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WHITE LOTUS r/TheLastAirbender Year in Review - 2021


Well another year is nearly over. Its now our seventh year post-LoK, as well as our first year after the franchises popularity was rejuvenated. I think this was a good year for the fandom and gave us much to look forward to.

A major highlight of this year was of course the Avatar Studios announcement in February, where it was revealed series creators Mike and Bryan would helm new animated avatar universe content. This includes new tv shows, theatrical films, spinoffs, and short form content. We haven't heard many details about Avatar Studios since, but its been great to see the fanbase get hyped and speculate on what kind of stories we may see in the next few years. One project we have gotten news about lately was Netflix's Live-Action Remake of ATLA, which began filming last month. We don't have a release date for that show but it may release late 2022 or early 2023.

In terms of new story content released this year we got two ATLA one-shot graphic novels Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy and Suki Alone, along with two short comics for FCBD (an ATLA and LoK story bundled together for the first time). Additionally the official Avatar Cookbook was released. We also got new versions of existing stories, with Dark Horse continuing its Omnibus line for the comics and 2nd/Deluxe editions of artbooks. As well as a boxset for the Kyoshi novels, and the first two Screencomix volumes. Another highlight was the kickstarter for the Avatar Legends Tabletop RPG. In terms of other content/merchandise there was the LoK Steelbook Bluray, the "Ulimate Bluray Collection" of ATLA/LoK (with a new special feature!), some more funko pops, an avatar calendar, additional ATLA diamond selects figures, a Katara statue, bookends, board games like Avatar monopoly, pins, cards, and more! Avatar characters were also featured in Smite and the nick crossover fighting game. This year also marked the start of the official Avatar podcast.

Our subreddit continued to grow this year, with r/TheLastAirbender finally passing one million subscribers! The Avatar discord server affiliated with us has passed 20k members. Other subs in the Avatar Community Network have grown as well, r/legendofkorra and r/AvatarMemes have both passed 200k, r/ATLA has passed 80k, r/bending has passed 50k, r/korrasami nears 25k, r/Avatar_Kyoshi has passed 10k, with r/ATLAtv nearing that milestone.

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of The Legend of Korra, which....wow it really has been that long. The anniversary is March 24th for the early online release, and April 14th for the television premiere. As one part of that celebration Dark Hors is releasing "LoK: Patterns in Time", a short comic anthology. Other new story content includes the ATLA chibi comic Aang's Unfreezing Day, and another pair of FCBD short stories. 2022 will also bring the conclusion of the artboook 2nd/deluxe editions, as well as hopefully Beasts of The Four Nations (a new book in the same format), and the North and South Omnibus. The aforementioned TTRPG will release and we can look forward to its first supplement as well. Not to mention more statues/figures such as ATLA Q-Max figures, an Aang nendoroid and Korra Pop-Up Parade.

Thank you to everyone that has participated in the subreddit this year through posting, commenting, sharing your passion, creations, and opinions with us. I hope this forum remains an enjoyable place to be an avatar fan in 2022 and the years to come.

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WHITE LOTUS Updates to Rule on Advertisements/Self-Promotion (Jan. 2022)


Hey folks, a while back we revamped our rule regarding users posting advertisements and self-promotion on this subreddit. Based on activity since then we have opted to add two additional clauses. Below those changes I've included the rest of the full rule. I understand its a bit wordy, but if you intend to advertise here please read the entire post. Feel free to comment or message modmail with questions.


  • Buying/selling must be done through third party sites (such as ebay or etsy).
  • Users holding giveaways are required to ask permission through modmail before posting.


I) General Notes:

  • Broadly speaking we are allow advertisements/self-promotion of various kinds on the subreddit (whether it be youtube videos, links to artists patreons, other subreddits, or selling merchandise) without asking permission.

II) Restrictions on Any Kind of Ad/Self-Promotion

  • Mods have discretion to remove "repetitive, excessive, or otherwise intrusive" self-promotion. This means to discourage people from making ads too often in a short span of time, repeatedly advertising the same thing, or something like commenting a link their discord server on an unrelated thread.
  • This may go without saying, but ad posts may be removed if they violate one of our other rules. Particularly rules 1, 2, 5, 6, and 11 are sometimes relevant in content people advertise here.

III) Restrictions Specifically for Commercial Advertising

  • "Commercial advertising" simply refers to any self-promotion posts wherein the expectation is that the user interested in what is being advertised will give money to the advertiser.
  • Aside from officially licensed merchandise (the DVDs, comics, official action figures etc) we will not allow users to sell something they did not create.
  • Mods will look into every commercial advertisement shared here and may remove it if it seems illegitimate, misleading or otherwise inappropriate in some way.
  • We will also be somewhat more vigilant and strict in regards to the restrictions in section II because money is involved.

IV) Suggestions/Tips

  • For self-promotion posts that are images or videos, we'd rather have there be one comment linking to what is being promoted (and users get redirected to that) rather than tons of link comments in replies. As such advertisers are recommended to comment what they want to promote early, and for users to upvote that comment if they wish others to see it. If a post gets a ton of comments and thus OP's link gets buried you are free to contact the mods and ask them to make a pinned comment.
  • Some of our sister subreddits, like r/legendofkorra and r/ATLA , as well as other avatar subs do not have specific rules on advertisements/self-promotion so feel free to share to those as well/ instead if you find our policy too restrictive.

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Image the Netflix Uncle Iroh’s actor really has Uncle Iroh’s mutton chops and beard down

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Image I love the added detail of each finale having colors that match that book's respective element

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Video Uncle Iroh moments. Stealing a perfume


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Meme Team Avatar joins the fellowship

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Video [SoundsOn🔊] Nobody is talking about this here


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Question Does anyone know what type of tattoos inspired the tattoos of Suyin's chef?

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Meme The Avatar Moon Cycle

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Discussion I don’t know why, but after Katara said she could do it, I thought Zuko would say, “but I can.”

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Fan Art [By me...] Stuck in Quarantine Day 2 - Zuko

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Cosplay Adult Aang cosplay from a con a few months ago. Even made a spinning ring of marbles. Almost entirely thrifted.

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Cosplay My marble ring in action! Thanks so much for the support on the original post! (Sorry I wasn’t wearing a shirt)


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Image People always talk about Toph's seismic sense but Aang's enhanced hearing is really underrated.


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Quote .

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Quote Yes, yes it is

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Meme #YearOfZuko lol

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OC Fan Art Some of my hand embroidered fanart

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OC Fan Art [Bellamy Brooks] A character model sheet I drew of Rangi for my Avatar Studios application. I thought y’all might enjoy it too!

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OC Fan Art [Bellamy Brooks] My take on Kelsang from the Kyoshi novels! I wanted to develop him as if he would be a character in one of the official animated series.

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Image Best on the market

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Video Sozin’s fire bending power is unmatched. That’s a lot of fire for a non-comet enhanced bender.

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OC Fan Art Ink Neon Water Element Wallpaper [3840 x 2160]

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Meme Describe Zuko with a song! I'll start, Katy Perry's Hot N Cold

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Image These 4 Displates i bought (i am not sure how to arrange them yet)

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Video If this is too off-topic, take it down, but I wanted to share a highlight reel of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee on Kim's Convenience so everyone can see how absolutely perfect he is for the role of Iroh.

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Website Hi, I'm Stephen, I'm rewatching every episode of ATLA and blogging about the themes and subtext of each one. There's so much to talk about, so join me won't you?

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