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Covid-19 megathread January 2022 Covid-19 Pandemic megathread


Covid-19 continues with a new variant, and we're all suffering from pandemic fatigue. Here's a fun fact to keep you going: Did you know some people think that the Disney movie Tangled predicted Covid-19? Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her locked away...from the island kingdom... of Corona. Who knew?

Welcome to yet another monthly megathread for Covid-19. We get so many questions every month about it, like "If there's an Omicron variant, does that mean there's other variants they haven't talked about?" or "When is all this going to end?" ..and many of them are repeats. So we made a megathread where you can ask these questions!

Post all your Covid-19 related questions as a top level reply to this monthly post.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!). You can also search earlier megathreads for popular questions like "how can I convince my friend the vaccine is safe?" or "when do you think the pandemic will end?"
  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, or even a matter of life and death, so let's not add fuel to the fire.
  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.
  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!
  • Worried you have the virus or how to treat it? All medical advice questions will be removed. If you have a question about your personal health, talk to your doctor. Absolutely must ask strangers online? Try /r/AskDocs.

Want more Covid info? Check out /r/Coronavirus (or /r/CanadaCoronavirus for our Canadian readers!).

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Nominate the Best of NSQ for 2020 and 2021!


It's time!

It's time to nominate your favourite posts and comments from NoStupidQuestions from 2021. And for 2020, since we missed the boat last year. Hey, things were tough for everyone!

We've got some fabulous prizes to give away, including kudos, warm feelings, gratitude and more! So dig through reddit history, and nominate the Best Of NSQ of 2021 and 2020.


There are multiple categories - submit your nomination by replying to the appropriate top-level comment below. Link to your submission. Optionally, explain why you think it deserves to be called the best! Don't have one to nominate? Then look through the candidates already submitted, and updoot your faves.

The categories:

"Today's 10,000": (Explanatory XKCD) The most fascinating, mind-blowing factoid you found on NSQ - something you're so glad you learned, wish you'd learned earlier, and you think more people need to know. Nominations go here!

"Cutting Onions": The most moving, heartwarming or wholesome answer to a question here on NSQ. Tissues are ready, nominations go here!

"Between The Lines": Did you once see an answer that cut to the heart of the question behind OP's question, and really got to the meat of the matter? Nominations go here!

"Best Question": We've seen some great questions over the years - the bear with the AK47, how to pronounce Stephen, or on vampire's grooming habits. Which question from 2020-2021 is your absolute favourite? Nominations go here!

"Best Discussion": Nominate the thread - question and answer - that brought out the absolute best in what redditors have to offer. Nominations go here!

"Best Megathread": The past two years have been crazy ones for US politics, and for having a once-in-a-century pandemic. Our two Megathreads on those topics were running much too long. What are the best questions and answers they brought forth? For your convenience, here's links to the COVID and US Politics Megathreads. Nominations go here!

Remember, nominate your nom nominations on the nom nom nomination threads below!

Need inspiration? Here's links to Reddit's AI's list of the top and best posts from the past 12 months. (We don't know how it picks them either). Thanks for the suggestion, /u/NeverEverWong !

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Is it healthier to not masturbate at all or to do it once a day? NSFW


Not talking about porn or anything, but the actual 'act'

I remember reading about how masturbation could help against diabetes and how it is healthy for you but I've read more comments with people saying its better to quit. However I'm not sure if it specifically the porn that is the issue with it or if there any other health issues

Edit: I've learnt so much about masturbation

Edit2.0: fyi I didn't mean masturbation could 'cure' diabetes or anything, I remember reading it could help prevent diabetes typ-2, but obvs a lot more to it than just masturbation that can help

Edit3.0: thanks for the awards!

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Normally it's etiquette that you go to your right to give way to someone walking towards you. Is it just the opposite (you move to the left) in countries where you drive on the left lane?


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My Wife stinks, how do I encourage her to shower more without hurting her feelings?


She has serious BO issues and doesn’t seem to notice. However I often have to hold my breath when I’m near. She showers once a day and wears deodorant but her smell seems to overpower it all. I’m at a loss because it’s turning me off in a big way and I really don’t wanna upset her. I know if I mention anything I’ll be in the doghouse for months. Please help. Be kind.

Edit: I wish Reddit had a reply-all button lol. Thanks for all the words of advice. Maybe I should just show her this thread however I assume divorce would then be an almost certainty.

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Answered How to I get a cow character to go to my daughters island in animal crossing ?


Basically my 6 year old daughter lost her favorite cow friend on Animal Crossing and has been crying like nonstop all day.

We tried to go back and figure out a way to keep her on the island or whatever but could not.

Is there a way to get a new cow type person?

Sorry if this belongs in a different sub but gaming subs don’t ever really respond well.

Edit: this has been the one of the nicest interactions I’ve had in a while. Period. Not just on Reddit.

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Are you supposed to shower after taking a bath?


I was just on a cringetopia comment thread where everyone was saying obviously you have to shower after taking a bath and everyone was like of course you shower after. This is literally a first I've heard of this and it does make sense but I also don't take baths so figured I'd ask.

