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Instructor Suggestions on "Tough Love" Instructors


Good morning, All!

I'm relatively new to the community and recently discovered that I get involuntarily agitated by the bubbly "you're a warrior", "be all you can be" style coaching and prefer a slightly more condescending, tough love approach.

Yesterday I found Kendal Toole and loved the fact that she was constantly pushing us to go harder and find that limit.

Are there any other instructors you have found to have a similar style? Any that I should stay away from?


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Instructor Thank you Peloton for the newer "low impact" rides for people like me coming off Covid


Had Covid, kicked my butt for 3-4 weeks. My weekly streak reset to 0. Then would have a couple more times if it knew to do that or had any reason to.

FINALLY felt well enough to try a workout yesterday and found a bunch of newer "low impact" rides.

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Whether it was intentional or not, it's a godsend for people like me coming off of a rough sickness. I've lost 18lbs and a good deal of my cardio fitness, so it was nice to see so many choices to "ease back in" so to say.


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Instructor Shifting from in person spin classes to Peloton


Hi! I just bought a Peloton, yay! I'm used to in person 45 minute rides where you're out of the saddle for the majority of the class. I like a fast-paced ride, what we'd call "jogs" or "steady paces". Any suggestions for specific instructors or rides?

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Instructor Most Underrated Instructors?


I’ve recently discovered Olivia’s PZ ride and she is next level awesome and consistently challenging. I really love the entire PZ crew!

Any other underrated or more lowkey instructors people recommend? I always really wonder why some are more popular than others!

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Instructor New to peloton: Instructors who don’t talk the whole time?


Hey guys! I’m new to peloton. I was wondering if anyone can lead me to some instructors that don’t talk the whole time? I like to get lost in the music and not have someone constantly talking about non sense lol.

Thank you!

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Instructor Just let the music play


Idk who on peloton’s product team needs to hear this, but damn I wish the coaches would let a song just play for more than 5 seconds. Let that mf beat drop and let us get after it…instead of interrupting that stream of serotonin by calling out 12 random usernames. Cycling is about flow state but these coaches make that almost impossible for me. I’d be on this thang everyday if that were different.

Or a feature that allows us to fully customize the coach-to-music volume ratio. What’s currently available doesn’t give enough control.

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Instructor Freaky Friday Idea…


Which instructors would make good switches across categories that they don’t currently teach…?

For example, I think Sam Yo would be awesome at meditations. Ben Alldis would rock the tread. Kirsten Ferguson would be super fun on the bike.

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Instructor Confession


Something that keeps me awake at night is the fear of my favorite peloton instructors leaving and their workouts being scrubbed from the platform. I used to assume those workouts lived on demand forever, but learned they definitely do not when I went searching for a few old instructors I’ve seen mentioned here or in articles. And I don’t think I’ve even seen a class older than 2019. So I suppose I need to get used to the idea that one day, my favorites will be gone and I’ll need to pivot, but that’s so hard to imagine! Some of these instructors literally changed my life (Selena especially, and she’s marrying in to a really wealthy family, will she even need to work?!) and I have legit fear of them leaving, lol.

Anyone else think about this?

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Instructor Keep the Kendall Metal Rides coming!


Idk how often those at peloton read this, but let’s keep these metal rides going. The more explicit and hardcore, the more motivation I have. Great job Kendall!

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Instructor AT Appreciation Post


I’ve had my bike for a few months now, and thus far have mainly used it for all strength, bootcamp and yoga classes, but with cycling classes being the least. Today I took my second Alex class, and holy crap.

I love his attitude, his motivating statements, and music. I took preworkout before class and then mixed with him I felt like I could go through the wall. 😂

Get this man into Peloton weightlifting! 😉

Anyway, just felt the need to post becsuse I will take a class of his everyday for the positive mental health he provides.

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Instructor Emma Lovewell on Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning

Thumbnail youtu.be

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Instructor Favorite Jess king rides?!


Just tried out a Jess king ride and I’m obsessed! Didn’t think I could love any coach as much as aly love and robin but tried Jess randomly and I’m hooked!!

