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Ask Vancouver Longtime veterans of Vancouver, what’s something that you loved about Vancouver that doesn’t exist anymore?


Affordable housing, certain bars, unheard of spots, pre-olympics Whistler. Something you miss about Vancouver from traditions, hotspots, or your favorite restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore.

Inspired by this thread in r/Calgary

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Ask Vancouver Mini rant: People who take up Cafe tables to work


I just saw someone asking where they can work on a laptop without buying anything. This has bee causing so much frustration lately. It's getting so bad.

I live near a JJ Bean and every time I meet someone there for breakfast, every table is a laptop. I went a few weeks ago with my friend and her three kids. As we went to pile in to a horseshoe booth a girl literally deeked us out and threw her backpack on it. I said "seriously??" I asked a staff member where he would suggest five people with five drinks and five food items sit to eat. He looked around at a Cafe where literally every table had a laptop and some of them NO JJBean items and shrugged. We had to wait for a table of two to open and the kids sat on the floor with their muffins on their laps. We spent $60!!

I know JJ announced a long time ago they were shutting off wifi during peak hours but I don't think this lasted. Do these people not have wifi at home? Why are they flocking to cafes?

Edit: a lot of people are saying I'm entitled because I mentioned the dollar amount of our order. I don't feel more entitled than other PAYING customers, I feel more entitled to a table than the girl who cut us of when we were inches from the table by throwing her backpack between my friend and I and then ate nothing but a granola bar from her backpack. Yes, I as a paying customer am more entitled to a table than a girl eating brought-from-home granola bars. That doesn't make me entitled. It's common sense.

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Ask Vancouver People that park their EVOs inside their own garages deserve a special place in hell


Seriously, wth is wrong with people? And how come the company is not aware of this? A simple dashcam inside their cars or at least a report hidden Evo button on the app would make sure that this doesn't happen.

Im tired of walking for 25 minutes in the rain only to realize its behind someone else's door. People are such assholes and deserve to pay every minute they keep the cars.

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Ask Vancouver PSA: Please Do Not Panic Buy


I’m over at the Costco at Willingdon and people here are panic buying toilet paper and bottled water and meat. We maybe cutoff from the rest of the country but we still have the ports running. Yes we will be running low of chicken, beef, eggs and milk but we will not be out of stock for anything.

Remember we live in the GVRD we have the ports at our front door. We DO NOT live in Chilliwack, Agassiz, Hope or Merrit.

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Ask Vancouver This Black Friday, Buy a Dashcam


If you drive a car, this Black Friday you should buy a Dash Cam. Drivers have gotten crazier with the pandemic easing up and people wanting to go places again (I almost miss the early days when the Alex Fraser bridge was empty).

It’s one of the few times a year that the higher end cams go on sale. Here are my recommendations as a dash cam reviewer/enthusiast:


TLDR; If you’re on a budget, stick with Viofo A119 (single channel) or A129 (2 channel). Buy from a local business like BlackboxMyCar instead of Amazon. If you want a more advanced premium camera, Thinkware U1000 or Blackvue DR900X 2-CH. Don’t cheap out and buy a garbage “Amazon Special” cam and end up with a poor quality or potentially unreliable cam. Also, it is super important to buy a high quality SD meant specifically for Dashcams such as Sandisk High Endurance.

If you have a more specific use case feel free to ask me questions and I’ll try my best to answer.


The long version:

For people new to dashcams or on a budget:



Single channel, forward facing only


Two channels, forward and rear or interior. Pro version is 4K.


Three channels, front, rear and interior.

Viofo is one of the few budget brands that make the cameras themselves which includes the design process and firmwares. The cameras are straightforward to set up and run reliably. Even as a dashcam enthusiast, the main cam I have in my car is an A129 Plus because video quality is excellent and reliability has been on point.


F70 is one of the cheapest cams I can recommend.

For people who want high end cams, with more features, have a bigger budget, better brand support, parking modes, and more.


- Q800 Pro 2K

- U1000 4K (my recommendation)

I personally think that Thinkware has some of the best value for the money, especially in premium cameras. Their reliability is high and their products offer a handful of different form factors, advanced parking modes, and even cloud capability (with some cams and an adapter).


DR750X 2CH Plus (A mouthful)

DR900X 2CH

Blackvue has some of the best cameras money can buy. They’re one of the most common and popular cameras for good reason: reliability is high, parking mode features are advanced and they include a hardwire install kit.

