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Community Newbie here. I'm wondering is it just me or is anyone else deeply annoyed when the instructors stop pedaling during a class while they are giving some pump up speech?


I've noticed in multiple classes now, while working my way through Mastering the Basics, that some of the instructors just take random breaks in their ride while they are telling a story or saying some motivational coaching or even just grooving to the music too much. I find it to be truly the most annoying aspect of peloton so far.

Is it just me? The last thing I want to see while you are telling me how I can get through this is you taking a breather while I'm reaching deep for a climb.

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Community Are people really going back to the gym?


The latest earnings report suggests people are going back to the gym. I for one will never go back to a gym. I never liked the environment and the waste of time and money. I can imagine more women feel the same way as well.

I also seriously doubt people who are peloton customers are jumping ship and going back to Planet Fitness.

As for Beachbody, which I also have, I don’t see it anywhere the quality level of instructors or filming. I use it for specific programs like Tony Horton, which are available on dvd anyways. I am likely to cancel that one.

I realize I’m posting on a biased forum, but just curious what others think.

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Community Very specific request - looking for bike access in Brooklyn NY


Hi everyone! I have a very specific request (mods, remove if not allowed).

Basically I'm on a 56-day 59-day streak that I'm hoping to maintain and even while I'm traveling to Brooklyn NY for thanksgiving. I'm staying with my sister, but am trying to find access to a bike for friday, sunday, and monday. I'm going to get a day pass at Chelsea Piers BK for saturday, and while I'd gladly get day passes for each of those days, they're $60 a pop (a total of $240 for 4 days - womp). I've called all the hotels in the area that have bikes and they don't allow walk-ins.

So I'm wondering if anyone lives in a building in BK that has them and could grant me access for 30 minute rides each of those days? In turn I can venmo you some cash for a drinks or a dinner or something.

Help me keep my streak alive!

Edit: Wow! Thanks for all the creative ideas in the thread. #togetherwegofar, am I right? I'm looking into some of these options for sure and still crossing my fingers for that sweet sweet apartment gym access. I'll report back next week on if I kept the streak or not. And if you guys want to follow along, my username is tanrr.

Edit 2: Alright team, I have a plan set forward for the weekend thanks to this amazing community. I'm on track to keep my streak. Thank you!

Edit 3: for whatever reason my counting was off and turns out I had more days on my streak than I thought. Updated to the correct numbers.

UPDATE: I'm still on the streak people! A lovely redditor reached out and invited me to use their bike in their building's gym. It was so gracious and awesome, but ultimately, my plans ended up changing a bit and I didn't end up taking them up on it because on Friday I went to Chelsea Piers and found out they were doing a friendsgiving promotion! The front desk there said I can be a guest (free entry) as part of friendsgiving. Basically, I got 2 free CP days and because CP was conveniently close to where I was staying, I just ended up doing that.

67 days and counting!

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Community Hide workouts from followers


I want to hide my workouts from my followers because I don’t like comparing myself with my friends who work out much more than I am. I currently have an injury and am trying to workout less. I’d love to not have to remove them as followers as they are still my friends and I’d also rather not tell them it’s triggering my disordered sense of self.

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Community Taylor Swift on Ally Love Ride?!


Uh… did anyone notice that this week’s “Sunday’s with Love” has a “Taylor’s Version” on it?!

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Community Strongly considering buy a Peloton! Please read :)


EDIT: WOW! I really wasn't expecting anyone to respond to this - but I am officially a Peloton owner after a year of contemplation! Thank you all for your positivity and giving an anxious buyer some reassurance. I can't wait! :)

Hello all! Firstly, I have been “reading” posts on this community for a while - you are all so supportive of one another and I find that to be a LARGE reason as to why I’m drawn and heavily considering buying a Peloton.

I have struggled in the last year with workouts, and I hurt my Achilles in March. I am upset as I can no longer get my preferred method of cardio in, and have yet to find anything that I enjoy as far as working out. I desperately want something that can help me feel like myself again.

Please, as someone who is struggling AND getting married next year (and wants to look good for her wedding), how has Peloton changed your life and would you recommend it?! What’s been your favorite part about owning one?

Bless you all. Xo

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Community Reflecting on the Century Rider Status


This is going to be a bit moody, but I swear, I feel like some of you, or maybe more than I think, will appreciate this.

