 3 First time playing the game again after a year and a half of quitting.


I quit this game because of a game breaking bug in the mission get junior, here i am a second time, trying again. lets pray lightning doesnt hit the same spot twice

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Art Finally a faithful polish adaptation


We have lived to see a faithful, Polish adaptation.

Enjoy Mr. Witch!

4 episodes of this animated "series" have been released.

I do not know if it is funny for people who do not speak Polish (because half of the funny thing for me is how the dialogues sound). But there are English subtitles!


EP1 https://youtu.be/aBZ0rJGRzg8

EP2 https://youtu.be/MSLfM29ugUY

EP3 https://youtu.be/x4kLvUCMFnw

EP4 https://youtu.be/rStakOgYDbs

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Books Looking for resources


I’m listening to the books on my commute. I’m now on BOF and struggling to keep up with all the names. This actually started, and was much worse, in TOC. Does anyone know of any infographics which outline clearly the names and relationships of the characters. Or are there maps available (though I assume that will be much easier to Google)

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The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3 - Just got spoiled of the end


Made a post recently asking for tips for beginners and just got “spoiled” by a friend on steam (he didn’t do it on purpose) telling me that in the end there’s 3 endings, one where Ciri dies, one where she doesn’t and other one where “it’s good for some realm” Is it a major spoiler? I felt pretty annoyed after seeing it since I’m loving the game

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Netflix TV series Question After Episode 2


I've only watched 2 episodes so please don't spoil but I'm highly confused pertaining to the elves introduced in this episode. What is their motivation?

When the three women (yenn, franjilla, elf) went to the witch in the woods. WHAT was that about? At first it seemed to be their desires but then... What did they all ask for? It seems like yenn asked for "a stop to this nonsense" I think was her answer and the other 2 wanted an alliance?

Also why/how did yennifer lose her power? Was that was the final scene was about.. her running In the rain wanting to cast spells?

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Netflix TV series Dawn of War Dark Crusade Building Sounds as Background noises


I might be crazy, but since I watched Season 2 Episode 5, at around 48:18 i can hear Imperial Guard Barracks sound in the background. Its the sound of the Infantry Command Building if i am not mistaking, i played way to much Dawn of War back in the days to forget such a sound. This is the Youtube link to the Building sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWpbiVNSRt8
Am i crazy or did they use Dawn of War sound for ambient background sounds?

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The Witcher 3 Leshen WIP Minecraft


r/witcher 5h ago

The Witcher 3 Moonblade glitch?


My son just got through the prologue/tutorial and found out about the getting the moonblade early (located in Velen). The problem he’s having is, if he equips it and then unequips it, the sword disappears completely. He has a save before and right after he gets it. We’ve searched on Google and other engines and no one else seems to be having this problem. We’re playing it on the Xbox and it’s the version that had all the dlc and extras with it.

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Netflix TV series Netflix’s Jaskier Was A Bad Friend Who Needs To Take Responsibility For His Part In Their Falling Out


Before I possibly get crucified, I quite enjoy Jaskier on Netflix. He’s funny, petty, and good comic relief. His loud personality is a great contrast to Geralt’s and a lot of their interactions are entertaining AF.

But. Ever since Geralt and Jaskier split in S1, I have heard nothing but hate towards Geralt for leaving his best friend, who has done nothing but devote his entire life to him, alone on a mountain to die. “Jaskier deserves more.” “Geralt needs to do more to earn his forgiveness.” “Jaskier did nothing wrong. Geralt was a bad friend.”

This is where I must interject: Jaskier wasn’t much better.

The first time we met Jaskier, he went out of his way to invade the space of a man who so obviously wanted to be alone. Then he purposefully outed him in front of everyone at the bar. Geralt is uncomfortable. Geralt doesn’t want to be the center of attention. But Jaskier sees none of this; he sees only what he wants to see: the mysterious majestic bloodthirsty BUTCHER OF BLAVIKA.

And this sentiment follows him into every interaction they share. Jaskier insists on making Geralt his muse so his songs can be famous, disguising it as an offer of good PR. Geralt neither needs nor wants that. Jaskier doesn’t care.

When they get captured by the elves, Jaskier shows his ignorance of elven history, before being passionately corrected. He witnesses Geralt reason with the elves, even empathize with them, until they set both him and Jaskier free. And then he starts making a promo song about Geralt defeating the evil bloodthirsty elves, this “friend of humanity” conquering an already hated species. Geralt himself dislikes this. Jaskier doesn’t care. “Respect doesn’t make history.”