What is Hardwiring?

Basically this is connecting the camera directly to the car battery, instead of through an accessory slot (ie 12V). With a basic dashcam install, the camera turns on and off with the car, and does not record for parking. This is so that it does not drain all power from your car battery and leave you stranded, as well as making the cameras more durable.

A hardwire kit enables you to have parking monitoring, typically for about 5 - 24 hours depending on size/quality of your car battery. The kit specifically has voltage detection so that it does not drain the car battery. If your 12V port in your car is always on, you will have to hardwire (or buy another adapter like OBDII).

If you are comfortable with connecting wires to accessory power through the fuse box, as well as always-on power, then you can do this yourself. If you’re the kind of person who likes tinkering with electronics and is comfortable troubleshooting it is a pretty straightforward process. Otherwise I’d pay an install company to do it right.

You can also hard wire with a lithium battery bank but this is a far more advanced process.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not connect your cam to your cars built-in USB port used for media, it usually does not provide enough power
  • Do not cheap out on memory cards. Get a High Endurance card or a card made specifically for dashcams.

Where to get a dashcam?


A local business that sells cameras and does installs, I’d recommend supporting them as they have stock locally so shipping should not be as impacted by the road closures. Their customer service is top notch as well if you go by their shop in Richmond.

MJ Installs

Another Richmond business that does dashcam installs. They have been highly recommended by other people in this thread and have a 5-star google rating across 80+ reviews.


Amazon has cameras. I hate Amazon though personally, as there are tons of sellers who sell garbage products loaded with fake reviews.

London Drugs

London Drugs has some dashcams in their electronics department. They carry reputable brands like Thinkware and Garmin.

Best Buy

Best Buy is fine place to go in store and find a dashcam. The nice thing is their brick and mortar stores are everywhere so you can go in and grab a camera, although this would be a decent option if you already know the camera you are going to get because their CSRs are not necessarily dashcam experts. I would avoid buying off of best buy marketplace sellers if you buy online.

If you have any questions about dashcams, I'm happy to help.

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Ask Vancouver Living in fear everyday with a nightmare tenant


We have a tenant who lives in our basement unit and ever since we served him an eviction notice he has been very upset and doing all kinds of retaliation on us including sending us threats about how he would trash our place. He carefully crafted his words so is not very obvious like "face consequences" or "you are fxcked". Meanwhile we had called the police several times with valid proof like video and messages and yet the police said they can't do anything about it since it is civil matter and not criminal. We called RTB and they said to call the police. We are now living in fear everyday and nobody knows what to do about it. We locked our doors with multiple locks and install security cameras in and out of the house. We believe he will do more damages and yet there's no way for us to prepare or prevent. All online resources we researched all for tenant getting harassed but we are actually in a situation where the tenant was harassing us.

We had a little grave stone in our yard for our dog that passed away couple years ago and he even throw that away and made us very upset but can't even do anything about it.

**Thank you for all the comments and they are all very useful but would definitely like to do things legally to prevent this haunting us back in the future. I wanted to raise awareness that BC's rental market is broken because of little protection to landlord and the whole dispute process is a joke. The way police handled the matter also caught me by surprise. There's little to none resource to allow landlord to protect our own property before seeing any significant damages done even when we know there will be damages done.

Update: Today is supposed to be our order of possession date and he has no sign of leaving. He removed most of his personal belongings over the weekend but just had some large old furniture left in the unit. It seems like he knows about the rule so we can't just change the lock as he is still coming back and we will have to get a writ of possession after all. God bless us.

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Ask Vancouver Common Sense Seems to Dictate That Announcing Fuel Rationing Was a Mistake


I may be completely wrong and if I am, please correct me. I am not an expert in this field, although I do have a minor in Economics so I am qualified to vaguely predict the aggregate demand curve for a spherical cow in a vacuum.

I think the government would have been far better off to make a mainstream and social media campaign to encourage people to voluntarily reduce their fuel consumption or postpone fuel purchases to make it available to first responders and essential services. From the recent pandemic, we know that a majority of people (maybe 60-70%?) will want to do the right thing and will make small changes for the greater good if asked.