I got my Peloton Bike+ in May of this year. Two days later, I went for a hike with my husband in the woods and rolled my ankle - or so I thought. Went to an orthopedist and lo-and-behold, my ankle was broken. FUCK. I just wanted to ride my new bike!

So for almost two months, I laid off my ankle. I was in a boot. I was anxiously awaiting to get my ride on. Then end of June, I get a call from my endocrinologist. I've had thyroid issues for 4 years, and have had trouble maintaining and losing weight, pretty much the main reason why I got the bike in the first place. I thought, okay, I had a sonogram, I just had a biopsy. This is just the call telling me what I need to get my hormones in order.

Nope. Cancer. I needed my thyroid completely removed. And I need to do it in the next few weeks to prevent it from spreading. FUCK. MY BIKE!

I get the surgery; I'm laid up for another week.

My boot is off at this point, so as soon as I was done healing (probably not enough), I was on my first ride in nearly 2 months. I loved it. Every feeling, sensation, and emotion came over me like a newborn baby. I wanted to cry! I didn't stop. I hit a 30-day streak twice. I hit PRs and milestones every day. Then I slowed down, but I haven't stopped.

Now, since before my surgery, and to this day, I have officially lost 20 pounds. I am in the best cardio shape of my life. I hit my century ride yesterday.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! And I am so thankful for everything this community and bike have given me.

Cannot wait to ride with you all some more!

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Community Peloton missing opportunity to sync Apparel with Workout Info


Think Peloton is missing an opportunity in Apparel to provide access to unique clothing items or drops based on workouts, badges etc.

I would definitely buy a special hoodie or something for members who have completed XX rides; similar to the century ride shirt, but paid and high quality.

Would also be cool if they made special shirts accessible via earning badges, completing challenges, new PRs, etc.

What do you think?

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Community Gonna miss my PZ pals! :(


I just completed the 5 week PZ program (ftp on Saturday). There was about 10 people on the same schedule as me and did the rides on the same day/time so I saw them on the leaderboard repeatedly. It was nice to see “friends” on the leaderboard every ride and know we were all doing the same thing! Today was the last day and I don’t know if I was imagining things but it seemed some felt the same as the high fives were flying. Feeling funnily sad that it’s coming to an end! 😂

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Community What is your setup for non bike workouts? (Non bike+ owners)


When doing non-bike workouts with the peloton app, how do you view the workouts? Phone? Tablet? TV?

I plan to start doing yoga and strength classes but wanted to see what works for others.

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Community r/pelotoncycle Appreciation Thread


I've been on Reddit for almost 14 years.

I didn't own a Peloton until June 12th this year. It's transformed how I look at exercise - I was previously just a runner.

I finished my 100th ride today, and I just wanted to thank everyone for the props, for joining the ride if you made it, and for being such a supportive group around exercise.

There are not many subs like this on Reddit that aren't toxic.

Thank you!

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Community There's no crying in Peloton!!


A League of Their Own reference, in case you were confused 😁

I'm just completely flummoxed. I did Orange Theory for 3 years before the pandemic, and never once cried during or after a workout. But I have now TWICE cried doing a Peloton class.

First time was after a yoga class. I'm not a yogi, but will occasionally do a beginner yoga class. During savasana at the end of a class I just started crying. No clue why, but figured it was a yoga thing 😅

But then today I finish my ride, and during the cool down ride, I start crying again! This makes absolutely no sense! I had a great ride, felt good . . . And I still had my strength class to do, so had to pull my shit together for that 🤦🏻

Am I crazy? Anyone else have a crying problem? Do I need to get Tom Hanks to yell at me?!

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Community Is anyone else following the Peloton / veterinarian saga?


I was scrolling Instagram last night and on one of Peloton's posts, the comments section is just flooded with people commenting variations on "Veterinarians are Doctors" and threatening to either cancel their subscriptions or never do business with the company.

The official account actually responded to a few of them (with the same response) apologizing for the oversight and saying they're "looking into this."

I didn't see any news articles about it, so I hopped over to Twitter and this all seems to have generated from someone sharing an email they got from Peloton saying that veterinarians don't qualify under the company's Medical Personnel discount.

Just wanted to post here to ask if anyone else has seen this and is following this story. Does anyone have any insights into what's going on?

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Community Confession: I haven't watched DWTS in weeks, but I still max out my Cody votes weekly


My phone even autocorrects Cody to CODY.

