VERY Simple Microphone Guide

Stop right there! You don't need to buy a $100 headset to get a quality microphone. Yes, that's right. You can find microphones for as cheap as $4 on Amazon. In fact, here's the link. You'll notice it's not attached to a headset. Why? Because it's a lot cheaper to use a pair of headphones and separate desktop microphone than an all-in-one unit of the same quality. It's easier to pick what you want, just like a custom PC, you only need to replace the individual part if it breaks, it offers much better value, and there's less trouble with feedback when the microphone is further away. Do yourself a favor if you or a special someone you talk to are an audiophile and separate the two!

There are two ways to speak to friends as far as hardware is concerned, standalone and ones that come with headsets.

This page is for those that are curious about the quality difference or have already made that decision.

There is three ways standalone mics are used that we will cover. We will also cover recommended addons to your USB or XLR Mic audio setup.

3.5mm Jack Mic



XLR Necessities and General Accessories


With quality mics not only comes the price tag but also the necessary quality accessories and interface to harness the power that is the XLR and USB Mic!

This is going to be split into two sections:

  • General Accessories for both mic setups.
  • [Necessary XLR Mic]( Accessories to be recorded on PC.

General Accesories

Both USB and XLR benefit from these quality accessories

Shock Mount

Pop Filter


Necessary XLR Mic

This is for the serious audiophiles out there or content creation on a production level of studios or high end podcasts.

Mixers and Audio Interfaces

If you are using multiple microphones, or a mic with an XLR connection, you'll need a mixer (or audio interface).

The biggest decision you need to make here is how many inputs the mixer should have. If you run a podcast, count the number of microphones you'll need, and allow for growth. You'll need a mixer with at least double the number of inputs as channels.

One Mic
Two Mics
Four Mics