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Psychology Researchers studying incel activity on social media found that such tweets arise disproportionately within places where mating competition among men is likely to be high because of male-biased sex ratios, few single women, high income inequality, and small gender gaps in income.

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Psychology Men who believe their level of masculinity is closely tied to their penis and its size are more likely to endorse sexist beliefs

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Psychology People who are obsessed with celebrities tend to score lower on measures of cognitive ability: "“Our results also support previous findings showing that excessive behaviors such as celebrity worshiping can possibly impair cognitive functioning"

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Psychology People strongly favour a fairer and more sustainable way of life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite not thinking it will actually materialise or that others share the same progressive wishes, according to new research which sheds intriguing light on what people want for the future

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Psychology American adults currently in their 40s, 50s and early 60s have more symptoms of depression and worse memory recall than older Americans did when they were the same age

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Psychology Face masks ‘make wearers look more attractive’, study suggests: The researchers discovered the type of covering matters – blue medical masks were found to increase facial attractiveness more than other types of masks

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Psychology Depression affects over 17 million American adults yearly and has been identified as leading cause of disability in people between the ages of 15 and 44 years. New study shows that feeling not loved or wanted by a parent/caregiver during adolescence has serious implications, for both men and women.

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Psychology Study: Watching a lecture twice at double speed can benefit learning better than watching it once at normal speed. The results offer some guidance for students at US universities considering the optimal revision strategy.

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Psychology Children who engage the most with princess culture report more egalitarian attitudes about gender roles, lower adherence to hyper-masculine norms, and better body esteem five years later.

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Psychology Faith in god or ‘a higher power’ was greatly weakened by the pandemic: In a cross-sectional survey done in Germany, 15 % of participants said they had lost faith in god due to COVID-19 during the first wave. Fraction of participants reporting loss of faith increased to 21.5 % during second wave.

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Psychology On again, off again relationships can have a long-lasting negative impact on couples’ mental health, research finds

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Psychology Study: Parents who struggle to encourage their children to eat vegetables can now play a more influential part at their mealtimes. Children watching adults eat a green vegetable with positive facial expressions tasted and consumed more than double the amount of that vegetable.

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Psychology THC in blood and saliva are poor measures of cannabis impairment finds an analysis of all available studies. Implications for global drug-driving laws.

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Psychology Parents and children who were separated under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy have shown lasting psychological trauma -- even after being reunited

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Psychology Employees who had their cameras on during virtual meetings experienced greater fatigue and, in turn, reduced performance during meetings. This was especially true for women and newer employees, suggesting that a heightened need for self-presentation may be the cause of this fatigue.

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Psychology Toddlers are harsh judges of moral character. Children judge others from a holistic perspective of what being moral really means. In their view, a single action that is at odds with one aspect of a “good” representation implies that the individual should be expected to violate other moral principles

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Psychology Newlywed couples tended to have increased relationship satisfaction after experiencing a natural disaster together, according to new longitudinal research that examined the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

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Psychology Cognitive dissonance might help explain why Republicans lost faith in the 2020 election results: Republicans became less likely to perceive the 2020 election as legitimate as evidence accumulated that Joe Biden had prevailed over Donald Trump, according to new research.

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Psychology Heightened religiosity is associated with reduced sexual satisfaction among committed couples, according to new research. But there is an important exception: Religious individuals who believe their sexual relationship with their partner is sacred tend to have higher sexual satisfaction.

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Psychology Children are unsuspecting meat-eaters: More than a third of children in the US (aged 4-7) think cheese, bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, shrimp, and hamburgers come from plants. According to a new study, nearly half of the children in this age-group also think French fries come from animals.

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Psychology Study: People behave more sadistically when they’re bored. Boredom not only promotes sadistic aggression, but reactive aggression as well.

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Psychology Study: About seven out of ten therapists found a client sexually attractive, a quarter fantasized about a romantic relationship, and a fifth gave a goodbye hug at the end of a session (22%). In general, more male therapists reported sexual feelings and behaviors than female therapists.

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Psychology Persistent anxiety as a child may lead to psychosis as a young adult, new research shows

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Psychology 1 in every 8 polish parents (13.6%) said that if the could travel back in time, they would choose a life without children. % is significantly higher compared to countries where similar studies have been done- the US (7%) and Germany (8%). Disparity may be due to Poland's strict anti-abortion laws.

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Psychology Study finds later school start times prevent sleep deprivation for parents of middle and high school students. “We know adolescents are sleep deprived. We know that early school start times are a major factor contributing to it"

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