r/popping Oct 20 '21 Silver 2 Helpful 1

This sub is not what it used to be. Everything Else

Nobody cares that you think animal pops and tonsil stones are gross! If you just want pimples go to r/pimplepoppers or some shit.

Nobody is forcing you to watch those videos!! Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they should be banned. There's a reason those types of videos are at the top of this sub. ITS BECAUSE THE MAJORITY LIKE THEM.

Stop complaining and go somewhere else. This sub has always had animal pops, ingrown hairs, earwax, genitals and stuff like that. It's not "cHaNgEd" there's just more users and therefore more content. Why not use the flairs or leave the sub? The content doesn't have to change just because you can't handle seeing ingrown toenails.

Complain somewhere else for the love of god. I'm just trying to enjoy my pops here and you're ruining it!



u/thelongernow Oct 21 '21 I'll Drink to That

Dude is popping off


u/MadieRaey Oct 21 '21

Guess he’s in the right group lol


u/SixZeroPho Oct 21 '21

DJ Poppinoff in da club


u/myocdkillsme Oct 22 '21

My only complaint is people posting aftermath pictures of pops and not the actual pop themselves


u/-yasssss- Oct 21 '21

I don’t disagree but there’s something funny about a post complaining about other people complaining.


u/jaykaywhy Oct 21 '21

And in the responses, comments complaining about people complaining about other people complaining.


u/BayAreaNative00 Oct 21 '21

Reddit moment indeed


u/ScrembledEggs Oct 21 '21

Rather than banning posts like this (unnecessarily extreme) I recommend implementing more accurate flairs with more variety so people can choose to search for things that interest them, while omitting content that’s not to their taste.

It’s neutral ground and everyone’s happy; those who just want to scroll and see what they find can do so without being impacted, and those who would prefer not to see certain content can search for what they’re interested in.

Tl;dr Flairs are the answer.


u/thebrokenfan Oct 21 '21

That's why we have flairs, I don't open things with flairs I don't like. I don't like certain things because they make me nauseous, I don't go to the comments and be an asshole, I do a thing called.... scrolling past it.... I don't downvote it, or upvote, I just go on past. It's not difficult lol.


u/Lifedairy Oct 23 '21

The only posts that I don’t like are the posts that are pretty much just gore with no popping whatsoever. Like, seriously? This isn’t a gore subreddit


u/Mintyfreshbrains Oct 21 '21

Folks want this sub to be personally curated to their own popping preferences. I have no strong opinion on tooth plaque or scrotum pops. It’s not the form I’m here for, it’s the function. I’m here for the popping dopamine and stress relief of popping enjoyment. Life is hard. r/popping helps. Quibbling about what constitutes legit popping content is inconsequential.

Of course we all want a constant scroll of gorgeous rock hard DPOWs and shiny maggottish whiteheads, but even the most impeccable pops receive scathing commentary on technique and hygiene. I’m beginning to think popping lovers as a group are just unsatisfiable. It may be a reflection of their passion, but it’s a lame vibe. This sub has choice OC provided daily. I don’t get the dissatisfaction. It’s genuinely weird.


u/rullerofallmarmalade Oct 21 '21

It’s because our curse is to forever chase that perfect pop and nothing but heavenly perfection will not satisfy us. We are but a pious cursed sorry lot


u/NichySteves Oct 21 '21

I get your joke but I think the point people are trying to make is to just be nice and enjoy the content. Everyone is too sensitive and fussy and it kills the mood.


u/rullerofallmarmalade Oct 21 '21

Yes it does kill the enjoyment vibes considering the solution of seeing content someone doesn’t like is to skip or downvote


u/ZeePirate Oct 21 '21

Mods forcing people to flair posts and letting people filter out what they don’t want by Dalits is the best solution.

I agree there are lots I don’t care for here (you sicko’s pulling off toenails for one!!!) but it’s just ignore and move on until what you like


u/SpeedyTacoCollection Oct 21 '21

Thank you! Completely agree with you


u/Toombstone1185 Oct 21 '21

Rock hard huh? 🤣


u/Javamallow Oct 21 '21

No one is stepping up to be a mod so I just dont listen to complaints when you could do something about it.


u/BenofHouseKenobi Oct 21 '21

For some reason, I can't do blister pops, so I skip those. It's really not rocket science. Love this sub!


u/KorlsDoop Oct 21 '21

Man this dude is angry


u/SpeedyTacoCollection Oct 21 '21

I'm annoyed lol


u/leMatth Oct 21 '21

Stop complaining and go somewhere else.


u/Special-Emu3 Oct 21 '21

Oh how the turn tables


u/leMatth Oct 21 '21

Nobody cares that you think these complains are annoying.
Nobody is forcing you to read those comments!
Complain somewhere else for the love of god.

