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Misc /r/all tears in my eyes

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Misc /r/all Bottas is listed next to Rosberg and Schumacher as a historic driver for Mercedes

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Misc /r/all Happy birthday to Sir Lewis Hamilton, who turns 37 today

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Misc /r/all Jolyon Palmer's opinion on the way Max Verstappen "carries himself" on-track, and how he races with Lewis from the BBC Chequered Flag podcast


"From what I saw, Max is just happy to crash with Lewis and that is what every single flash-point was [this year], bar the brake testing which is something different entirely. But every incident where they are racing wheel-to-wheel, it is Max saying 'hey, if we crash, we crash' and Lewis saying 'I really do not want to crash, because it is going to be really bad for the championship'. And this goes back to day two in Imola and day four in Barcelona."

"It has been the case a lot this year, but now we are getting to the end of the season and Max has had the slower car for the last few, maybe it was the quicker car this weekend in the race it was hard to tell because of the tire differences, but he certainly had a better car in qualifying - anyway."

"Every one of these incidents, he is putting his car in a position that is saying 'either I am going to exit this corner ahead, or neither of us are going to exit the corner', which is an impossible way to go racing with someone. And of course if they crash, then Max has one hand on the trophy, he has 8 points [on Lewis] and does not even need to beat Lewis in Abu Dhabi - and if neither of them score points in Abu Dhabi, then Max is the champion so he will race like this again."

"And it is a really tricky thing trying to figure out how to work with this from here as a sport to try and just have a fair fight. Because it does not feel it is quite that at the moment, and where we are at now, for the second race of three where, basically, rather than being overtaken on track the stewards are having to just give a five-second penalty, in Brazil they did not but they should have. Max is not going to be overtaken on the track, he is going to cover the inside, not let anyone round the outside and if he goes off-track then 'to hell with it' but 'give me a penalty if you want, but I am not backing down'."

Link to podcast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0b8b4m3 (starts at around 9:30)

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Misc /r/all As a Max fan, I can confidently say this season would have been nothing without this man. Thank you Lewis!

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Misc /r/all Happy Birthday Toto Wolff - The Mercedes F1 Team Principal turns 50 today!

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Misc /r/all EL PLAN: 5 years ago in 2017, Renault unveiled their F1 car prediction for 2027. Renault RS VISION F1. V6 hybrid 1341 bhp (1360hp?) and only 600kg.

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Misc /r/all Lewis Hamilton's helmet design for the Qatar Grand Prix

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Misc /r/all Lewis Hamilton’s entire poem, in collaboration with GeorgeThePoet. Transcript in the comments.

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Misc /r/all Everyone’s getting in on the action this weekend!

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Misc /r/all Thank You so much Everyone and A huge Thanks to Mercedes and Lewis for making this happen!

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Misc /r/all Happy 48th birthday to Christian Horner!

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Misc /r/all Don’t buy Aston Martin merch

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Misc /r/all This plaque on Zak's desk at MTC (nsfw)

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Misc /r/all Sainz’s recovery drives - Motorsport.com

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Misc /r/all Reminder that over 6500 "workers" have already died in Qatar during construction work for the 2022 World Cup.


This is the country where F1 will race for the next 10 years.

How many people are going to die to make F1 happen?

Revealed: 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since World Cup awarded


Relevant article from Human Rights Watch about labour conditions in Qatar and other GCC countries.

To the people who make the argument these were mostly "natural deaths":

Sudden deaths of hundreds of migrant workers in Qatar not investigated

Since people enjoy selective reading, let's sum things up:

  • This includes all deaths of foreign workers, not just from direct work-related incidents.
  • This number does not represent the total amount of fatalities, since several countries have not disclosed the amount of deaths under their foreign work force.
  • The majority of the deaths are attributed to "natural deaths", despite almost no autopsies being performed to determine the actual cause of death.
  • Even though on paper Qatar has sought to improve labour laws and workers' rights, in practice it has barely had an effect.
  • This is not the "nail in the coffin" or the one reason why F1 shouldn't race in Qatar; it's one of many reasons.
  • No, F1 also shouldn't race in China, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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Misc /r/all Grosjean: on the difference between driving in F1 and Indycar; and why he's happier now.

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Misc /r/all My absolute lunatic of a brother is running the London Marathon this weekend in full FIA sanctioned race gear (complete under layer, suit, boots, gloves, helmet) as he attempts to set a world record of under 4:30:00. Please send him your best wishes!! (More info and charity donation link below).

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Misc /r/all A happy 53rd birthday to 2 time Formula 1 champion Mika Häkkinen!

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Misc /r/all A novel fact I just noticed: Monza was a 1-2 finish for drivers number 3 and 4, giving McLaren their 5th podium of the season. This Daniel's 6th top six finish for the team on a weekend where driver number 7 did not compete. This gave Daniel his 8th career victory, 9 years after McLarens last win!

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