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Instructor Shout out to the Haleakala crew and Alex Toussaint


Not only is the Haleakala plan a great workout plan (that I'm slightly behind on) but it introduced me to Alex Toussaint. No joke this guy is amazingly. I've never felt as motivated from any other instructor as him and PR'ed today on the 15min after doing a 30min ride. My go to is Olivia Amato to kick my butt, but Alex T may top her.

I truly love the plan you all put together, the community that is involved but most of all the introduction to new instructors I've never experienced. Alex T will definitely be in my rotation moving forward.

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Instructor Dead pan, tough instructors?


Hi! I got a Peloton about a month ago. Due to some intense travel, we have been out of town a lot and when in town, I mostly stuck to my fav instructors (Robin A and Cody R). My boyfriend is looking to finally start some bike time, but he is not into the peppy uplifting stuff like mushy me. Who are the most dead pan, very tough instructors that I could suggest to him? TIA, Peloton Community!!

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Instructor The power of suggestion


So tonight, when Dennis suggested to me for the 100th time to take a 10 minute yoga for hips, he got through and I actually did it.

Thanks Dennis for being persistent.

For anyone who needs to hear it just one more time, perhaps tonight you’ll take a 10 minute yoga for hips.

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Instructor How do you request songs on Matt Wilper’s Saturday rides?


Every Saturday the playlists are entirely by request on his 60 minute power zone rides. He always thanks someone for getting those requests, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who it is or where to send requests to. Anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, on a similar topic (and the answer is probably the same), how are people giving him those written shoutouts?

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Instructor Classes that don't make it to OD


I know CDE had an 'inverse tabata' yesterday - 20s rest, 10s work because she confused the interval segments. That class didn't make it to platform.

It made me wonder, I believe when Peloton started instructors were paid by class. If that still holds, do they get paid for the class if it doesn't go on platform even though they instructed the live? Financially it must also impact having the crew there but no actual OD content produced. But it made me wonder of how a company might approach that kind of quirk.

Also, raising a glass to all the classes that never made it to OD.

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Instructor Emma Lovewell in latest Taste of Home issue

Thumbnail tasteofhome.com

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Instructor German Language Classes


I took the Taylor Swift ride with Mayla, and I loved her energy. It was easy to keep up by following the cadence/resistance ranges on screen, and just sit/stand when she did. I really want to try the German (Swiftie) strength class - but I feel like it will be harder to follow along. I didn't see an option for subtitles on my ride with Mayla, do the strength classes have a way for non German speakers to keep up?

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Instructor Are there any instructors who don’t “dance” mid ride?


I’m on the autism spectrum so little things bother me that other people don’t seem to care about.Every instructor I’ve tried so far does this thing where they stick their tongue out half way and bite down on it while bopping their head back and forth to the music. I don’t know what it is but it triggers me and I can’t continue the ride.

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Instructor Which instructors should I ride with?


I’m very new to Peloton and have had mine for 2 weeks. I’m going through the 6 week beginner programme. The issue I have is that I find the over-enthusiastic instructors so annoying. When they sing and dance along to the music, with their eyes closed and one hand on their chest. Are there any instructors who don’t do this? I am genuinely considering sending it back as I find myself just swearing at the screen.

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Instructor Which instructor has the biggest theater kid energy?


I think about this a lot. Pretty sure it's Sam Yo but CDE also has that cool-but-tough SM vibe happening? And Bradley Rose is crying out for the stage if he could just get his lines down ...

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Instructor Tunde Zoom Event


Did anybody else pre-order a copy of Tunde’s book and get an invitation for a Zoom even with her?! I did the pre-order and saw on her Instagram that you could upload your receipt somewhere and be entered to get invited to the even and I got my “golden ticket” the other day. I adore her and think her story is so wonderful, so I am looking forward to it! No details yet until I hear back from the individual we were told to contact.

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Instructor New German Tread instructor announced Saturday is her last class at Peloton.


She started in September. Instagram

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Instructor Best instructors for shorties


Hi all, I’m looking for instructors with a similar body type to mine. Who do you think is short? I’ve requested to join the peloton shorties fb group but have not been accepted yet. Thanks in advance!