See ?


u/FuckCazadors Oct 22 '21


Coming to this subreddit then complaining that you don’t like to see gross things and everything ought to be removed or spoilered or hidden or trigger warned is just stupid.

Go to /r/eyebleach instead if you like.


u/Bean_Boozled Oct 21 '21

"Complain somewhere else for the love of god. I'm just trying to enjoy my pops here and you're ruining it!"

Thanks, can we stop ruining the sub with pointless meta posts next please?


u/MaxV331 Oct 21 '21

A lot of people just don’t want to see medical gore, foot long gaping wounds isn’t popping.


u/honeybeesocks Oct 21 '21

is there a way to hide posts with specific flairs?


u/RomaniQueerios Oct 21 '21

Not on mobile 🙃 which is my complaint


u/TheNextMehThing Oct 21 '21

On Android if you use Reddit Is Fun or Boost there's flair filtering options. Not positive, but I'd assume Apollo on iOS would have a similar feature


u/RomaniQueerios Oct 21 '21

Appreciate the advice. I'm on iOS and Apollo unfortunately does not have those settings as far as I've found. Thank you anyway!


u/midi-chlorians145 Oct 21 '21

After that turtle eye pop I'm all for keeping animal pops.


u/wil_last Oct 21 '21

Definitely not a fan of animal popping


u/scarfaroundmypenis Oct 21 '21

Thank you for this. There’s literally a voting mechanism you can use on every single post you like or dislike. That’s the whole point of this platform. I feel like once this sub got actual mods and an ounce of curation, everyone expected it to be to their precise preference. If you don’t like it, downvote and keep scrolling.


u/NichySteves Oct 21 '21

At risk of being downvoted into oblivion, don't dislike something you don't like please. It's not an opinion button event if everyone treats it that way. In smaller and more niche communities it's better to just scroll past what isn't your cup of tea and better yet sort by flair.


u/scarfaroundmypenis Oct 21 '21

Just to be clear, I don’t downvote posts I don’t like, I just scroll past them. But for the people who feel the need to make a separate post about “how the sub has changed”, there is a downvote button if you think something shouldn’t be posted here. If the posts are up and have lots of upvotes, it means that the community has decided that’s what we want to see on this sub.


u/NichySteves Oct 21 '21

I think we're in agreement and I'm really not trying to be pedantic... it's niche for a reason, the whole point you're making about "the community decided by voting" kind of runs counter to the idea of a catch all subreddit for a particular type of niche content when the community deciding grew from 20k to almost 500k and the content changes as a result.

I don't know how long you've been on reddit or have been using social media in general, but the ecosystem of people posting, people upvoting, and people commenting are many times vastly different pools of people. If a post does numbers and gets 30k interactions that's not 25k people commenting and being part of the community, that's 29k upvotes 800 downvotes and 200 comments.

The people here for content because the community made an effort to curate it are not always the best at deciding what content should be there. The community is the people commenting, posting, and making decisions. I don't consider viewing from a distance and upvoting or downvoting to be part of that. Have you seen some of the shite that gets upvoted on some subreddits without proper curation? It's not as simple as just downvote or just upvote.


u/tayloline29 Oct 21 '21 edited Oct 21 '21

It's okay and normal to share community space with people who have opinions different than yours. Their opinion of the sub does not effect you in any way. Just scroll past the separate post and down vote if think it doesn't fit the sub.

This is like arguing over which brand of basketball shoes is the best. It's of no consequence. and people shouldn't be told to get off the sub because of what they like.


u/scarfaroundmypenis Oct 21 '21

I never told anyone they shouldn’t be in the subreddit. I just stated that people are complaining as if they expect a perfectly curated experience from a very large and very broad subreddit. When I browse here I upvote what I like and scroll past what I don’t. I recognize this is a broad topic and not everything is going to be my cup of tea. What I would like to see is a reduction of the text posts asking for one particular thing to be banned or flaired. To use your example, I would hate to see a post in /r/basketballshoes that complained about the presence of adidas because the poster prefers Nikes.


