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My son inside my eye, done by Beyker at NO 85 tattoos and more, Bodegraven Netherlands

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u/rustyshears Oct 21 '21

This tattoo must be very special to you! Unfortunately I have to agree that it looks like your baby is being born and we are… watching it happen. I only bother to say this because I like the idea and think the tattoo could be altered to better illustrate your vision! Perhaps some color? I think it’s the lashes. Wishing you the best.


u/mr-blue- Oct 20 '21

It just makes me uncomfortable


u/0611jwz Oct 20 '21



u/mr-blue- Oct 20 '21

Idk giant ass eyeballs with giant ass eyelashes make me uncomfortable


u/MurlocWalker Oct 20 '21

It’s the eyelashes I think


u/brickvanexel Oct 20 '21

The sheer size is kinda mind boggling too, with it being that realistic. Don’t get me wrong it’s impressively applied but it also freaks me out


u/loki_stg Oct 21 '21

Why the fuck is he getting down votes for asking a question.


u/Lyxtra Oct 21 '21

Hivemind is a problem everywhere. Obviously people don't like the tattoo based on the upvote ratio, so the fact that somebody would ask a question that they deem to have an obvious answer is upsetting to them.


u/Radriark_ Oct 20 '21

That's freaking huge 😳


u/0611jwz Oct 20 '21

Yes it is, took 13 hours


u/Radriark_ Oct 20 '21

I'm impressed. It turned out really good 💪


u/Radriark_ Oct 20 '21

Why are people downvoting this lmao


u/ihrie82 Oct 21 '21

I think because they disagree...?


u/GenesisInBlack Oct 21 '21

Lmao OP got downvoted for saying it took 13 hours. It seems that people disagreed with his perception of time.


u/ihrie82 Oct 21 '21

That or they're not thinking it's worth it.


u/monica-geller2004 Oct 26 '21

Or that its just fun to downvote people and makes people feel in control...


u/Radriark_ Oct 21 '21

It was just supposed to be a nice compliment but I suppose people always gotta hate


u/ihrie82 Oct 21 '21

shrug No idea why this sub is so brutal. It looks like almost anything positive anyone has to say on this thread got downvoted to oblivion. Really weird, but seems like the standard on this sub.


u/AndromedaTambourine Oct 21 '21

Because the tattoo is different and not American traditional, this sub hated it.


u/ihrie82 Oct 21 '21

I don't think that's it at all, but you're welcome to your opinion.


u/AndromedaTambourine Oct 21 '21

I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm agreeing with you. I mean to say it's something outside the box and surreal. People are expressing their opinion based on personal preference. An American traditional tattoo is more to the universal tattoo-having public and this is not.

The artist made something no one else has and not many people would want, but that is not a reason to downvote a tattoo.

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u/[deleted] Oct 20 '21

I think so too!


u/YungEazy Oct 20 '21

It makes me uncomfortable and I definitely wouldn’t want it on me, but there is no denying it’s a nicely done tattoo. As long as you like it I suppose.


u/bubba-baluga Oct 20 '21

The eyelashes, veins in the eye, and lack of a pupil make this very unsettling. It’s like a zombie eye that just found a baby it’s about to eat.


u/ihrie82 Oct 21 '21

And a really creepy looking baby at that...


u/otitso Oct 20 '21

I’m sorry but it looks like a vagina…


u/brickvanexel Oct 20 '21

Doesn’t help there’s a baby inside lol


u/BuckFuzby Oct 20 '21

That's just the arm pit.


u/JaxMGK Oct 21 '21

One might add labia majora


u/Milla0134 Oct 21 '21

Damn I don’t know what vagina you have seen if that looks like a vagina to you…


u/moonmallard Oct 21 '21

I have one and can confirm it’s pretty similar, other than the telescope directly to the womb


u/JelloSucka Oct 21 '21

Whoever that is has never seen a vagina lol (comment above you)


u/Gamin_en_Tesla Oct 21 '21

Super hokey. Looks like a big hairy vagina.


u/mkmakashaggy Oct 20 '21

That's awesome, super unsettling but really well done


u/CapCitySparky Oct 20 '21

Nice.. work...


u/RedditsFeelings Oct 20 '21

It’s very well done. Like too well. It’s huge and kinda creepin’ me out.


u/totallylegitrealgirl Oct 20 '21

I hate to tell you this but this looks like a vagina and the eyelashes look like pubes. So sorry.


u/BigMeatyMan Oct 20 '21



u/savvieeeee Oct 20 '21

wym yikes it’s cool


u/Aciduxx Oct 20 '21

Better keep yoself in shape 😭😭


u/valentin1187 Oct 20 '21

No offense but it grosses me out for some reason.


u/TiredPancake2 Oct 20 '21

It is nicely done but so sorry I can only imagine how it will look like a flappy vagina when the arm skin gets looser with age


u/bluebloodtitan Oct 22 '21

Sorry to be the one telling you, but that's actually your arm


u/swordfishhotkiss Oct 25 '21

Looks like a vagina


u/AndromedaTambourine Oct 21 '21

People are downvoting based on taste and that is simply not fair. If we all had the same taste in tattoos, the tattoo world would be very boring.

I think your artist created a piece that means a lot to you and executed it brilliantly.


u/Dat1BlackDude Oct 20 '21

Makes my skin crawl but like the idea behind it


u/heypenda Oct 21 '21

i would personally prefer it to be smaller but the meaning behind this tattoo is incredible! i think it definitely shows how proud you are as a father and i'm so happy for you! :)


u/fiddy7777 Oct 20 '21

It's cool and all. It's well done. Just kinda strange IMO. If you like it that's all that matters


u/23KoiTiny Oct 20 '21

The tattoo artist did an amazing job on it. I think it is pretty cool. It is definitely different than I have ever seen, but I think it is creative. Some people freak out about it, but it is awesome. You are a proud dad too. And, it looks like it hurt like hell to have it done!


u/[deleted] Oct 20 '21

I'll def get downvoted, but I love this


u/RCheddar Oct 21 '21

Truly horrendous


u/newusernamebcimdumb Oct 22 '21

Lol jeeze Louise these comments are wild. I really like this tattoo. Makes me think about the importance of taking in small moments with my daughter. Thanks for sharing 💜


u/violephant Oct 20 '21

This is extremely well done. It's very creepy, and I love it.


u/Pitiful_Pickle524 Oct 20 '21

That is beautiful


u/milkduds559 Oct 20 '21



u/caneadventures Oct 20 '21

If this is a Seinfeld reference I thought the same thing

Also explains why you got down voted


u/intheweeeeds Oct 20 '21

Astonishing work


u/jentay8858 Oct 21 '21 edited 22d ago

Tell me it's henna?

Still fuckin' creepy


u/ConditionLevel1358 24d ago

it's a vagina oh my god