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Restructuring & Recent Events [ Megathread ]


Hello Chaos. I'm a new mod who elected to write this post with what is left of our mod team reviewing and approving it. Hopefully you all find this sticky /megathread in good taste. This thread is to address the many concerns raised in wake of the Fox Interview.

This Megathread will be updated frequently as our situation develops. We do not need fifteen thousand separate threads clogging the entire subreddit - unless your goal is to kill this subreddit. We (the mod team) exist expressly to prevent that.

Antiwork and You:

Antiwork Community, you are absolutely completely correct in your outrage against certain mods standing up for us despite lacking awareness or care for what this subreddit has become regarding the broader left movement for Workers' Rights. Your rage is justified - there are no excuses for the grossly negligent and tone-deaf behavior exhibited by our former mods. We're continuing to address these issues and the resulting fallout and your comments, feedback, and advice are encouraged as we clean house.

Please be patient as we are not only dealing with a gigantic, ongoing brigade but we are ALSO restructuring our team (no we are not taking more new mods YET) - AND dealing with the damage and fallout from inexperienced mods that added more fuel to our trash-fire.

Moving forward, we will be extra stringent on firestarters. All users with no history in antiwork or related leftist subs that appear coming here expressly to incite further problems will be banned.

Updates regarding our mod situation...

Moderators are here for nothing more than to facilitate civil discussion regarding the tyranny of work. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, a few moderators had their own motives and interests, they do not speak for all of us - issues regarding this are being addressed, details below.

  • Kimezukae has stepped down. Well-intentioned as their efforts were, their final sticky was not sanctioned by the majority of active mods and we do not believe in any ONE of us standing up for ALL of us. We are a community and we're going to be extra careful moving forward in ensuring we enforce group-based decision-making processes, as to avoid another situation like this one.
  • Fuzzy has stepped down. They were one of our Discord Mods that someone brought on to assist with the flood of mod-queue requests. This was another decision that was not made with majority mod approval.
  • We removed AbolishWork and links leading to them. Please point out any more connections you see and we will clean house accordingly! Of the team remaining, we did not explicitly condone the Fox News Interview.
  • We have two new temporary mods with loads of prior experience to assist with the firestarting / brigading.

With that all being said, we hope that those of you genuinely interested in improving our collective material conditions to a state beyond serfdom will continue that discussion.

We're all reaching for a world free of the horror of 'work as we know it' - let's continue that, and not tear ourselves apart because of a few misinformed actors.

As for a little about me ive been on reddit for 9 years im the top mod for /r/rape a subreddit for rape victims seeking support and a mod for /r/contrapoints I specialize in disrupting far right infiltration of social media spaces and removing bad actors.

Having said all of that I understand many of you have complaints. Im utterly new here and would love to hear them so i can take them to the rest of the mods for you and see what I can get changed.

Edit: Apologies to the subreddit mod we discussed here and then removed the segment here about.

Edit 2: Winter is no longer a mod here.

Edit 3: We are working with the admins to remove white pirate as well.

Edit 4: Yes any bans will be reviewed to ensure they were fair and if they arent will be reversed.

Edit 5: Whitepirate15 has been removed thank you to the admins for the help.

Edit 6: I have verified that the "new reddit account" people got upset with adding as a mod is in fact one of the mods on the antiwork discord who was asked to help out. Please try not to fall to conspiratorial thinking.

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Ongoing Strike Del Monte Strike Megathread: what you need to know and what you can do!


Striking Del Monte workers (photo: Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation)

What you need to know

Del Monte Kenya Limited is a company based in Kenya, and a subsidiary of Del Monte Fresh Produce which has annual revenues over $4 billion and is based in Cayman Islands, a well-known tax haven.

Over 6,000 Kenyan workers went on strike six days ago over "alleged inhuman working conditions, irregular dismissal of their union representatives, poor pay and unlawful labour employment policies." The strike is being organized by the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU), who represent 200,000 agricultural workers in Kenya, campaigning for fairer pay, improved working conditions, and an end to child labour.

