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The results of the first ever r/Sacramento Demographics and Opinions Survey are in!!!


After closing the survey early in the morning on the 1st, I thought it would take me a couple weeks to compile everything, but I spent way too much time over the past few days than I should have on this, and after about 25 hours of effort, the results are in.

As I mentioned in the original post about the survey, I got this idea from r/Chicago, who did this over the summer. They have a little over 3.5 times the number of subscribers than we have here at r/Sacramento and when they did the survey, they got 948 responses. Doing the math, I figured that would mean we'd get around 300 responses. I underestimated you guys. This survey received 713 responses! Way more than I ever expected.

I knew this wasn't a perfect survey when I created it and after going over the results, I can definitely see where I would make changes if I ever decide to undertake something like this again. Having said that, I think overall the results are good and I hope you guys find them as interesting as I did. There were definitely a few surprises in there for me, but I don't want to bias anyone, so take a look for yourself and discuss in the comments.

This results document is very long. It is in a Google Doc format and there are lots of embedded links inside to full results of individual questions. You should be able to download the document if you want to scroll through it offline. If you have any issues with the document or the embedded links, or if something just doesn't look right, let me know.

I have looked at the results document on my desktop and my phone and it definitely looks better on a bigger screen. While I can see all of the data, the formatting is off on my Android phone, unless I turn it sideways. You may have to do the same if viewing on your phone.

So, without further ado:

Click here to see the survey results

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There are 23 different opportunities to get your COVID-19 vaccination in Sacramento County this week -- get your vaccine and come visit me & my team at the Pannell Center this Friday in beautiful Meadowview!

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Free-range chickens at the Arden KFC. Should I warn them?

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I'm visiting a friend here in Sacramento currently and my dog Blazey went missing just before 5 p.m. today - somehow got under the fence in the back yard. I've been searching for him for hours and cannot find him. He has heart issues and I am absolutely devastated right now.


Edit: I fucking love you guys. Less than one hour and u/CozyInAutumn found Blazey on nextdoor. I love you guys.

I am staying near the Universal Technical Institute, one of the neighborhoods right around there.

I have exhausted every resource I can think of. 311. Online pages with lost dog posts, the shelter.

I cant find him, and my heart is broken right now. I would be hopeful to think someone close by picked him up and has him. Blazey is a sweetheart of a dog and I just don't know what else to do at this point...

If you can please help me find him I will forever be in your debt. He is the closest thing I will ever have to a child so PLEASE if you know anything please please please contact me immediately.

This is Blazey.. I posted this a couple weeks ago and it has several images of him.

Thank you all!

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Scientists Find Traces of Omicron in Sewage From Sacramento

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1 year ago, the A.R.D. floated these fine waters. Never Forget.

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Came across this stump while hiking at Sailor Bar yesterday. Thought it was an oyster fungus from a distance. Thanks for the laugh random stranger!

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I-5 shut down in Sacramento after road rage shooting, CHP says

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Median rent in Sacramento rose more than 2% on average last month

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Anyone know where to find these blankets in Sacramento?

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Southbound 5 closed at 80 for police activity.


Closed between 80 and J. Use alternate routes.

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There's zero businesses nearby, come on is a public bathroom here really too much to ask

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FedEx Purgatory?


Any hints on getting a package out of FedEx purgatory? I have a package that's been sitting at the FedEx in Sacramento for a week and a half. FedEx tracking just says Scheduled Delivery:Pending. I know that there's been issues with FedEx in the area recently so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting stuff actually delivered.

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We did it, boys!


Thank you everyone for washing your car this past weekend! 🌧

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Midtown Holiday Marker Market at local Maker Space this Saturday 12pm-6pm 2533 R Street

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Sacramento Police Release Videos Of Lemon Hill Avenue Incident Where Suspect Shot At Officer

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Free food and brake light repairs 12/10 10am-12pm

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Washing my car!


Hopefully the rain gods are paying attention 😂

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Where is your favorite place to buy coffee beans from?


We have some friends coming into town that love coffee. I want to grab a couple different bags to show them and send them home with. My go to place is Chocolate Fish, but does anyone have a favorite that someone roasts?

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Here’s my little secret in midtown for comfort winter food: Noodle Soup from Coconut on T

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District 4 Toy Drive, running through December 15

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Nail tech


Does anyone have recommendations for a nail tech that can do good acrylics? Preferable midtown/downtown/oak park? Thanks in advance! My nail tech moved so I’m out of luck :(

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Anyone know what happens to the clothing discarded during the marathon?


Running clothing is so expensive, I'd like to see if I can get/buy some of the stuff thrown away.

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Ski Resort Cost/Benefit


I am moving to East Sacramento shortly and I'm super excited to snowboard a lot this season, but I am unsure which resort or set of resorts would deliver the best value. The Epic Pass that gives access to Kirkwood, Heavenly, and Northstar seems on it's face the most compelling option, but I am curious what the skiers/boarders of r/sacramento think would be a good choice.

I expect to snowboard about 1/3 of the weekends in the season, on average.
I am relatively skilled, and enjoy everything from blues to double blacks, and spend a lot of time in terrain parks (where I want to focus a lot this season).

Travel time is a factor because my initial plan is to stick to daytrips, though if I can find some super cheap accommodations up in the various mountain towns I might change that plan.

I appreciate any thoughts you might have!

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Jason Williams was the problem.

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Free Zen Mindfulness Meditation in Cameron Park 12/7/20221


2502 Country Club Dr, Cameron Park, CA 95682 Classroom A

12/7/2021 7:15pm

We invite you to come join us to learn about Zen Mindfulness meditation. We explore meditation from a secular and science-based perspective in order to reduce stress and gain more control over our lives. This event is entirely free.


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Somebody told me that many (maybe all) State agencies will begin requiring their workers to be in the office full-time as of January 1st. This is my first time hearing this. Anyone have insight?


Edit: Who downvotes a post like this?