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Anyone else feel that the taste of a drink changes depending on the container? Is this weird?


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Does anyone else has this feeling like you have the brainpower/ability to do something, but something is blocking it all?


Im studying fine dining right now and in school i feel like im the one dude who knows the least about food, it stresses me out and my mind feels full of thoughts.

But then i get home, relax and get ideas of what i could have done better and understand that i know at least something. This is all so infuriating.

Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome this problem?

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Answered Google is failing me - BESIDES OWLS what birds fly the most silent? Forcing results to exclude owl results just gets me rankings about the quietest chirps and noises and such but not flight. I wanted to read about how each flies so quietly and see if they evolved different methods or similar. ?


I realize owls are apparently for sure the #1 quietest flyers and seemingly by a wide margin, but I can't find even the smallest scrap of information on what other species might come anywhere close. Not even hints or shitty sources, straight nothing related.

Hopefully someone here already knows more about the topic and can point me in the right direction.

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I weigh 80kg. I can do a pushup. Why cant I bench press 80kg?


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Answered What do you do if you have no friends, have you reached out to old best friends or Is that stupid to do


I miss my ex best friends I know I was guilty in friendship ending but I shouldn’t have just cut contact. They didn’t reach out to me but I miss them and I reconnected with a different ex friend and we are close now since we gained maturity. Worth a shot or that time has passed? WhT do u guys do

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Do you ever stop loving your ex?


I am still in love with the man who broke my heart but I know I’ll never get back with him. I’m scared that I might not love any other man the way I love him.

Is it okay to still have feelings for this person but still move on and find someone else?

Did you stop loving your ex?

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Unanswered Why are Attempted Murder charges less severe than Murder charges? NSFW


I don’t think that failing to kill someone makes the action any less significant. In both cases you performed an action with the intention of killing someone. Why does their inability to actually kill someone make them a better person. This especially doesn’t make since if you think prison should be a place for rehab and not punishment.

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Do all our ancestors originate in africa in the beginning?


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How does one open a bank?


If an individual or group of individuals wanted to open a bank, could they go about it in the same way as opening a small business like a pizza shop? Do they need to just have a lot of money? Or what else is needed if I wanted to open up my own bank tomorrow?

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Answered Can someone legally tell me I can’t post videos on YouTube just because they are pissed from a situation from years ago?


Context: one of my friends I had at the time stupidly sent me to court in 2016 claiming I was with two other guys trying to kidnap her. I had proof I was working that day and brought my paystub and timesheet to court. Case got thrown out. I keep getting messages from random accounts telling me that if I don’t stop posting videos online this same person will send me Court because I’m clearly a criminal and they will have me arrested eventually. The videos have nothing to do with them at all and get some of the messages I get are saying they have told other people to not collab with online or interact with me because I’m a criminal.

Can this person legally do this?

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How did the plant Tradescantia zebrina get the nickname "Wandering Jew"?


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Why do you put ice on injuries, but cold weather makes your joints ache?


I’m guessing it’s because the ice doesn’t chill your body to the core like the air outside can

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Does poison have a best by date?


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Do women really carry more fat on their lower abdomen to protect the uterus?


I read somewhere that women’s “belly pooch” is there for extra protection for our uterus. I’ve tried googling it but I’m only seeing articles saying that it is the actual uterus, which I’m not sure I believe

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How do we know that there are no other colors?


I recently heard someone say that we evolved to see the full spectrum of colors which is rare in mammals or something like that. How do we know that this is the full spectrum of colors? If we could only observe yellow and blue like dogs wouldn't we just think that the world were constrained to those 2?

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I jerked off online to a scammer who now has my face and penis on video and is threatening to send to my followers. What do I do NSFW


Title says it all. I don’t think anything will happen but I’m kinda spooked

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When I look at a dark part of my room long enough, a black darkness begins to form and grow bigger until I break sight or blink.


Ever since I was a youngin I'd look at dark sections of my room and after awhile the darkness would begin to 'grow'. It would disappear after breaking sight with it and I could see that part of the room after doing so.

Whats really happening here exactly? Would it be something to do with the eyes or the brain? Maybe both.

Has anyone had similar experiences or is it all in my head!

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Why do I get really thirsty after brushing my teeth


The first thing I crave right after brushing my teeth is drinking water like a desperate need after not drinking for days. Why tho?

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Answered How do you go about getting a new job after being fired?


Today I was fired from my job on my school's campus because I posted a couple of tik toks I had recorded in the workplace which I guess was against policy. Because of this, my boss figured that I don't spend any time doing my actual job (which I do). I politely explained myself and apologized but she let me go anyway. I have never been let go from a job before and now I am scared that I will not be able to get another one since being fired is now on my history. I was hoping somebody would be able to offer me advice on how I go about getting a new job? I've already started applying to places but how am I supposed to explain the situation and actually land a job? I've really made myself look bad to future employers and I need money for bills.

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How do I stop my text suggestion from suggesting the word fart?


I typed the word fart a lot at a certain time in my life and now if I type just the letter “f” it suggests fart. This is embarrassing and I wish to get rid of it. Thanks