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Power Zone Weekly Discussion Power Zone Weekly Discussion


Welcome to the Weekly Power Zone Discussion!

Due to demand and community feedback we are trialing a Power Zone Weekly Welcome Discussion - a space to chat about anything related to power zone training. Think of it like the "Daily Discussion" thread, where anything goes...big or small. Here, we've carved out a special place for people wanting to discuss ideas and topics related specifically to PZ training - how to program PZ classes, talk about PZ classes or PZ programs, chat about PZ instructors, advice for FTP testing, etc.

People are not limited to using this thread to discuss PZ but are highly encouraged to use this weekly discussion. You can still post in the daily, training thread, or create a new post. Think of it as another place to chat about PZ stuff without getting lost in the daily. Or a place you can check into weekly if you're a casual redditor looking for some other PZ folks without wading through the daily.

The Power Zone Weekly will be posted on Monday moving forward.

Note: The mods will check back in with the community to see how this idea is working, if there is a better day it should be posted on, etc. If it isn't working we can always scrap the idea or change it up a bit. Thanks for giving it a chance!

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Daily Discussion Daily Discussion - 07 Dec 2021


**Welcome to our Daily Discussion thread, where you can talk about anything Peloton related in a fast-paced, laid back environment with friends!**1

Do: Tell stories, share feelings on your upcoming delivery, how a recent class made you feel, maybe an upcoming class you're eager to take, some sweet new apparel that's quickly becoming your favorite shirt. You get the picture. Anything big or little. We just ask you abide by the subreddit rules, click "report" on rule-breaking comments/posts, and remember why we're all here - to get the most out of our Peloton subscriptions.

\1] Note: Based on broad feedback, starting Monday, 6 Dec, we've combined the Daily Discussion + Daily Training threads. If you previously were active in either, yes you're now/still in the right place!)

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Rumors New Feature/Class Coming Tomorrow

Thumbnail twitter.com

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Purchase Advice How is riding with a 7’ ceiling height?


My Bike (STD edition) gets delivered one week from today. I would prefer to put it in the basement, which I have an area cleared for with lots of room around the bike.

Floor to unfinished floor joists above is exactly 7’-0”. I know peloton recommends 8’ but have read of some people saying 7’ is a non issue.

I am 5’10”. Really looking to spin, not really looking to pump weights above my head while I ride, so let’s say that part is a non issue.

Who here is in the 7’ club and making it work?

(Don’t live in a big house, have an 18 month old that is everywhere, no free bedrooms to place it, so my basement is prime spot for it)

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Cycling Ordered my 2nd bike+. Been without it since July. I’m excited to get back into it all! Anything new additions to the peloton experience since July?


I have been a bit out of the peloton loop. Have any big changes occurred since July? I saw they’re supposed to announce something big tomorrow.

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Group Ride 12/07/2021 | 6:30am EST | 45 min 90s Rock Ride from 11/15 | Emma Lovewell


Hi Tuesday AM friends! Please join me tomorrow starting around 6:30am (start earlier/later as needed) on Emma's new 45 min 90s Rock Ride from 11/15. I don't think I need to talk this ride up at all-- just look at the playlist. Should be fun, hope to see you there!

Note: Do not join a session if one is available; we all want to be on the same leaderboard.

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Group Ride 400th Ride | 12/7/2021 | 07:30 AM ET | 30 Mins Groove Ride | Emma Lovewell


Hello #RedditRiders! Please feel free to join me tomorrow morning as I celebrate my 400th ride!

30 min Groove Ride w/ Emma

I hope to see you on the leaderboard!

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Peloton Digital Apple Watch sync to Apple TV peloton app?


My apologies if this has been asked before. Google search and Reddit search I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Can you sync and see your heart rate while watching a class on the appletv peloton app?

All I’ve found is that folks will open the class on the iPhone or iPad and mirror to the tv to see your heart rate. But I can’t tell if you can just use the app on the Apple TV and your watch and that’s it.



