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Solid State Drives are storage devices without any moving parts. They boast extremely fast speeds to cut down massively on load times in games, on boot up [OS] and programs in general.

This page will cover what to look for when shopping and give some current recommendations and advice on what to get for your needs.

Since the prices of SSDs fluctuate so much week to week, we are only giving general recommendations here, go to /r/pcmasterracebuilds to ask about prices of SSDs and which to get.

SSDs are faster the less they are full and the bigger they are [until they are nearing the limits of SATA III communication speeds].

I will be recommending a few quality models in a few common size ranges [120-128GB, 240-256, 480-512, 960-1TB], any smaller than that isn't worth it and any bigger isn't manufactured yet for SATA III devices.






M.2 SSDs

Currently only Intel Z97 and X99 motherboards are compatible with this form of SSD and they are still in the beginning stages and haven't been around long enough for me to recommend any. If you are still curious and what to get one, message the mods at/r/pcmasterracebuilds for more.