When Geralt is fishing for a Djinn to help him get some damn SLEEP, Jaskier talks his ear off and then gets offended when Geralt implies his dislikes Jaskier’s musical lies about his conquests. Jaskier so so far as to take the Djinn vase to get Geralt to take back his comments, then commences to engage in a tug-of-war with him (What are we, four?) after which the jar opens…and Jaskier’s first instinct is to demand all three wishes for himself, and smash the fucking jar to the ground when Geralt tells him to stop. Thereby landing himself at death door when he gets cursed, which Geralt goes the extra mile to lift.

Jaskier has this man body guarding him from all the Lords whose wives he slept with, and spends Geralt’s bathtime insisting he’s his “best friend in the whole world” and calling the man’s livelihood “monster-hunting nonsense.” You know, that nonsense that has helped make Jaskier popular. But I digress.

Jaskier and Geralt’s relationship is one of willful ignorance and imposition. Jaskier imposed himself one day on Geralt to be his PR singer for his own wants, and he’s been imposing ever since. He ignores what Geralt says and does to indicate he doesn’t want something, and decides to do that thing anyway. He imposes his fantasy of a towering badass on a man who already sees himself as a monster. He talks over the other guy’s clear dissent 24/7, and gets surprised when Geralt finally snaps after another tone deaf comment.

Of course, Geralt was dead wrong to put all his pain on Jaskier. He was angry and hurt and lashing out at someone when he shouldn’t have. We just can’t deny that it was a long time coming.

Geralt wasn’t mean. He was tired. He was tired of this one sided codependent relationship whose purpose was to make Jaskier’s music the talk of the town, even when so many of them were embellished to the point of lies (like the very first one). They frankly needed the space from each other, and while it sucks how it happened, it was necessary.

But then again, it probably didn’t do much, because Jaskier is still out here singing self-pity songs about how he did everything for Geralt and got nothing in return.

Look at these lyrics:

Did I not bring you some glee, Mister "oh! oh-look-at-me"?

When was Geralt ever Mister “Oh look at me?” When? We watched 8 episodes of him trying to be the exact opposite!

After everything we did, we saw, You turned your back on me

This revisionist history. It is exactly everything the two of you went through that led to Geralt eventually turning his back on you.

What for d'you yearn?

He told you thousands of times what he yearned for, you just didn’t listen. You assumed you knew better and acted on that delusion.

Watch that butcher burn

This is just petty and nasty, given Geralt’s conflicted feelings about that name and how it was given to him. It’s Jaskier lashing out in hurt, and going below the belt to do it.

And someone, when he finds Yen, we are expected to watch them commiserate over Geralt and see their situations as the same; two people fucked over by Geralt. Yen could make a case for that despite him saving her life. But Jaskier is a different story and we all know it. While Yen hates the thought that she might need Geralt, Jaskier hates the notion that Geralt never needed him. It’s all built around his self-absorbed need to be needed, at the cost of what Geralt actually said he wanted.

Only time will tell if Jaskier has grown from the way he used to be, and the two men can start from scratch with a friendship that is rooted in the reality of who they are and acceptance of each other. But one thing is for certain: Geralt didn’t happen to Jaskier. It takes two to tango, and Jaskier was dragging Geralt across the floor until he finally pushed him away. Trying to victimize him and romanticize the toxic relationship they shared in season 1 takes responsibility away from Jaskier’s part in their friendship’s demise, and as a grown man, he doesn’t need that kind of protection.

If either one of them want to be friend again, it starts with both sides acknowledging their fuckups and promising to do better, not just one side groveling for the other.

TL;DR: Jaskier is not an innocent victim of Geralt’s asshole behavior; he was pushy, willfully ignorant and selfish, and those issues led to their downfall. If they want a real friendship, they have to take responsibility for BOTH their roles in this mess. Especially Jaskier.

Whew. I had to get that off my chest.

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Mod | Witcher 3 W3EE Night Sight dont work


I tried everything I know and nothing works, night sight keybinds dont work , help please

r/witcher 7h ago

The Witcher 3 Worth to change to Death March in this stage of the game?


I recently bought The Witcher 3 and have been playing it for a while now and just found out that there’s a trophy for completing it on death march difficulty. Right now I’m lvl 22 and the next main quest is taking me to the baron in Velen to talk to Ulma (after completing the Skellige quest). I really haven’t done much secondaries or contracts and still have the impression I level too fast in order to still have a challenge. It’s kind of keeping me from exploring everything around because I’m afraid things will get too ‘easy’. I know well how to use alchemy and signs as well as combat, movement… etc. You’ve probably heared it enough now but, in my case, is it worth this far in the story to restart on the highest difficulty? Thanks in advance!