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Giveaway [GIVEAWAY] Hello r/PCMasterRace. Last year we set out to brighten up everyone's setup by mixing unique designs with gaming peripherals. The goal was to go beyond the standards and create something unique. As thanks for all your support, we are giving away 10 mousepads from our Sakura collection.

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Giveaway [GIVEAWAY] Hello r/PCMasterRace! Almost 2 years ago, I quit everything and started a company selling 1 mousepad, now we have gaming mice available. We’re truly grateful for your support and we want to giveaway 20 gaming mice.

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Giveaway [Giveaway] KeebMonkey PC Status Monitor

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Giveaway 5 Pieces of City Map Deskmat Giveaway

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Giveaway PCMR & AMD Ryzen - Zeniversary Giveaway #1 - Short Story Contest

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Giveaway Giving away this games, bought it by accident and not interested in any, just comment and I'll choose the winner

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Giveaway Hey PCmasterRace! This is Cyber Central giving away our Prime X3 4 in 1 bundle!!! This bundle is perfect for new Pc gamers to get everything they need in one spot! Leave a comment, hit that up arrow and you’ll be entered. We have 7 bundles to giveaway and will post the winners Sunday December 4th!

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Giveaway Giving away 4x8GB sticks of RAM to a random person. Just leave a comment and I’ll pick someone tomorrow (3000MHz Corsair Vengeance)

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Giveaway CableMod x PCMR Worldwide Giveaway: 30 winners, each getting the custom Keyboard Cable of their dreams that they have configured on the website!

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Giveaway PCMR X COOLER MASTER WORLDWIDE FREE PC GIVEAWAY! One PowerColor 6700XT GPU + i9 10900k powered PC for 1 lucky winner! Entries close on November 25th!

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Giveaway Free steam pc games


i have been a member of humble games for years and have loads of duplicates i never bothered redeeming, i have just noticed that loads have expired, so i have been busy giving the rest of them away, i will keep adding them to the comments as gift links to the humble store just click and redeem, Merry Xmas

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Giveaway PCMR Community Celebration! Win an RTX 3080 Founders Edition GPU, Nvidia Swag and Battlefield 2042 Early Access Beta codes!


2021 is a year of celebration. PCMR reached 5 million subs (now 5.3 and counting) and we're celebrating our 10th year together on Reddit. This wonderful community of PC enthusiasts is the biggest, most active PC community on earth and we should all be proud for having a place to share, learn and interact with each other, and post some RGB-fueled Battlestations pics as well.

Lots of people and lots of communities are helping us celebrate these milestones, and today we have some pretty sweet swag from the folks at Nvidia:

How to enter:

It's simple, just comment in this thread with one or more of the following topics or ideas:

  • Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you saw online.
  • Tell us what your favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is, and why?
  • NVIDIA Reflex technology. Have you used it? What kind of competitive edge in multiplayer mode do you think it can give you?


  • Share an epic moment from your gameplay footage of the Battlefield 2042 beta that is starting this week. It can be a link to a screenshot or video or any other content you made.

Prize list:

  • 1 x NVIDIA RTX 3080 Founders Edition GPU

EDIT: Winner is /u/ImRedditingYay

  • 5x Special Mystery Nvidia swag package

EDIT: Winners are /u/mogwai1138, /u/Zeju, /u/LetsGameYourPlay, /u/NuLL-x77 and /u/UnFaZedHavoc.

  • 20 x Battlefield 2042 beta early access codes. This is the same code you get when you preorder the game and lets you access the beta 2 days earlier than the open beta general access. With this code you can start playing on the 6th of October. These codes will be given within 6 or so hours of this thread going up so you have time to activate, download, and can join the early access beta as soon as it opens. Winning a code will still enter you to win the GPU and mystery swag package! EDIT: ALL CODES HAVE BEEN SENT. ALL OTHER PRIZES ARE STILL UP FOR GRABS

You can enter until October 10th! Good luck!

Winners will be picked from all valid entries. The winners of the early access codes will be contacted by DM on October 5th. The remaining winners will be contacted by DM after October 10th, and their usernamed announced in this thread within 3 days of the event ending.

This is a worldwide contest, with the exception of residents of places currently under US embargo or sanctions.

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Giveaway I have keys for these games and I am not interested in any of them. If anyone wants these games just let me know and I'll send you the code for the game you specify. First come first serve.

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Giveaway I want to hook someone up with some free ddr4. Preferably someone on a budget build that could really benefit. 2x8gb 3200mhz used for about a year and just got some rainbowunicornpukesticks to replace them with. I'll pay shipping. Hmu

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Giveaway 2nd giveaway, just 10 games this time sorry guys, just comment and I'll choose the winners in a few hours

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Giveaway 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Only for new accounts)

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Giveaway [GIVEAWAY] I have a code for Kyle is Famous: Complete Edition for Steam.


I'll choose randomly, try to respond by tomorrow 11AM CST/12 PM EST. Good Luck!

Edit: Giveaway over, a user has been selected. Thanks for trying!

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Giveaway [GIVEAWAY] KeebMonkey Cute Macintosh Artisan Keycap*3

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Giveaway An entry ticket to the mech boards world- An 25USD 2.4G+BT5.0 HotSwap Keyboard Kit-Giveaway

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Giveaway Extra windows 10 activation code


Bought my wife a pre-built so she could get into pc gaming with me. It didn't come with windows 10 home activated so I went to buy a key and accidentally bought 2 so for anyone who needs a key here's a free one 77CNT-3BPR4-BXBHW-JQP2T-WXCKG. Merry Christmas

Edit: It has been claimed

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Giveaway Dragon Age Inquisition


Anyone interested in a copy of the game on Origin? I already have it, so giving it away.

Edit: I'll just randomly pick someone when I check this post again tomorrow. I haven't given it away.

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Giveaway Special ver. of my action RPG There is No Light 616 is OUT & available for free for a limited time!


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Giveaway GIVEAWAY! - Control Ultimate Edition (GOG), Rise of The Tomb Raider + Bonus Content (EPIC), AND MORE!


I got full game codes which I wanna giveaway (already have them on Steam.) So the stuff are:

1x Control Ultimate Edition (GOG) key

1x Rise of The Tomb Raider + Bonus Content (EPIC)

1x Apex Legends Electric Royalty Bundle

1x Madden 22 Most Feared Pack

1x FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Gaming pack

Please comment down ONE thing you would like and I will randomly pick a winner from the comments and dm the key. Good Luck everyone!

EDIT: Sorry everyone, it looks like only Control Ultimate edition is redeemable, the other offers are with account linking (these are from prime gaming). Really sorry. So the giveaway is closed.

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Giveaway I had bought too many 3 month pc game pass trial codes and have extras for anyone who has never had pc game pass. Better too be used up than wasted.





















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Giveaway Rehoming an old Warmachine


After visiting my mum a few weeks ago I noticed my old desktop is sat there gathering dust. Breaks my heart to see it just die. I know it's not high spec enough to sell or try to trade so will someone please give it a home. I live in South London, Bermondsey, as long as you can collect it, it's yours.

I won't sugarcoat it, it's nothing special and old. The case is a little beat up, kinda loud, but it runs pretty swiftly, all things considered, will run most things if you lower the settings enough.

If anyone is interested please hit me up, or point me in the direction of someone who might be.

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz   44 °C

Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology


8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)


ASRock Q77M vPro (CPUSocket)    28 °C


VW246 (1920x1080@60Hz)

4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) 34 °C


465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-003CA0 (SATA ) 26 °C


Optical Drives

No optical disk drives detected


NVIDIA High Definition Audio