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Miscellaneous LPT: Before you drop off your car for service, take a photo of the odometer.


I took my car to what I was told was a reputable service center. I had taken a photo of the odometer as I dropped it off. When I picked it up there were 300+ kms on it. Turns out someone had taken it for quite a joy ride. My husband told me to do this always. Turns out it was good advice.

EDIT: Wow thanks for the upvotes but mostly thanks for your amazing stories. Crazy.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Stop watching movies/series you don't like. Don't feel obligated to watch them all to the end. There are too many bad movies/series out there, just start a new one or do something else.


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Miscellaneous LPT: drivers, if you think you are being followed, remember the rule of 4


If you have a gut feeling, weird moment or simply not trusting the car behind you, remember the rule of 4

You know like, after a weird date, that person you cut off and he is raging behind you, at night after class, after work going back home or simply not trusting that car that as been behind you since you came back from the shopping center.

It’s a good thing to know the streets near your house, driving around a few blocks to see where you can do this rule of 4

You take 4 consecutive left turns or You take 4 consecutive right turns.

So in essence, you are doing a square and coming back to the start point.

Ex: you are going back home, this car is on your tail and something feels off. Before arriving home or you continue pass your home. You proceed to take a left turn then a left, another left and finally a left.

The probability of someone in a spur of the moment doing 4 left turns with you is extremely low, either they will fork off at a intersection, enter a driveway, park in the street, make a u-turn or simply continue straight.

This makes you go back so you can go home without that car behind you. Helps you clear your mind of the doubts, is that car really following me. Doesn’t show where you live.

A simple 4 left or 4 right turns, doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

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Miscellaneous LPT: When a Nurse asks you to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10, never say 10+.


The pain scale isn't necessarily used only to tell us how bad your pain is, it's supposed to be used to tell us whether your pain is getting better or worse. If a patient says their pain is a 7 in triage, and later says it's pushing a 9, that X-Ray or CT scan might get expedited. But if your constantly barking 10 or 1,000 your comments aren't going to be taken seriously. A (good) nurse knows a 10 when they see it, and if you walked in, you are not in 10/10 pain. That guy from Saving Private Ryan with his legs blown off on Normandy beach screaming for his momma, that dude is in 10/10 pain. Also, Kidney Stones.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If a 'news' medium uses inflammatory language, like 'crazy', 'owned', 'delusional', etc., it's not real news, but a propaganda outlet.


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you are in your mid to late 20’s make a habit of strengthening your back, hips, and legs.


These muscles and joints are your foundation. Everyone likes to focus on their glamour muscles like shoulders, arms, and abs. While strengthening your abs and core is important, your future self will thank you for strengthening your foundation.

I’m about to be graduate from medical school and I can’t even begin to describe how important it is to have a stable spine, hips, and knees. People in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and up all complain of having constant back pain. Most of this isn’t caused by things are degenerative disorders (while that can most certainly be the case) but mostly due to a sedentary lifestyles leading weak muscles which further causes joint instability and increased disc and cartilage stress in those joints.

I’ve seen so many elderly people come in with backs that look like question marks and people in wheelchairs due to severe osteoarthritis in their knees and hips. The best way to prevent this down the road is to strengthen the muscles around joints to give them stability and strengthen the bones themselves through weight lifting.

The key is to just stay active and try to incorporate exercises or stretches that strengthen your back, hip, and knees. You don’t have to go out and try to deadlift or squat 350lbs. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your muscles and joints. Sedentary? Start with a walk and gradually build from there. Kind of active? Hit the gym and train these muscles. Start slow and light and get used to the movement. Then slowly increase weights. FOCUS ON FORM NOT AMOUNT OF WEIGHT. Don’t have a workout partner to check your form? Ask one of those jacked dudes at the gym. They have been some of the nicest people I’ve met and are always helpful. (I’m scrawny as hell so it was intimidating the first time not going to lie) Just get moving.

If you’re not sure what exercises to do, try to find physical therapist run websites that recommend exercises for certain muscle groups. The goal goal isn’t to like Hercules. It’s to invest in your future quality of life.

TLDR: Exercise, stretch, and strengthen your back, knees, and hips. Start slow and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your future self will thank you for it. Remember the goal isn’t to look like Arnold in his prime. The goal is to be healthy and active and live a quality life.

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Miscellaneous LPT - If you lock yourself out of your car, try calling the local police station instead of a locksmith.


Yesterday I (33M) locked my keys in my truck and was really at a loss for what to do. I tried looking up some locksmiths in my area and there was one in town but they didn’t even pick up the phone. Others were at least 45 minutes away. I called a buddy and he said to try the police station in town. NOT 911, but the actual police station.

I called them and they sent over a patrol car with two kind officers within ten minutes. They had a wedge and a slim Jim. One officer said something like “I’ve gotta tell you there’s a chance we could damage your door and we’re not liable” yada yada yada. I said let’s do it. In three minutes they were able to fish out my keys. I thanked them and was on my way. Saved me probably two hours in the cold and ~$150. No charge. Just a handshake and we were on our separate ways.

I live in a smallish town (10k people.) Po po was happy to help.

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Miscellaneous LPT: You don't have plot armour. Stop speeding. Stop drinking too much. Stop doing drugs. You can die, super easily and meaninglessly. Don't let that be your story.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Always tell kids that they have a cool helmet. Positive reinforcement with helmets can cause them to wear them more in the future and potentially save their life.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Keep yourself in good enough shape to push/pull your own bodyweight for survival purposes.


Why it matters: I think a lot of people, especially in developed countries, take for granted the implicit "safety" that comes with living in developed or developing countries. However, people should be reminded of the dangers of not being able to manage ones own mass as it can still lead to very dangerous situations for themselves and others.

