r/gaming Dec 07 '21

Sometimes I wish I was able to buy a PC





u/Uzername_1337 Dec 07 '21

You used to be able to relatively cheap, that was before the pandemic lol


u/hardestpartofreddit Dec 07 '21

I built a pretty nice PC for around 600 all in. New consoles aren’t that far behind. I watched a YouTube video series and built it without any big problems.


u/Doophie Dec 07 '21

This is not nearly as doable nowadays with how much prices have skyrocketed


u/creeperhiss Dec 07 '21

You don't have to build a PC, you can just buy a prebuild. It works just fine and it does everything you would want.


u/ProfDagon Dec 07 '21

Fun fact, i turned a laptop i got for free into a decent gaming rig. Just gotta work with older games. Ive been able to find more than enough to make it worth it.

Heck you get something that can run mount and blade you got a good 200+ hours of gameplay before you use mods to make it starwars or feudal japan.


u/CaptainRikkets Dec 07 '21

If it makes you feel any better, you're not alone


u/dimarci Dec 07 '21

Cheaper to build your own. We purchased components over a few months. Saved 3k.


u/thematgreen Dec 07 '21

Whenever I play on PC my game, no matter what it is, is Download All The Mods. I play it until the game crashes as soon as I start and the mod folder is magnitudes larger than the game folder. It's an addiction and why I mostly stay to console.


u/LEMO2000 Dec 07 '21

Micro center protection plans. Buy a cheap gaming laptop for $600, with the protection plan it costs $700. Half a year, maybe a year later “oh no micro center dude, I spilled water on my laptop I can’t believe this occurred! But as it so happens I have another $800 on me so if you’ll give me my store credit so I can buy my upgrade now that would be great thanks.” Rinse and repeat until you’re happy with what you’ve got. I now have an nvidia RTX 3080 and a ryzen 5950, and it only took me 4 tragic accidents


u/couldntthinkofone10 Dec 07 '21

There are still ways to build cheap PCs. Used parts or entire used units like the dell optiplex can be turned into gaming PCs.


u/flushmyfungus Dec 07 '21

It’s nice but I barely played the game. I put hours into modding and getting the thing to work and when I finally actually play the thing I’m like “hmm, I think I can make it better” I download more mods then it starts crashing. “Okay gotta delete some of these now”. Finally finds what was crashing the game. I play it for a while…”hmm, those trees look a bit vanilla” :| it’s a never ending cycle.


u/END3RW1GGIN Dec 07 '21

If you can afford a console you can afford a PC.


u/Tad-Disingenuous Dec 07 '21

Put enough $ in and you won't have to choose between performance or fidelity either. It's great


u/Ahahha123542111111 Dec 07 '21

You can just get a computer and call it a pc


u/weebu4laifu Dec 07 '21

They're the same thing.....