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Meta Pokimane and Ninja related topics [Megathread]


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[2022-01-13 01:09] Reddit Post: Pokimane and Jidon related topics [Megathread]

Main Parties Involved

[2022-01-17 15:47] Reddit Post: poki calls out ninja for weird behavior during the dijon debacle | Content Link

[2022-01-17 15:57] Reddit Post: Pokimane on Ninja's wife gaslighting her in DMs | Content Link

[2022-01-17 16:13] Reddit Post: Ruthless Businesswoman Realizes Her Mistake | Content Link

[2022-01-17 16:29] Reddit Post: Poki shows proof that Ninja texted Twitch in support of Jidion | Content Link

[2022-01-17 16:30] Reddit Post: Ninja DMs Poki Again... | Content Link

[2022-01-17 17:54] Reddit Post: Ninja says “All will be explained.” in response to a tweet saying Pokimane is taking down Ninja. | Content Link

[2022-01-17 18:21] Reddit Post: Poki tweet's Jessica's DM | Content Link

[2022-01-19 19:53] pokimanelol on Twitter: i’m tired of people minimizing the harassment i’ve received over the last week to “just L+ratio spam” so here's a list ⬇️ https://t.co/BUa7oqgRPB

Reactions from the streaming community

[2022-01-17 16:51] Reddit Post: Ninjas wife apparently sent a really bad DM towards Pokimane | Content Link

[2022-01-17 17:32] Reddit Post: Sykkuno's take on the Poki's situation | Content Link

[2022-01-17 17:37] Reddit Post: Twitch Mizkif Speaks on Pokimane Harassment | Content Link

[2022-01-17 17:54] Reddit Post: Mizkif mizhears | Content Link

[2022-01-17 17:58] Reddit Post: Mizkif retweets a Jessica Blevin's tweet | Content Link

[2022-01-17 18:02] Reddit Post: Mizkif recaps the story for those who are out of the loop | Content Link

[2022-01-17 18:36] Reddit Post: KNUT enters | Content Link

[2022-01-17 18:39] Reddit Post: xQc chimes in on the Pokimane drama | Content Link

[2022-01-17 18:44] Reddit Post: xQc Tries to Understand the Ninja DMs | Content Link

[2022-01-18 00:15] Reddit Post: Asmongold Roasts Pokimane's hater | Content Link

[2022-01-18 02:04] Clip from Trainwreckstv's channel. Clip's Title: ..

[2022-01-18 02:15] Video from Ludwig. Title: Poki LEAKS Ninja's Message? JiDion Apologizes?

[2022-01-18 04:23] Reddit Post: Toast take on drama | Content Link

[2022-01-18 06:26] Reddit Post: Asmon thoughts on Ninja behavior | Content Link

[2022-01-18 19:08] Reddit Post: peterparkTV on why Pokimane drama will never end. | Content Link

[2022-01-18 23:40] Reddit Post: Adin Ross and Ronaldo on the Poki & Ninja drama | Content Link

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