Staff are paid "dismally", according to the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, "turning them into beggars". Many employees who have worked for the company for 20+ years are still considered casual employees, so not eligible for retirement benefits.

News article.


Boycotting this company is... complicated. Del Monte Fresh Produce sold some of its subsidiaries to separate companies in the early 1990s, but allows them to continue using the Del Monte name and logo.

Del Monte Foods (in the USA) is owned by Del Monte Pacific Limited (in the Philippines) and these are no longer affiliated with Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Del Monte Europe is affiliated with Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Generally speaking, any Del Monte product you see in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East is probably owned by Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Hiring replacements

Like what Kellogg's did, Del Monte are now recruiting workers to replace strikers. After what happened at Kellogg's I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had the idea to flood their application process with realistic but fake applications. I could never endorse such an idea, of course.


We don't have a lot of Africans here in this community, but I hope everybody stands in solidarity with these workers. Antiwork needs to be a global movement to succeed.

Weekly Discussion Thread

We want to bring attention to this issue, so we needed to unpin the weekly discussion thread for a while. We're only allowed two pinned threads!

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If not for money? why work?

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Do the work of 2 people for 13.50$ an hour !!

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My Amazon delivery came with a friendly note encouraging me to stop ordering from Amazon.

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Honestly never thought about it that way

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Get Paid to do 1 Job. Wind up doing 1.5 - 1.75 - 2 Jobs

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RIP you old fuck, we'll miss you.

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what you think?

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My company's "warning" about the upcoming snow storm.

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Part Time Employees get free straws in lieu of dental

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Nanny for 1-2k a year? Awesome!

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Too good not to share

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Nothing to be said

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“They got you fighting a culture war to stop you fighting a class war”

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Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: Help Is Not Coming


Over the past year, and particularly the past few months, an all-out assault has been launched against worker rights in the United States. It seems that the capital class is now saying the quiet part out loud. After seeing scattered news stories and anecdotes from friends and strangers, I decided to make an attempt at compiling these transgressions into one list. This list is by no means meant to be exhaustive, just my lone voice shouting into the void.

Keep in mind that all this is happening while corporations are posting record high quarterly profits. Employers can absolutely afford to hire more staff and raise wages and still maintain profits at a pre-pandemic level. Corporate America keeps banging the drum of “Worker Shortages” while enjoying the excess profits from cutting labor costs with the hyper-lean staffing they seem to have become addicted to.

Possibly the most heinous part of all this is a trend that anyone who has applied for jobs over the past two years should have noticed:

There are many job listings, but the jobs aren’t real.

Even though the Biden Administration believes there are plenty of unfilled jobs, there seems to be a reason employers aren’t actually trying to fill the vacant roles. Yes, that’s right, hidden deep down in the legislation is a loophole that allows employers to keep their PPP loan because of “an inability to hire similarly qualified employees for unfilled positions” (specifically H.R. 7010 section B on forgiveness, subsection 7 under determination). There’s also the pesky detail that, while the payroll loans were meant to help keep workers in their existing positions, there are no provisions in the bill to stop employers from firing workers and replacing them with someone cheaper, or simply waiting for the clock to run out and firing them after. So yes, all those “entry level” jobs you see posted requiring masters degrees? You might want to look up how much PPP money the company recieved. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to any of you that at least 88% of companies that were given PPP loans kept the funds instead of paying staff.

We’ve been hung out to dry by our leaders and institutions that are supposed to exist to protect us.

Help is not coming.

We are on our own.

Credit for contributors /u/Amelia_barealia, /u/UndeadLibido, /u/lightbulbfragment, /u/Sometimesnotfunny, /u/Zestus02, /u/TaskManager1000, /u/firematt422, /u/Ender914, /u/brent1123, /u/skittles2pt0, /u/Squirrel_Unfair, /u/vanael7, /u/Recent-Dimension-221, /u/hellowur1d, /u/Aeky9000, /u/AgentArticuno, /u/ijustwanttoseecats, /u/Septembergirl10, /u/pandabelle12, /u/HumbleInspector9554, /u/oshkoshthejosh, /u/Bredda_Gravalicious

Please comment or message me any related stories I have missed.