I found THIS

So to get metrics on the tv, gotta use a dongle and straight HDMI to the TV and that’s the only way?

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Daily Discussion Daily Discussion - 06 Dec 2021


**Welcome to our Daily Discussion thread, where you can talk about anything Peloton related in a fast-paced, laid back environment with friends!**1

Do: Tell stories, share feelings on your upcoming delivery, how a recent class made you feel, maybe an upcoming class you're eager to take, some sweet new apparel that's quickly becoming your favorite shirt. You get the picture. Anything big or little. We just ask you abide by the subreddit rules, click "report" on rule-breaking comments/posts, and remember why we're all here - to get the most out of our Peloton subscriptions.

\1] Note: Based on broad feedback, starting Monday, 6 Dec, we've combined the Daily Discussion + Daily Training threads. If you previously were active in either, yes you're now/still in the right place!)

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Reddit User Program RedditPZ training program: Week 8 Accountability Thread


Week seven down, and on to week eight! Everyone's favorite week, right? Use this thread to discuss this week's rides (or last weeks). Add the hashtag #redditPZ if you would like to.

No HFB graph for the CVV ride so I included mine from pelotrak. It was either 6 or 7 minutes at sweet spot (so very top of zone 3 / bottom of zone 4). Then two 10 minute intervals at zone 4. He coaches the intervals to be half low cadence and half high cadence. Since many of us are re-testing soon I recommend using those intervals to find your ideal cadence for the FTP.

Again I will include that if you don't do this already, consider taking a 5-10 minute warm-up prior to the PZmax class (maybe Saturday's ride as well). I suggest either a 5 minute warm-up just in zone 1, or take a 10 min ftp warm-up to really get ready. This is optional, but the first block of work will hurt a lot less with the extra warm-up.

Group ride for Saturday's ride will be at 10 AM Central again.

Link to Program Thread

Week 1 Thread

Week 2 Thread

Week 3 Thread

Week 4 Thread

Week 5 Thread

Week 6 Thread

Week 7 Thread

Week 8: TSS 251

Mon: Matt 45 PZmax 07/05/19 TSS 69 Ride Graph

Wed: Christian 45 Pro 11/14/19 TSS 59 Ride Graph

Thu: Denis 45 PZE 01/23/20 TSS 44 Ride Graph

Sat: Matt 60 PZ 7/27/19 TSS 79 Ride Graph

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Instructor Which instructors should I ride with?


I’m very new to Peloton and have had mine for 2 weeks. I’m going through the 6 week beginner programme. The issue I have is that I find the over-enthusiastic instructors so annoying. When they sing and dance along to the music, with their eyes closed and one hand on their chest. Are there any instructors who don’t do this? I am genuinely considering sending it back as I find myself just swearing at the screen.

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Strength What Peloton Strength Trainer is Your "Go-To" for Each Body Part?


For me:

Full Body - Adrian / Rad / Jess Sims

Arms / Shoulders - Chase / Ben

Glutes - Selena / Adrian

Abs - Matty / Callie

Chest / Back - Rad

Bodyweight - I don't have one

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Gear Heart rate monitor help


I just got the Polar OH1 mostly for tracking Peloton rides and FTP workouts. I did an hour ride Saturday and a hard 45 minute bootcamp Sunday and in each workout I spent ~1 minute in zone 3 with nearly all in zone 2 even though I was pushing very hard! I assume either my max heart rate in the Strive Score default is too high or my HRM isn’t accurate (it’s an armband).

My husband did an FTP test today scoring in the top 15% of all riders and his HR scores were similar with about a minute in zone 3 and the rest in zone 2? This cannooot be right for him because the FTP test is intended to spend most of the time in high zones / basically push you to your absolutely limit (I would have expected him to be in heart rate zone 4/5 mostly while riding at FTP zones 3-6!).

I used to run marathons and train with heart rate but always used a chest strap and an all out effort would have me at ~180-190 heart rate so I’m just so confused why I can’t get over 140 right now. Is this HRM just crap? Any insight?

