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Tech Support Bad CPU Cooler? Which replacement?


I have a prebuilt PC from 2018. For the last couple of weeks when I am watching videos, or playing games it will randomly turn off. It has only shown a blue screen once, but it was very fast and I couldn't get a picture of the error message before it was gone.

I checked to make sure all cables were secure, and the RAM and GPU were firmly seated. Then I downloaded afterburner because I thought the GPU might be overheating, but it is actually the CPU that is overheating. When watching videos or playing games it will get to around 110 degrees C.

Upon research the cooler that I have seems to have failed a lot of people, so I believe I need to replace it with another one. Below are what I think are the relevant parts.

Case - Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Tempered Glass Gaming Case - Black Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-9700K Processor (8x 3.60GHz/12MB L3 Cache) Processor Cooling - iBUYPOWER 240mm addressable RGB liquid cooling system - Black - iBUYPOWER 240mm Fan (Black) [Z370] Motherboard - ASROCK Z390 PHANTOM GAMING 4-IB -- 802.11ac WiFi, USB 3.1 (1 Type-C, 3 Rear, 4 Front), ASRock Super Alloy

I know I need an LGA1151 socket type, but not sure how to choose after that. I don't have a budget, but I would like something easy to replace.

What would you suggest as a reliable and easy to install cooler?


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Build/Battlestation Just Loving legion 7 laptop QHD display

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Question will a i5-9400f bottleneck an rtx 3060?


the title says it all

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Video My 1st Build. Requesting Feedback.

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Question Why is my ssd doing the epilepsy?? ( The corner of it is blinking)


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Tech Support Troubleshooting black screen [Please Help]


Hey guys, so I’m getting an issue on my PC. I will list my specs first:

  • Ryzen 7 2700x
  • EVGA GTX 1070 SC
  • 32GB 3200mhz RGB Vengeance RAM
  • B450 Tomahawk Max Motherbord
  • 500GB Sabrent M.2 SSD
  • 1TB Internal SSD

So the issue I’m having is that while my PC is on, I’m getting a black screen showing ONLY my cursor. I was looking up on Google that your peripheral‘s could be the issue, so I unplugged my M+KB and boom, instantly the screen comes up to the login screen. Now, when I plug either back in, it instantly goes black again.

I obviously can’t do anything without my M+KB, so how do I fix this? - Google isn’t really helping with this, and I can’t do CTRL/ALT/DEL, nothing will pop up or work while the screen is black

NOTE: This is NOT a new build, I built it a year ago, never had any issues and all the parts are new and work great

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Question Anyone know of any good use for 15-30 year old PC parts? Should this stuff be recycled somehow or should it just go into a dumpster? Hard drives, ram, motherboards, power supplies etc... I have about 3-4 Pcs worth in my attic and another dozen at my business.


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Question Hey, do you think a laptop with a 3500u 8gb ram and 256 ssd at the price of 320 US dollars is ok?


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Game Image/Video Devlog #2 of the farm builder- Life Sim game I'm working on.

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Tech Support Low Load on GPU after CPU and Mobo upgrade...sometimes.


I just upgraded to an i9 11900k on a Aorus z590 Master. I have Aorus 2080 ti, 32gig 3200 of Corsair Vengence Memory, 1tb 960evo m.2 (OS is on) and 2tb XPG Gammix S70 m.2 (games). After I upgraded I went to play Star Citzen and it was a slide show, GPU load was at only 30%, loaded a benchmark and it went to 99%, loaded Hell Let Loose and GPU load was only at 30%, loaded Cyber Punk and GPU was at 99% smooth as silk. What the hell gives...some games working just fine and some not. I flashed the BIOS to latest, clean install of nvidia drivers. Never seen anything like this and I have been build computer for over a decade now.

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Discussion PC Gaming Headset Recommendations


Can anyone recommend a good headset? I currently have a wired Hyper X Cloud II headset that OI've had for a few years. For headsets is wired or wireless the way to go? Any recommendations?

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Question More RGB fans or leave it?

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Question Audio is stuttering ever since I moved.


My best guess is it's bluetooth related as it doesn't stutter when I use my headset but if I try my logitech speakers it stutters so bad, and I tried with my JBLs, same thing.

My bluetooth has always been smooth before and my buddie's internet is fine so I'm curious if there's anything else that could be causing it?