A large minority (maybe 20-30%?) will continue to act as they did before because they don't care, and a small minority will go batshit crazy, but that last group can't be reached by their own families so expecting the government to get through to them is a waste of resources.

Announcing a fuel ration can only make things worse for two reasons:

  1. It induces demand by creating the perception of a shortage or emergency. Thousands and thousands of people with 1/2 or 3/4 tanks were not planning on getting gas yesterday morning, but after hearing the announcement you can bet they changed their mind and started lining up at the gas stations.
  2. The ration is too high to meaningfully preserve supply - Unless you daily drive an excavator, you aren't averaging 30 litres a day in gas purchases. Hell, I drove to the Okanagan and back last weekend in my Cayenne and I don't think averaged 30 litres/day on a road trip.

Bottom line, nobody can use 30 litres a day, but it is possible to buy 30 litres/day so that legal maximum is now the minimum for people who won't break the law, and for that selfish minority, they will feel justified in finding (what they think are) clever ways to buy more than they are allowed. This is what creates an actual, dangerous shortage.

I am willing to bet that for the next week, daily fuel purchases in the province (but not consumption!) will actually increase.

Unfortunately, I think this announcement was made by a group of people with no expertise and little common sense who wanted to be seen to take some action. But, there is an easy scape goat for the fuel shortages: hoarders.

It would have been more effective to either start a "soft" voluntary campaign to reduce consumption and thereby purchases because nobody is panicking and most people are actually using less... or...

setting a limit that is below the actual daily consumption like 10 litres, and having it enforced. This would be an actual nightmare and probably lead to violence and would be politically damaging so I am not in favour of this method unless it's a blockbuster movie type disaster.

TL:DR The fuel ration makes things worse because it fails to recognize that daily fuel consumption and daily fuel purchases are different issues. The ration scares people into increasing their fuel purchases but does nothing to reduce consumption.

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Ask Vancouver To the woman I passed last night on Commercial, yelling at her companion, "All I'm asking is that you stop listening to Ben Shapiro!"


I appreciate you.

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Ask Vancouver What known Brands originated from Vancouver that are seen globally?


Aritzia Herschel Nude Vodka Lululemon Arcteryx

… to name a few that come to mind

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Ask Vancouver Adopt an N-driver if you're not in a hurry on the highway


So I was driving north on Highway 1, as one does, and an N-driver merged in ahead of me. I could tell instantly they were an actual N because they were traveling the speed limit and used their blinkers to merge, so cute. Then they changed lanes to get out of the way of the other on-ramps that were coming up, maintaining the speed limit in the middle lane. At this point it was raining and there was a decent amount of traffic on the road, all traveling nuts-to-butts at high speed. I figured what the hell, I'll adopt this kid and just stay behind them with several car lengths of separation so they don't have to worry about having a 2-tonne pickup riding their ass. Rainy highway driving ain't easy when you're a noob.

Everything was going fine, they were doing a great job at staying in their lane and maintaining a sensible speed for the conditions. Then they indicated and moved into the left-most lane to pass a truck going up a hill. This was a signal for all the assholes in the immediate vicinity to descend. I have never seen a bigger display of assholery. The kid immediately tried to correct his incursion into asshole central, but was unable to get back into the middle lane because said assholes would boost up behind him at stupid speeds, ride their ass for a couple of seconds, then swerve aggressively to pass on the right. There was no safe way to get out of the lane. I ended up having to run interference to block cars for a bit so they could get some space (both mentally and physically) to merge back into the slow-zones.

The N plate is there to let us, the more experienced drivers, know that the person in control of the vehicle is still learning. It's so we can give them some space, and help them learn how to be a better driver by providing conditions in which they can make good decisions. Why are people such assholes to them? You are purposely stressing out a noob that's piloting a ton of steel moving at 100km/h.

Anyway, if you see an N plate and you got nothing better to do, maybe consider giving them a bit of extra space and modifying your driving to help them out. In the immortal words of Kermit, it ain't easy being green.


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Ask Vancouver PSA: Please Do NOT Take Photos of People Possibly Dead or Dying of an Opioid Overdose to Post On Reddit While Not Calling 911.


Seriously. Don't do this.

If you see a house on fire; call 911.

If you see a car crash; call 911.

If you see totally unresponsive unconscious people surrounded by drug gear ; call fucking 911.

