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Mix of Series Shang-Chi is one of us

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Mix of Series Why do pilot droids exist when the ships could simply have autopilot?

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Mix of Series Never mess with these 3 in a hallway

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Mix of Series The heroes bid farewell to Warwick Davis in "Return of the Ewok", 1982

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Mix of Series When you realize the reason so many Order 66 survivors are Padawans is because a Jedi Master always puts his apprentice's survival first. 😢

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Mix of Series Putting together a list of all surviving/unknown status Jedi/Light force users.


In main canon and still alive or presumed alive at the end of TROS. So far I have...

Rey (obviously)

Cal Kestis

Cere Junda

Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka Tano


...and that's all I could come up with. Let me know if there's any I missed!

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Mix of Series Kathleen Kennedy’s Contract as Lucasfilm Renewed Through 2024

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Mix of Series Every confirmed piece of upcoming visual media in one image

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Mix of Series Some differences between the 1977 Marvel Comics adaption of Star Wars and the released film

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Mix of Series SW ST aren't just bad movies, it also created a very dull era


No interesting characters. First Order-Awful copy of the Empire. New Republic-simply gone. The resistance is extremely bland as well

It made the entire era awful and nearly impossible to extend.

PT might have problems with the movies, but its era was great and there are so much to develop/explore.

THIS is why most of the series were based upon dark time or close to OT era, but still you can't change the big picture, maybe that's why they moved to High Republic era.

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Mix of Series My basement shrine in chronological order. Pretty big EU/Legends fan, but haven't done so great keeping up with releases lately. What new content am I missing out on?

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Mix of Series One of the lesser acknowledged aspects of The Clone Wars that I really appreciate is Anakin's development in regards to his fighting skills, particularly compared to Dooku's. I put all of his fights against Dooku in chronological order to display how the series showed his development.

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Mix of Series Theory: Ezra and Thrawn planned the events that occurred at the finally of Rebels.


WARNING: This post contains spoilers for both of the current canon Thrawn book trilogies, as well as Rebels spoilers. All the information in this post pertains to current canon, no legends.

The big bad of Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn, isn't actually as bad as that series leads you to believe. Thrawn as seen in the books following his imperial career and his past within the Chiss ascendency is actually a very morally driven person in many regards. Towards the end of Thrawn's of Imperial career, the emperor had been threatening him telling him to come directly to Coruscant after dealing with the rebels on Lothal. Palpatine saw a use for Thrawn, but also understood Thrawn's immense intellect, and mixed loyalty to the Chiss ascendency posed a legitimate threat to his empire. For those that aren't aware, Thrawn was truly a Chiss spy. The Chiss being a very powerful race of aliens living outside the galaxy in a region known as the "the chaos"... Thrawn was sent to the empire to spy and possibly build alliances, however nobody in the Ascendency likely suspected that Thrawn would reach the height of military power in Palpatine's empire at the time they sent him out.

So Thrawn isn't actually loyal to the empire, in the finale of the first Thrawn trilogy (taking place right before the Rebels Finale), Thrawn is aware that he is in immanent danger from the emperor. During rebels when Thrawn unveils Fulcrum, once everyone leaves the room Thrawn peers around and makes sure he is alone. He then takes Fulcrums communication device and conceals it before leaving the room. He had the means to communicate with the rebels, and later this communication would put him in direct contact with Ezra, according to my theory...

Now Thrawn understood there was a much greater threat looming beyond the galaxy and he knew his time was running short to escape. He needs a force sensitive individual to navigate the chaos. In the Chiss ascendency they use force sensitive little girls called "Sky Walkers".... But Thrawn knows he can use jedis to this end as he went on a mission with Vader, in which he implored Vader to attempt Chiss navigation techniques to get out of a bind.