The only thing that has changed is my internet, so I'm trying to figure out if there's something I can do or if I gotta take the L and buy wired speakers

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Tech Support Pc stuck in boot loop after running malwarebytes


I got a Trojan virus from downloading something and my pc was lagging bad. After running windows defender it showed 4 viruses that I removed from the device but they still pop up. I downloaded malwarebytes and I clicked the quarantine device feature since it detected all the viruses and ever since then I’m stuck in a “preparing automatic repair” then a blue window screen with “select account” which I click owner but it asks for a password. Thing is, I don’t have a password for this pc lol so that wouldn’t work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Question Will this be compatible with a ryzen 5 3600x (first time building a pc)

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Question Don't suppose you guys could recommend me some good online stores for keyboards and mice?


I'm VERY new to pc gaming and was wondering if any of you had some online shops you could recommend as it doesn't seem like Amazons the best place for me to be browsing as lots of it seems like dodgy unbranded accessories, but maybe I'm wrong.

I basically know 0 pc accessory websites besides my uk retailers like Argos and Curry's pc world. I'm not trying to find a specific mouse or keyboard right now, i just wanna browse my options. (Thanks for any websites you can recommend me!)

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Discussion Share your best Indie Game Recommendations


I'm genuinely looking for good recommendations. Tired of the non-finished AAA games that are just too big to even make sense.

What are the best experiences you've had with indie titles?

I'm also looking for titles compatible with a controller, so if they are, let me know!

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Build/Battlestation Pc build suggestions


Hi, I wanted to upgrade my pc build. And these will be their specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 4650 pro (I had this processor from a pc I bought some months ago, I want to sell it and buy a 5600X or a 5800x) RAM: viper gaming 2x8GB 3600 MHz CL18 ( I bought them some months ago sadly ram prices were higher than now) SSD: Gigabyte m.2 256 GB (just for windows) HDD: Western digital 1 TB 5400 RPM (I don’t mind longer loading times) GPU: MSI Gaming X Rx 6600 xt (I was “lucky” and found one at “msrp” and I had an awfull experience with a rtx 2060 so I decided to go amd here) PSU: EVGA 500 W 80Bz (I had it from my initial pre build, I would like to upgrade it if I change my gpu) MOBO: Asus B550 plus (It had a nice black friday discount so I sold my A520 and went for it) Case: corsair 4000D airflow Monitor: Asus PA 248 (1080p 60 Hz It was a gift, I may want to go for a 2k 144 Mhz monitor whenever I can find a better gpu) Are these components compatible??? Is pcie 4.0 worth the money or just a m.2 ssd it’s fine??? I want the pc for normal stuff (matlab, autocad) and gaming at 1080p at max settings for newest AAA games and 60 fps (or 120-144 fps) or even 2k@60fps at high o mid high settings

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Question Am I doing something wrong or are a lot of pc ports stuttering?


A lot of games I play on my system have stutters. Some very bad some just have micros stutters but still annoying. Then there is also games that run smooth like butter which makes me think it’s not my system.

Specs: - rtx 3060 laptop - i7 11800H - 16GB 3200Mhz - 1TB Gen 4 SSD - AOC 24G2U (adaptive sync on)

Games that stutter:

  • Days Gone
  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Outriders
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Pubg

Games that are smooth:

  • Death Stranding
  • The Division 2
  • Halo Infinite
  • Hunt Showdown

Windows reinstall, ddu, disabling adaptive sync and updating all drivers doesn’t help. Any suggestions or is it a issue with those specific ports.

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Discussion Mouse Retirement after 17 years of service

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Question I have a PC that I need a gpu for but idk what to get


I’m very much aware of the shortage rn but I need a gpu for this pc I got . Specs are a R5 5600x,16gb 3600mhz cl16 ram,1 tb ssd and ASUS B550 Motherboard

Edit I saw a 1650 for 350 should I go for that ?

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Question Can a game damage a SSD?


Short question, could a game like BF2042 damage ones SSD?

According to HWINFO the lifespan of my SSD went down to 89% and its not even a year old, and theres only Win10 and BF on it.

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Tech Support Apple Macbook a1181 (2006) Laptop - Dim Screen Issue


Hi Guys, I recently acquired an older 2006 Macbook but it has a dim screen but I can still see the images in the background very faintly. Is there any fix for this you know of that I can try to resolve this problem?

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Tech Support Pixels going wild?

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Question Strimer 3x8pin for non-30XX cards


Hello PCMR! I came here with a quick question about the Strimer Plus cables: where I live the normal 8pin version of the cable is entirely out of stock, but there is a surplus of triple 8pin sets. Would it be a problem to use one of the three 8pin ports to power my Asus GTX 1070 Dual Fan and tuck the other 2 ports under?