UPDATE: I don't know what happened to the men in the photo, but OP who posted it does seem pretty upset with themselves for not calling 911. They made a serious mistake, as we all do, but I think they would handle the situation better in future, and maybe others reading this post have learned how to handle these situations as well.

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Ask Vancouver On how I was almost stabbed on public transit


Coming home from stadium station on skytrain: I just had a lovely encounter with a homeless individual, the general public, and the police. Thank you very much to the general public for the kind words, and the immediate response of the skytrain police.

A homeless individual decided to push into me from behind in an uncrowded skytrain car and attempt to start a fight - for no reasonable explanation. In the profanities from ‘goof’, beyond to the expletives, and being spat on to being offered to be stabbed — I asked this individual to ‘move on’. After a few tense moments a bystander hit the panic bar and the police intervened at the next station. The police did not search this individual at the station who claimed to have a knife, but rather send us both on our respective ways.

While I appreciate the immediate and respectful response of the transit police to diffuse the situation: what about the other incidents that did not benefit from a authoritative intervention? Is this now the new normal for public transit?

Next time I will Uber. Too much drama for Thursday.

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Ask Vancouver If all of us on this sub got together and met at English bay


If all of us on this sub got together and met at English bay, do you think with all our manpower combined we can push the barge back out to sea?

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Ask Vancouver PSA: It is recommended to drink 7 glasses of water per day. If everyone on this sub (372,451 members) drank their fair share we can offset the flooding.


1 cup = 236ml. 7 x 236 = 1,652ml x 372,451 = 651,289, 052ml.

Projected rainfall 120ml x 944, 735km2 (area of BC) / 372,451 = 1.45ml/km2

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Ask Vancouver Nothing to panic about - the media is full of it. Gas, Dairy and other stuff is plentiful.

  • Just Passed 6 gas stations in Vancouver today and all were open and Gas is down 3 cents/L in fact.

  • Went to a grocery store, only slightly less of some things as it was noon and they are probably still restocking from the weekend's craziness. Nowhere near what we had during the great covid hoard of 2020.

All said - don't get your fomo / hoarding pants on folks - the supply chain is doing fine in Vancouver. If you are in a place that's low on essentials - its worth the trip to come here.

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Ask Vancouver Strange and Concerning Interaction with a Taxi Driver


Hi all,

I usually don't post on reddit, but last night my mom had a very concerning interaction with a taxi driver. She went to a casino, and took a cab home around 5am. I got up late this morning and she had told me "My cab driver last night was acting weird. I got in and he started to compliment me, asking if I was married and about my husband (who passed away early last year, but that info wasn't shared with him). He started talking about how he was single and living alone."

I thought okay... he's hitting on you. Then she said, "Before he dropped me off, I paid the fare and tipped. I was about to get out but he locked the doors, and kept slowly moving the car away from the house." My mom had to manually unlock them, she said she opened the door but the car kept moving. He didn't say anything. She told him to stop the car multiple times before he had actually fully stopped. This scared me. She didn't manage to remember his name or the cab #, she only knows of which company it was from. She also told me not to report it, but I'm concerned someone else might have to deal with it and wouldn't be able to get out next time.

Am I just being paranoid? And would I be able to find the driver with just the time the cab was active and the company? How should I go about reporting it?

Edit: Thank you for the responses. I'll first let my mom know that I'm going to report it so I'm not going behind her back to do it. Then go from there. Please stay safe everyone!

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Ask Vancouver Variant fatigue


Is it bad that I’m so sick of covid-19? Much like everyone else I’m so done with these back and forth restrictions. The bc government hasn’t even acknowledged the re-open plan yet, with the new variant, it seems like another year will be wasted. They won’t do a lock down as soon as possible to stop the variant from spreading here, instead they’ll wait a few weeks until there’s hundreds of variant cases. I’m fully vaccinated and a hcw, I’ll take any vaccine that’ll help us get past this disease, but I am just so mentally exhausted, I’ve become desensitized to this whole thing… anyone else feeling the same? I don’t want to talk about it with anyone I know, I don’t even want to acknowledge it.

Edit: I appreciate everyone who has commented on this post. It’s nice speaking with people about this because we truly are going through this together. I will continue to social distance, mask and vaccine when needed. Hopefully the variant won’t be that bad. Rock on and stay strong peeps, I’m going to try to.

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Ask Vancouver Warning: The scammer family (scamily?) is out for the season.