My theory is this: That Thrawn contacted Ezra and conducted a plan with him that would both decimate the empire on Lothal, and simultaneously make Thrawn "disappear" in an accident and wind up beyond the emperors clutches. This is evident in a few ways... Ezra's behavior before and after going missing , a smaller detail that likely goes overlooked by most is Ezra gives a secret mission unannounced to all of his friends, to Mart (black haired kid for those who need a memory jogging).... In this mission Mart was to play a specific radio wave over an abandoned and unused "frequency 0", this was how Ezra managed to call in the Pergill from a distance... While Ezra had some bonding moments with the pergill this seemingly scientific understanding of the creatures comes out of nowhere. But you know who does have this sort of understanding o the creatures? Thrawn. I think the plan all along was to send the dome off, defeating the empire then have Thrawn and Ezra ride off into the sunset.

Ezra knew he was not gonna be around after the final mission. He left a holo explaining that he had to do something and he was sorry. He agreed to help Thrawn make his escape. And Thrawn likely recruited Ezra to the Chiss cause, something Thrawn famously did in the first Thrawn trilogy. He constantly recruited help and sent people out to the Ascendency claiming there was a much larger threat looming beyond the galaxy. I think he offered to help Ezra win Lothals freedom in exchange for Ezra coming back to the Chiss Ascendency to help fight this greater evil which loomed. There were some theatrics incase things should go wrong, Thrawn shooting at Ezra etc... If Thrawn wanted to kill Ezra he easily could have, he is an extremely high class warrior, and I don't think Ezra would simply let himself get shot that easily either. Blaster was probably on a low setting so Thrawn could cover his ass should the pergill escape not go as planned. It was obviously a very risky plan in the fist place.

Thrawn understood how to make the Pergill come, Thrawn is the only person who could have created a plan this intricate and it succeed, Thrawn needed a force sensitive individual to return home and escape the empire, Ezra wanted freedom for Lothal, and set up secret measures to make sure the pergill arrived and brought him and Thrawn away. In fact, Ezra would have had to influence the pergill through the force in order to make them perform such a specific action as sending the SD Chimera into hyper space. Thrawn was never truly a bad guy to begin with. It was all planned, and will be revealed in the coming Ashoka series. I'd put money on it.... The next big bad threat to the galaxy may well be linked to all these events as there are 6 books alluding to all of this... And if it wasn't planned and Ezra's a prisoner or something I would be freaking shocked.

If you read all this thank you very much, and tell me what you think!

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Mix of Series A few leftovers from my childhood

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Mix of Series Waiting on the hubs to get home for today's episode, thinking this is a good way to pass the time 🙃

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Mix of Series Boba Fett escaping the Sarlacc in Legends (Marvel Comics Star Wars #81, 1984)

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Mix of Series The Hero’s Journey through 4 entries

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Mix of Series Yoda and Obi Wan, having failed to prevent Anakin's fall to the darkside, watched over and groomed Anakin's children in order to weaponize them to defeat their own father and the Sith.


Anakin was the one.

He did not choose to be the one. He was born of the force. Ultimately, his arrogance and power corrupted him and he ended up falling to the dark side and the Sith.

But the Jedi order also failed him. They left his mother in slavery. They had become a sclerotic and dogmatic entity, that took children from their parents, were more focused on rules and rituals than what was right, and had become enforcers of a corrupt republic. Having Jedi lead armies of clones in political conflict was surely to break the Jedi. Either the separatist would win or Palpatine would seize power from within by expanding executive powers. Moreover, by forbidding relationships, they were denying Jedi the need of many living things for companionship. Anakin was basically set up to fall.

In clone wars Yoda saw this coming, so him and Obi wan prepared to study techniques of a Sith lord, so that they could, if need be, from beyond death, weaponize Luke and Leah to fight their own father - Luke the first up, Leah the spare. (Interesting the Yoda and Obi Wan were the two to escape death, well and Ashoka who they drove from the order). They even left Luke's name as bait. The did not tell Luke it was his father so as to make him a more effective weapon knowing that Vader would know who Luke was, and it might weaken him.