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Next up on TLC's "Hoarders" ... Billionaires

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I think the fact that Texas Roadhouse employees are forced to wear this to work is very dystopian.

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That's Truth!!

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What would you want to do for a living if all jobs paid a living wage and had decent conditions?


Think about what would happen if all jobs paid a living wage. If you could choose your work based on what you enjoyed or were comfortable with instead of "moving up" to be able to feed yourself. I've had many low pay jobs that I truly enjoyed, and might happily have stayed in for a long time, had they paid enough for me to live on.

I might have stayed a Lifeguard, teaching swim lessons and keeping people safe. I might have stayed in direct care work, caring for developmentally disabled people. Necessary, helpful jobs that need doing. But jobs that have constant turnover because of low wages and poor employee conditions. How much would our quality of life go up as a society if they would just pay people what they are worth?

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Ain’t that the truth!

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Petition to Change the Logo to Show Our Struggles, not Someone Lying Back.

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Sounds about right

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Can Bucky get some love over Bukowski?

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How can they not see that?

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A post ..

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I was told my workload is “too light” by a supervisor so I took another job


So just as some background, I work at a financial company in Texas on their data team. I actually really like the company and was treated well until our team’s supervisor left in early December. The company desperately needed someone in this position so they hired a new supervisor relatively quickly. Before I met the new supervisor my manager even said the new hire “wasn’t his first or even second pick” which was concerning.

When the new supervisor started the atmosphere of our small 5 person data team changed overnight. The new supervisor started mandatory team meetings every morning at 8am. The meetings were only supposed to go 5-10 mins to “talk about the day” but it was rare if they went under an hour because the new supervisor had no idea what she was doing so she needed everyone on the team to show her/explain to her what she should be working on. After our 1-2 hour morning meeting it was extremely common for her to reach out during the day and need us to stop what we are doing and zoom/walk her through something that should be common knowledge which would take anywhere from another 30 mins to an hour or two.

All these disruptions really started to effect the team’s productivity as we would have to cancel actually data/project related meetings to explain a simplistic concept to this new supervisor. I hated it, my manager hated it, the rest of the team hated it but it was now this new supervisor’s department and this is how she wanted to run it.

The final straw was about two weeks ago. Everyone else on my team was out sick/on PTO so it was only myself and the new supervisor in the morning meeting. I was explaining different topics to her/answering any questions she had. She even was writing down verbatim what I was saying about a specific piece of software because she was having a meeting later that day with the executive team and she still had no idea how it worked even though she’s been at the company over a month now. After about 45 mins of answering her questions I told her what data projects/data pulls for different departments I was working on for the day (about 3-4 big projects going on). After I finished explaining she looked at me and said “this seems like a light workload, what else do you do?” I was completely floored and I mentioned a few smaller items but I was seriously speechless and fuming after that meeting.

I took that anger out by starting to apply for other jobs. As many people know the market is extremely hot right now. I always thought those stories of people getting an offer a week later were unrealistic but I can honestly say I had so much interest from different companies I was able to pin two companies against each other to make the highest offer the fastest and I ended up getting an offer letter for 30k over my current salary just this past Monday.

So on Tuesday morning as our morning meeting came to an end I asked my supervisor to stay on the call as everyone else dropped off. I told her I’ve really been thinking about her comment on my level of workload and told her I agree I should have a higher workload. At that point I told her I’ve accepted a new position at a new company and wanted to let her know I’m putting in my two weeks. At that point she started backtracking hard saying things like “I was only joking” and “I only meant your workload for that day” which doesn’t make any sense and I held firm.

So that’s where I am right now. It’s not like the company will fall apart if I leave but it’s just a small victory for me. I stood up for myself because I knew I deserved better than being gaslighted by my supervisor and now I’m excited to get out of here and that new pay bump will really help out my family.