u/AlphaPup3 Oct 22 '21

A particular meme app I've enjoyed for many years has a very simple way of "automated" house cleaning. If a post gets 100 up-votes, it makes it on the top posts link. If it gets -5 (down-votes below zero), it's automatically hidden from active view and shows up on a different link. This simple system helps keep only good posts visible. Every member can vote once on a post. Why doesn't Reddit use something similar?!


u/Wermhat69420 Oct 21 '21

Its more annoying to see this post here. This sub is begging to die with no moderation and all these random skin diseases and animals. Mods get to fucking work and clean this town up. This sub was supposed to be for pimple popping.


u/theplaidviking Oct 21 '21

I think you're looking for r/PimplePopping

No need to gatekeep


u/squidjerkyking Oct 21 '21

As a collective bunch of weirdos, can’t we watch popping videos together, harmoniously?


u/Ordinary_L Oct 21 '21

Ladies and gentlemen, the civil war has started!!


u/72scott72 Oct 21 '21

I haven’t seen a good botfly removal in a while.


u/Jollytime715 Oct 22 '21

Agreed! I really love ingrown toenail stuff but their sub is lame with not enough videos.


u/[deleted] Oct 23 '21

So instead of encouraging others to improve the community specifically for that interest you'd rather pollute another community that kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really-at-all related? Okaaay...


u/butwhataboutaliens Oct 21 '21

Yes, I am here for all of the pops


u/prettymuchbangtan Oct 21 '21

GOOD LORD thank you for this, these fucking people are ruining this sub for me, not the posts


u/Bowdirt Oct 21 '21

Nobody cares about your anger. Plenty of people actually do care what's being posted here.


u/throwaway_popper Oct 21 '21

Yes!! Again!! My biggest tip for people complaining is hide the post you don't like. There are certain things I don't like, ie: toenails, medical shit, animals, I just hide them so they don't show in the scroll.


u/Lost-Knowledge9467 Oct 21 '21

For me the problem is usually people who don't know how to read/follow the rules; use correct flair, NSFW animal stuff, descriptive titles etc. It's much easier to skip something with a heads-up.


u/Sufficiently_Blitzed Oct 21 '21

U dropped this 👑


u/jmediii Oct 21 '21

Feel better?


u/Far_Possible1666 Oct 21 '21

Severe skin infections, gaping wounds, removing foreign bodies from deep gashes, etc. Is not "popping" by any sense of the word, it's medical vote and it doesn't belong here. The audacity of you to complain about that as if those people are wrong for wanting this sub to actually contain things it's supposed to.


u/xcuteikinz Oct 21 '21

Big agree.


u/Angieliliwa Oct 21 '21

Amén, been thinking the same every single post complaining that they only want white pimples 🙄🙄🙄


u/larsonbot Oct 21 '21

you got ratio’d hard bro


u/SpeedyTacoCollection Oct 21 '21

i know. now im sad


u/SinfullySinless Oct 21 '21

Yeah but this sub has definitely turned into a public exposure kink sub. I see 1-2 dick or labia posts a day with the most minor “in grown hairs” and a person dicking around doing the absolute least with the pimples.


u/theplaidviking Oct 22 '21

No need to sexualize something that isn't sexual


u/PatheticPelosiPander Oct 22 '21

The second paragraph is so spot on for so many social issues. It's good stuff.


u/johndrake666 Oct 21 '21

Lmao you could have tag the person that complains


u/marr Oct 22 '21 edited Oct 22 '21

There's a reason those types of videos are at the top of this sub. ITS BECAUSE THE MAJORITY LIKE THEM.

Hmm. I've only noticed two posts on this topic, this one and the one it's satirising, which is currently top post of the month with almost 10k upvotes.

So by your own logic


That aside, subreddits get banned for being unmoderated, so this time of glorious anarchy might not be in anyone's interests long term.


u/Fantasiize Oct 21 '21

i just don’t wanna see people ruining their skin on here lmao, the only “bad pops” are the ones where someone clearly needs medical attention or isn’t taking proper saftey precautions when necessary

ex ) having pizza grease on your fingers and dirt under your nails and proceeding to pop a pimple on your nuts. please just was ur fucking hands


u/Morgan_Attano Oct 24 '21

Why not take your own advice then? How can comments really ruin a video? Just ignore them lol


u/Jaw_breaker93 Oct 26 '21

My once complain is people referring to pops as “juicy”

But maybe I should get over it and solely refer to pus as “infection juice”


u/cutzngutz Oct 24 '21

i love pops, this includes animal pops and popping out tonsil stones. its the fact that its straying away from popping, having medical procedures of cutting things out, extracting and such.