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Cycling Zone training fitness levels


I just started training based on HR zones, not the peloton power zones. Curious what level of fitness everyone is at.

For zone 2, I maintain a cadence of 65 at a resistance of 45 seated. This keeps me in the mid/upper level of zone 2.

I feel like I’m out of shape and can improve this.

Where are y’all at?

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Cycling 100th ride, can I delete a ride?!


Tomorrow is the live class I want to do it Cody for my 100th ride but I did want to maybe do a ride tonight, can I delete an archived ride so tonight is my 99th rather than 100th and still be shout out possible on that live class tomorrow?!

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Daily Discussion Daily Discussion - 05 Dec 2021


This is the Daily Discussion thread. It is where you can talk about anything, big or small. Preferably, somehow related to Peloton. While our rules still apply, we relax enforcement of Rule 1 (common/basic/simple/FAQ questions) so you can ask any question not worthy of its own dedicated Thread/Post.

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Instructor How do you request songs on Matt Wilper’s Saturday rides?


Every Saturday the playlists are entirely by request on his 60 minute power zone rides. He always thanks someone for getting those requests, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who it is or where to send requests to. Anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, on a similar topic (and the answer is probably the same), how are people giving him those written shoutouts?

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Strength Skipped classes?


So no clue how but it says I’ve skipped the first two weeks of beginner strength class and now I’m at week 3. How can I restart this class?

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Training Plans/Advice how often do you cycle?


Hello! I’ve been using the Peloton app for a few weeks now and I am LOVING it. I’m addicted to riding but I don’t want to burn my body out.

How often are you peeps riding weekly? I see a lot of people say 3-4 rides - are you counting low impact rides as well in that total or are those 3-4 rides legit butt kicking workouts and then doing low impact rides on the other days?

For instance I did an intermediate low impact ride today which was great but I didn’t feel like I got a real cardio workout in. I usually try and walk almost daily but now that winter is here I don’t walk all the time because of snow lol. I’m wondering if 3-4 days of challenging rides and then 2-3 days of low impact/recovery rides? Is that too much over a long period of time?

I’m also loosely following HCOTF when time is on my side or yoga.

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Training Daily Discussion Daily Training Thread - 05 Dec 2021


This is the Daily Training Thread. We created this separate from the Daily Discussion for folks to talk about anything Training related.

Meaning, stuff like:

  • A ride/run/any-class they just took today, and want to talk about
  • A class you want to take today
  • How your training schedule is going
  • How your training schedule is not going, and need some advice
  • Aches, pains, the good, the bad, happy moments, milestones, something cool or sad or annoying that happened during/about/impacting your training

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Community Hide workouts from followers


I want to hide my workouts from my followers because I don’t like comparing myself with my friends who work out much more than I am. I currently have an injury and am trying to workout less. I’d love to not have to remove them as followers as they are still my friends and I’d also rather not tell them it’s triggering my disordered sense of self.

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Subscription Why aren’t all challenges available to everybody?


So for the December challenges I have Strength, Cycling, Activity, and Running. But my wife doesn’t have the Cycling challenge available to join. Why is this or what are we doing wrong?

(We just got our bike+ Friday so we are still exploring)

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Training Plans/Advice Any experience post-surgery?


Let me preface this by saying obviously I will be closely following my surgeon’s advice regarding activity. I’m just looking to see what other people’s experience has been.

I’ll be having laparoscopic gallbladder removal this month. It seems like from what I’ve read, people’s recovery experience varies wildly. Some are jogging the next week, others are out a good while. I’m curious how long you were away from exercise, or if you were exercising, whether you were comfortable on the bike or tread. Any tips?

I’m a little sad because the late January half marathon I’m training for may be out of the question. Hoping I can safely get back for one at the end of February. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Gear Saddle + shoes


So I’ve used Peloton brand shoes since I got my bike a few months ago. I find them very hard with zero padding in the shoe and I get pain in my feet after a while/repeated intervals out of the saddle. I’ve heard good things about the Nike Superrep and TBH I really like the way they look. But I have a frankenankle (generalised swelling that never goes, no pain) from a break + surgery a few years ago and I struggle with the width of shoes in the ankle now on top of just having wider feet. Can anyone tell me if I should rather steer clear of the Superreps, and if there is another shoe I should be considering?