My husband was approached by the dude in the vehicle with “wife and kids” and gave the sob story asking for money. He rolled down the windows to reveal the kids and even pulled out some jewelry to double down on the scam. This was right outside our house in South Vancouver. They came out of an alley near Kensington Park. Don’t let them exploit your caring nature. It’s not legit.

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Ask Vancouver Was shamed by the waitress for not tipping


Went to St. Augustine’s on a Saturday night for a few beers with my friends.

It was quite busy and the service was a little slow (which is no big deal), but for some reason they kept changing waitresses on us.

First it was a waitress A, then B, then A again, and at the end a waitress C who took over when we were leaving to basically just bring us the bill.

Due to this whole waitress change thing, some orders slipped through the cracks, I was waiting for my glass of water for a long time and had to ask for it several times.

The bill was split in three and when paying my part I did not tip. I didn’t like the service, so I didn’t. Am I dick?

Well waitress C definitely felt that way and did not shy away from letting me know that it is bad manners not to tip - loud and clear so that not just my friends, but the people nearby could hear.

So are we supposed to just pay 15% or whatever regardless of whether we liked the service or not?


Thanks a lot for all the responses. I really appreciate all of them. There are many guesses on what happened next and what I should have said. So this is what happened next.

I was sitting and listening to her, looking at my friends staring at me like wtf is happening. It was bizarre, and I was triggered. I told her that I don’t care what she thinks about my manners and the service was bad, that’s why I didn’t tip.

After this I got an extra portion of feedback from waitress C - something along the lines of her working her ass off and some jerks not tipping for for all the had work she is doing.

All I was able to do after that is mumble that I do not care, while retreating outside. Could I be more polite and come up with a more sophisticated reply? Yes I definitely could. And I wish I did! But looks like coming up with smart come backs while being humiliated in public is not my strength and I admit - I wasn’t at my best.

This whole thing left a bad aftertaste. The way she acted, the way I responded and how I couldn’t be calm, sharp and explain everything like some comments suggest. The only outcome of this all situation is that now I don’t want to go out anymore.

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Ask Vancouver Question: Casual Racism to South Asians


Edit: NO racism against other races is welcome here.

There's bad apples in every community; Chinese, Indian, White, Black, etc. Casual racism against whites isn't solving any problem either - just making it worse.

I'm new to the area for the last 3 months now, recently moved from South Surrey (Cresent). Two weeks ago, I went to ubc and later shopped around in yaletown. An older couple were walking past me in the fruits section and said "great, it's little india here now" and continued to give me horrible looks in disgust. I was shocked, speechless and heartbroken - I don't know why. It lingered in my mind but I shrugged it off since they're casual racists everywhere now a days due to ignorance, maybe they've never seen brown people before? Today, while causally scrolling through Tik Tok I came cross this account that posts yaletown videos of people having fun. The comments brought me back to that feeling I had that the store. The amount of racism was so upsetting. Only 3% of the people in the video were brown but the casual racism towards these Canadian borns was by everyone.

I saw 2 accounts from the comment section talking about browns in disgust specifically WHILE posting Jesus - as if Jesus wasn't brown/middle eastern himself.

I still perceive Vancouver to be more uplifting and encouraging of diversity than South Surrey. South Surrey has 80% white, a few east asians and even fewer south asians but I never got comments like this. Vancouver is FULL of diversity, the majority here is almost Chinese - another ethnic minority.

Can someone tell me why they may not like us? I want everyones honest reasonings please. Most Vancouver people are amazing! I love their hospitality, but I'm confused why the rest hate us. I can't recall anything that we've done wrong. Is this common in Vancouver??

Thanks. Have a great Sunday!!❤️

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Ask Vancouver Thanks Canada I’m a citizen


Nobody except immigrants will get this but I’m celebrating tonight. You don’t know how lucky you are for Canadians. If you’re waiting on residency or citizenship I know your pain. I’ll never ever give up my dual citizenship but Canada I am forever grateful for your way of life, stopping randomly at roads, amazing IPAs, shit steak restaurants (Keg), apologies, 2 phone/internet companies. I know we bitch but we’re very lucky to live here. Don’t give up new immigrants!


Thanks for the support, didn't expect this to blow up. Just to add some tips for those who are thinking of applying or who are in the process.