Now, Yoda saw what needed to be done in Clone Wars basically in his force vision quest. He went all in, and even watch the Jedi fail. But he did not get it right. He thought he need a champion to defeat the Sith, when what was needed was someone to find the light in the dark. Ironically it was the Jedi's move from peace keepers and diplomats to generals and commanders of armies that ultimately doomed the Jedi. So Yoda was repeating the failing of the Jedi and the Republic.

Luke overcame his weapon role to find the light in his father, and guiding his father to his destiny to bring balance to the force. In the end Yoda and Obi wan got what they wanted.

It ultimately was what was necessary, but it was a pretty cold maneuver. Particularly Obi Wan who was Anakin's and Padme's old friend and who literally watched Luke grow up from the desert. He had to have seen his old friends when he looked at Luke.

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Mix of Series She integrated Star Wars knowledge into her regular weather forecast briefings. She won many hearts.

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Mix of Series What would you think of new alternate universe that could reset the story?


Keep the same rules like the Force, Jedi, Sith etc, but start fresh with new characters etc. The idea stems from the fact that even though I love Star Wars to bits, it doesn’t seem to be able to free itself from a narrative concerning a dozen characters and planets.

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Mix of Series How should I show my friend Star Wars?


So, I'm planning to introduce my close friend to Star Wars in the near future and I don't just mean the movies either. My friend has expressed interest in the shows too, specifically the clone wars and the mandalorian. So, to that effect, I was thinking of showing them the majority of Star Wars chronologically. So, this was my idea of the viewing order.

  1. Episode 1 PM
  2. Episode 2 AOTC
  3. The Clones Wars Animated Show
  4. Episode 3 ROS
  5. Solo
  6. Rebels
  7. Original Trilogy
  8. The Mandalorian
  9. Sequel Trilogy

    I didn't include Rogue One because we've already watched that to see if the universe even interested them. My friend seems interested in this approach and I think it would fun, especially with Clone Wars leading into Episode 3. I also have a version of Episode 3 where the final episodes of the clones wars are edited in and I think it'd be cool to show them. However, there is a small problem.

Now, this is where I need advice. My friend doesn't have a lot of knowledge of Star Wars. The only thing my friend knows about Star Wars is Darth Vader being someone's dad, What was shown in Rogue One, Baby Yoda, and the general basics of the universe. My friend doesn't know that Anakin is Darth Vader so I was thinking that would be a great plot twist for them in Ep 3. However, the clone wars does spoil that in the Mortis Arc. So, I was just wondering if maybe we should watched the main episodes first and then go back and watch the shows or watch everything in chronological order like I was planning and have them find out that way? I'm unsure so lmk what you guys think

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Mix of Series Was it ever acknowledged that the rebels stole the wrong Death Star plans?


Famously, behind-the-scenes changes during production of A New Hope resulted in the Death Star model's superlaser array being placed in the 'northern' hemisphere, while the Death Star plans presented to the fighter pilots on Yavin IV place it in the equator/trench. This error was not changed for the 1997 Special Edition, though Attack of the Clones presented the correct plans being presented to Count Dooku by Poggle the Lesser. Rogue One however purposely used the ANH-style plans as a callback to the original.

So now we have a plot hole to contend with. I can only assume someone such as Krennic proposed an equatorial revision to the Geonosian/CIS blueprints, that this revision was ultimately rejected entirely or the hemisphere design restored, and that the blueprints stolen from Scarif were therefore outdated.

Anyone know if Canon or Legends stories have gone into explaining this 45-year-old blooper?

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Mix of Series Clone Maul


That's how to bring him back, AGAIN! Someone found his lower half and cloned him.

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Mix of Series I know I'm splitting hairs here, but it gets to me that in the SW universe we see pilots pulling hard on flight controls during flight, especially when stuck in a dive, as if spaceships flight controls use mechanical input and not fly-by-wire.


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Mix of Series I keep seeing articles talking about Disney renaming Slave I and it's worth noting that it's still called that on the official Star Wars website

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