Am I alone in this?! Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

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Community People that don't follow the class...high resistance and low cadence to get high on the leader board. I don't get it!


I know this has been posted before but I wanted to make a new thread to get some updated feedback. I know the leader board is definitely flawed. Calibration issues, no accounting for wattage to weight and other issues. I wish there was a way for Peloton to make the LB more equitable. It will never be perfect and there will always be a way to game the system.

My biggest question and gripe is about the people who post ridiculous numbers in classes. When I check they are doing very heavy resistance anywhere between 75-100 (if that is even an accurate resistance) and low cadence the entire class. All this just to post high in the LB. Is this cheating? I don't know but it is definitely not within the spirit of the class and they are "cheating" themselves in not getting the maximum benefit of taking the class.

My biggest question is - what's the point? Why take a class if you are not going to follow the program for even one minute? You would think these folks would skip the classes and just ride.

Yes, I know I should ignore the leader board, ride your own ridge, do you etc. But Peloton has the LB for a reason. It is a great motivating tool. Some of my best and hardest rides have been when I'm chasing someone very close to me on the LB. Anyway, that's just my thoughts.

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Community Automatic Zone Indication for PZ ride?


I was wondering if there were ever talks about indicating in which Zone are you supposed to currently be in similar to cadence and resistance in normal rides?

I would like to ride with my own music and having to pay attention to the trainer is not ideal.

Am I the only one? Seems like something easy to do.

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Community Do any other coaches (other than Dennis) make an effort to always ride on the beat of the song?


I've been riding for a little over 6 months now and the only instructor that I've found who rides directly on the beat is Dennis. At this point, I've pretty much completed all of his rides and I would really like to find more instructors with other music tastes that also cater their playlist to the workout pace as he does.

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Community Favorite Rides Friday (I mean Saturday 😝)


Happy Saturday! There seems to be an issue with some of the auto-threads posting so I hope the mods don't mind this post because I personally feel lost without my bookmark-making discussion on favorite workouts of the week!

Please post yours below! 🙂

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Community Advice for getting back in the saddle


I've been caught up with life - finishing grad school, starting my career, moving, family- just everyday chaos. As a result I've really lost my routine and am having a hard time getting started working out again, even with the Peloton.

I'll have a good couple days, maybe go too hard and take a break but I'm lacking consistency. Just starting to feel really down and disappointed in myself. I don't know how to restart.

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Community David Goggins ‘Stay Hard’ Program


Anybody else think a David Goggins multi week program on Peloton would be next level?

Listening to that guy talk makes me feel like I can run through a wall.

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Community If you love Cody vote his name to 21523 to save him from DWTS right now 🥲


Time is almost out and our boy can’t go home on Britney night!

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Community Gratitude Week Schedule


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Community Iceland Scenic Content is Up!


Jess just posted on Instagram that the Iceland content that her and Ben filmed a few months ago is up. It includes a 30 minute run with her, a 30 minute ride with Ben and a 20 minute hike with both!

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Community Secret Santa Ride Exchange - COME GET YOUR GIFT!


I got the last of the submissions for our Secret Santa Ride Exchange today, so I am SO excited to share the ride gifts with everyone who participated! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who joined, and an extra special thank you to all of the elves who stepped up and submitted rides for those whose Santas didn't submit. <3

Come & Get Your Gift!

I hope that everyone enjoys what they got, and enjoyed being a part of the exchange. :) Feel free to use the comments on this post to share your reactions to your gifts, what you think about the rides as you take them, and/or reveal yourself to your Santa!

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Community Harassment via “high-five” feature


Last week, I was taking a 45-minute ride on demand when I got several high fives from fellow riders. I returned them as I usually do. Then one individual proceeded to continue to give me more high fives. I ignored them. Then he followed me while we were still on the ride. Then he gave me more high fives. I pulled up my phone to see what type of person I was dealing with, and saw that he follows about 400 riders — all of them women. By this point I have about 10 minutes left in my ride and this man has high fived me at least 15-20 times, and I’ve got the sinking feeling that this is some type of sick attempt to flirt or to let me know he’s got his eye on me. This felt like harassment and it left me feeling deeply unsettled to imagine that a man on the bike hundreds of miles away was getting some type of pleasure out of this routine. I looked for a button to block him but found no option. If there is one, could someone let me know how to do it? In the meantime, I will be reaching out to Peloton to ask that he is blocked from using the high five feature.