  1. You can do it all yourself, you don't need any (Immigration Consultants) as they say they have "in-roads", but this is BS. Government officials cannot do favours for mates, as everything is auditable.
  2. FOI - Buy your landing record for any time you have come/left Canada. This will show every time you (Enter Canada). This is how you calculate your days in-country for the required days for (PR/Citizenship). Find flight emails/hotels etc so you can backtrack for 5 years.
  3. Test - you need to get 15/20 correct, so practice on mock exams
  4. DON'T PAY Third Party sites, they are Scams and out to trick new immigrants
  5. Literally follow the Govt Checklist and don't submit anything until you are confident everything is CORRECT. They are public servants and don't care for sob stories, they checkin at 9 and leave at 5, if they don't have a (Flex Day).

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Ask Vancouver Sorry is this is emotional, but I'm having a hell of a day.


Is there anything i can do about a parking ticket? I'm currently at emerg at a hospital after being sent here by a walk in clinic earlier this morning and my bf wasn't allowed to come in with me, so he went downtown and paid for parking in a lot we always go to but got back literally just a few minutes too late. like I swear they printed the ticket right when his time was up as if they were waiting for it. I had to take off work today for medical issues and my bf is a full time student so I'm the breadwinner and I just can't drop $80 on a ticket right now, that's our groceries for the week. is there anyway I can get around this? this is so dumb, it's literally a parking spot and mere minutes.

EDIT: first of all, wow. you are all so ridiculously amazing and made me feel so much better about my shitty situation while I was very vulnerable. thank you all!

secondly, to those who offered to pay the ticket for me, you are incredible and so sweet and I appreciate you to the ends of the earth! however I have not accepted money from anyone as I don't think it's fair that ANYBODY should have to pay for this. and from what I've learned in the comments, since it was an impark lot, I likely don't have to pay anyways and will probably just get my plates changed regardless because we do have to frequent that same lot often and I just don't like my plates anyways.

also just want to note that I probably described it poorly, but the ticket was not in a hospital lot. the hospital parking is still free! I was just trying to explain that my bf wasn't allowed in the hospital with me as a +1, so that's ehy he left my side to go do some running around downtown and parked in an impark lot over there, where he received the ticket. my bad!

also a mega thank you to everyone wishing me well! I'm at home resting now and my work has given me another day off, and offered Monday off as well, but I really don't want to miss much so I hope I'm feeling better by then. (slight tmi or trigger warning for medical/body talk?) I was not in a good headspace earlier because Dr's thought there was a possibility my appendix was acting up, turns out it's a ruptured ovarian cyst (on the right side, which explains the appendix scare) and the fluid from it is causing irritation to all of my other organs in that general area, making it very painful to do anything but lay down. just gotta ride it out and hope for no infection!

thank you for making my crappy day so much better everyone!

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Ask Vancouver Why do people not signal when they change lanes?


Why do people not signal when they change lanes? I don't understand? I don't know how these drivers get their driver's test and license approved if they cannot show common sense and courtesy to signal.

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Ask Vancouver Is there are particular reason there aren't many 24 hour places in Vancouver?


Howdy. I've just come to notice there are only a few restaurants and the like that are 24 hour, like Duffins. But there don't seem to be many 24 convenience stores either. Is there a reason for this or are we just unlucky out here?

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Ask Vancouver Covid Vaccine 5 Year old


So I am far from anti-vax. My 5 and 3 year old are up to date with their vaccinations. I got my Covid shots as soon as I was eligible.

My kid just turned 5 and I registered her and got the text and email to book her shot and I don’t know why I’m hesitating.

I know that they’ve been researching MRNA vaccines for decades. I know that they were able to fast track testing because they were running trials concurrently and a lot of red tape was put aside. I know Covid is a million times worse than any vaccine side effects.

I guess as a parent I’m just more protective since their bodies are so little and they have so much more of their lives ahead of them.

I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that I should book the shots and it will be okay.

Please no anti-vax conspiracy comments. Only comment if you’ve had your shots already.

Edit for spelling.

Edit: thank you to everyone for your input. Especially the other parents that commiserated with the anxiety. I’ve booked the appointment! For those asking why I would ask Reddit rather than a medical professional. I know the science. I believe in medicine and science. So my problem was my unexplainable hesitation...I guess I was looking for moral support from other logical parents. Thank you to those that provided that!