Next, let’s talk saddles. I started having tailbone pain a couple weeks ago. It’s not painful while sitting on the bike but as soon as I come off the saddle it is so painful as the pressure releases 😅I’ve adjusted the bike and got rid of the gel seat (apparently sometimes they can make things worse) and it’s slightly better. My osteopath (who is a road cyclist) has recommended a wider saddle as most saddles aren’t really wide enough to properly support women’s sitz bones. I’ve been looking at this one: Büchel Wittkop Medicus Twin 2.0 Women's Bicycle Saddle https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01F8Z1XT8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_40CJ5EJK6MYJM8B615N7. Does anyone have experience with this saddle or using a slighter wider saddle as a woman?


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Cycling When holding a zone, what amount of output variation is acceptable?


Matt Wilpers talks about keeping the output steady, but he doesn't define it. Obviously, the less movement, the better, but what's considered "good" or a target to aim for? I searched the board and couldn't find any discussion.

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Instructor A great cycling instructor, but a poor pilates instructor.


I like Kendall. She’s a good cycling instructor. But her pilates class was so poorly done and cued. I’m getting my pilates certification, perhaps I’m able to recognize things I didn’t before, but she really shouldn’t be doing more pilates instructing without better training.

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Review Peloton Experience


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I wanted to share my experience with trying to get into the peloton world. After doing a fair amount of reading, I decided to take the plunge on November 29th. Cyber Monday was coming to an end support hours were closed so I made the purchase.

I had a bit of an unusual request though, I wanted the Bike with the Bike+ works package instead of the works package the came with the bike. Looking at the accessory store, the difference between the two would have been $50 dollars. Here in Canada, the deal was $200 dollars off the accessories, but there was no option to select the package or items I wanted. I went ahead with the purchase and then sent an email to support immediately asking if there was a way to make my request happen.

I'm guessing I was dealing with support in the United States because the response was telling me that the promotion was $150 off accessories and offering a refund. After three emails and two days, there still wasn't an understanding that I was wanting a different accessory package. I really just wanted resistance bands and a reversible workout mat. I had stated a willingness to pay the difference, I just wanted to know if my request was possible.

After December 1st there was no more email contact. Yesterday on December 4th I phoned the support line to try to get it sorted out since the bike was set to arrive on the 7th. I talked to one girl and explained the situation, she then put me through to the sales team. After explaining it again, we found out that the only way to make this work would be to cancel the whole order. Stop the bike delivery and return the accessories once they arrive.

I was told that the Black Friday sales would be honored but I'd have to pay in full upfront and that I'd receive a refund a week or so later. The agent went over the accessories I wanted with the machine and I even asked to add the camelback to the order. I paid for the new order over the phone. I then got transferred to a third person for a refund. I thought all was well.

My original order of Bike with the works package came to $2094.76. The difference between the works and works+ accessories is $50. When I looked at the receipt, each accessory had been manually added so the cost was far more than it should have been. The camelback turned into the glass water bottle which was $11 more. The total cost was now 2557.80 and I was going to get a $200 credit for Black Friday which would make the new total 2357.80. Hilariously, it would have been cheaper to just order the reversible workout mat and resistance bands than it was to go through the process of canceling the order, losing my delivery spot, and having to return the old accessories.

At this point see, after going through the numbers and struggles with the support on all fronts, I opted to cancel everything and give up on Peloton. If it's this much of a struggle to make a purchase online or over the phone, I don't want to be left holding the bag if something were to go wrong with the bike. The positive thing though is everyone I dealt with was very nice, they just weren't able to meet my needs.

What sucks is that I was really excited about this but my experience to this point has just left me feeling discouraged.