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Announcement /r/cats Monthly Check-In: This months concern: /r/Cats (and other subreddits) and spam. What you can do.


Hiya Everyone. Mini here. Time for a check in to tell you the status of the subreddit..

First and foremost: Before anyone asks, yes, we're still looking into ways on how to filter posts. So far a few ideas are to require flairs and any post that doesn't have a flair will be removed automatically by auto moderator and have a side bar where we have various flairs pickable to display that type of post.

The second, which needs a little bit of community input is certain days where certain types of posts are allowed.

For example:

Name my pet Mondays.

Weds would be Mourning Post Weds. You lose a furry loved one, you'd have to wait until the middle of the week to post your loss.

Silly Sundays, where anything meme related would be allowed to post.

Of course we'd allow regular posts on those days too, but it'd isolate the posts people have problems with down to certain days.

Lemme know what you think.

Second, the real reason for this post:

Spam is getting out of control on reddit. It's hard to say what the admins are doing to counter the onslaught we're seeing of it lately because they never give a transparency report on what exactly they're doing, but from a moderator point of view, it's getting worse.

So here's what we're going to do:

If you see a spammer or an account you think is a spammer take these steps:

Verify their spammer status by checking their profile, if you see a bunch of tshirts or other merchandise postings or they have the same name as the site they're posting over and over, or they abuse free karma subreddits, or they post the same website over 30 times, something is up.

You can report spammers here: /r/reddit.com - Choose "Message the moderators", and it'll give you a drop down list pick from.

Choose the correct one "Spam" and follow the instructions.

If they are a spammer (and the admins see the report!) they'll most likely be banned.

I should note: If you have any questions on whether or not someone (thing? ... Something) is a spammer, shoot us mods a message, or shoot me a message directly. My resolution in the new year to you as a subreddit is to try to be more accessible, even while taking college classes this winter.

Second: If you'd like to be a moderator for the subreddit, we're always looking for more helping hands. You'd be subject to a 1 month trial period and after the one-month trial, you'd be grandfathered into a permanent position, or you'd be thanked for your time and let go.

If you're interested, reply here.

So that's what I've got for you. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, an even better new year, and lets make 22 the best yet aye?

Let me know your thoughts below.

Minifig out!

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Discussion Calendar raffle!


Hello everyone I’m back with great news! The calendar raffle is proceeding with 84 calendars to give to the community. If you want to enter simply make a comment. This post will be left up until 1/25. You may only comment once. And I will privately reach out to the winners when the results have come out.

Best of luck to everyone!

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Humor when you take the cat to the grandparents


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Cat Picture 🐈‍⬛ MEET WILLOW President Joe Biden and first lady have added a cat to their pet family. She's a 2-year-old, green-eyed, gray and white tabby from a Pennsylvania farm.

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Video This actually broke me. It was a cold day and she decided to bring me my winter hat. 😢 I can’t handle her cuteness


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Cat Picture Finally, there is a feline back in the White House…hello Willow!

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Humor this is how I look like going to work every morning


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Cat Picture Clarice appreciation post ☺️ she’s my best friend

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Video "I'm gonna jump up and scare you!"


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Cat Picture Willow’s Oval Office

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Cat Picture Rate my loaf

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Cat Picture Walk away, human. This is a family matter.

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Cat Picture Just adopted this 14 year old girl. I'm going to spoil her to death. She's super sweet. Her name is Madison.

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Humor I think my cat wants to befriend a vacuum cleaner.

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Video Baby Glitterbeans fetching.


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Cat Picture Gigi is a unit of an 8 month old kitten. How big will she get?!

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Cat Picture What type of cat do I have ?

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Video Touch da baby


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Cat Picture Cat

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Cat Picture Meet Gizmo + Gimlet, then and now!

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Cat Picture Meet my cat Fendi

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Cat Picture Cats

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Cat Picture What kind of cat do I have?

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Cat Picture The cutest lil kittie🥲

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Video I have thumbs .. they call me mittens


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Adoption Day 1 vs Day 90

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Cat Picture Paris: the most photogenic cat that I have

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