My thought process comes from people near ledges falling and catching the edge, but not being able to do a single pull-up. Or falling on subway tracks and being stuck without assistance. And in general it is deceptively easy to get stuck in other potentially life threatening situations, even here in the U.S.

My rule of thumb is "able to do one". You should be able to do: one pull-up, one tricep extension or "dip", one pushup, run for 5 minutes etc. I know the last isn't a "one" rule but you get the idea. This isn't meant to be pandering, many people these days cannot tick these all boxes and you don't have to run a triathlon to deem yourself "survival ready", but for your own day to day safety being able to manage your bodyweight for at least one good heave might be the difference between life and death someday. Stay healthy to stay safe!

Edit: reuploaded for title correction

Edit 2: There seems to be some confusion. I'm simply trying to point out that the world isn't as safe as people think it is. I am not judging anybody who can't do 30 pull-ups, I'm pointing out that regardless of how safe you feel it helps being able to pull yourself out of a sticky situation. Didn't think that'd be a controversial take but apparently "take care of yourself cause you never know what'll happen" is judgemental now?

Edit 3: a lot of people suggested the rule of 1 be adjusted to run/jog/walk one mile without stopping. Also another matter, history buffs spent too little time in English class and can't use context clues I changed some wording.

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Miscellaneous LPT Before you move out of your home, take a video of yourself walking around the house.


Before we moved out of my childhood home, I took a video of my view as I walked up my driveway, opened my front door and walked around to each room of the house.

This has been so helpful for me to not forget the little details, and is comforting when I miss it. The video captures the sounds, which are such a huge part of my memories.

The sounds of your screen door closing, the creaks in the stairs, the birds chirping in your backyard. The way light hits your living room on an afternoon, the background noise of a tv playing.

I’d recommend you do this now, while your home is lived in and before any packing has begun. In my video there are boxes everywhere and furniture’s missing but watching it still helps me remember what it felt like and transports me back to an earlier time.

Just a suggestion, if you’re sentimental like me.

Edit: Thanks for the awards :) Glad to hear people found this before moving out. For those of you who didn’t have a good experience in your childhood home, I hope you have a happy place now that you can document for future you.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Even if you don’t know CPR, try.


Context- In Oct 2020, I was training at a jujitsu gym when I dropped dead on the mat. I had zero symptoms or warning signs. Had already ran and lifted weights earlier in the day. I have no memory of being at jujitsu but was told that I was about to start a roll with someone and just dropped to the mat. Luckily others realized I was in trouble (I guess turning blue and not moving was a sign) and they began chest compressions. I was told later it was only compressions and no breaths (this was at height of covid panic so no one was gonna do mouth to mouth on a stranger). They managed to get my heart restarted and the ambulance got me to the hospital in time for a cardiologist to perform his magic.

While I did have some lingering chest pain from the compressions damaging the cartilage, that has since faded away and I feel completely normal. I run daily and lift weights. Some minor short term memory issues but nothing I’ll ever complain about.

So please, Just try. The person is already dead. You’re not gonna make them more dead but you can give them a chance. I’m now sitting on the sofa with my 2 young children and living life as best I can thanks to someone trying.

*Update: Thanks for the awards and the attention this post received.

I didn’t mention the fact that they only did compressions and not breaths as a complaint whatsoever. Whatever they did worked and I’m here alive and well. I’ll never second guess their decisions that day. It wasn’t their fault that I dropped on the mat and I’m extremely grateful that they chose to do something.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you have a kid who wakes up everyone way too early on Christmas, wrap a small lego set for them in their room. They can wake up and start their Christmas early with building a toy while everyone else can get some extra time to sleep


Edit: thanks for the awards kind strangers! I was absolutely a day/week late with this but while I don’t have kids I wanted to share something my dad did for me growing up that made the day really special- the Lego set was something I always looked forward to and thought others might like to try as well- happy holidays!

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Miscellaneous LPT: Buying a luxury car isn't the expensive part, maintaining it is.


I worked in the auto industry for several years and this is something I feel is important for people to know. Everyone wants a luxury car and buying them used isn't usually too bad, but when they break and it comes time to fix it; what would normally cost $200 on a Honda is $1,200 on a BMW.

Be mindful of the repair costs on a car before you buy them.

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Miscellaneous LPT Request: Off the top of your head, what general life advice would you give a young adult starting their life?


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Miscellaneous LPT: to quickly convert between kilometers and miles, use the clock as a reference


For example: 25% is a quarter. A quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. 15 miles is roughly 25 kilometers.

30 mi = 50 km

45 mi = 75 km

60 mi = 100 km

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Miscellaneous LPT - Do not carry large sums of cash in the USA. You may fall victim to civil asset forfeiture


Caring large sums of cash in the USA can cause concern from police and other enforcement entities like TSA that the cash is for illegal activities. Police and federal enforcement can and will seize your cash and do so without charging you with an actual crime. You then have the burden of proving the cash as legitimate.

Edit: corrected cease to seize

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you have a dashcam and get into an accident, wait until the cops arrive to disclose to anyone that you have a dashcam.


Inspiration for this post

For clarification:

This LPT is mostly directed towards insurance scammers, if someone hits you and they claim that you hit them, let's them spin their web of lies to the cop, then just pull out the video proof (if you are in the right, of course)

EDIT: Check out r/dashcam for recommendations

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Miscellaneous LPT: Pack a go-bag. Throw a few clothes and a few basic supplies (toiletries, granola bars, money) in a duffel bag. Leave it in your trunk.


My wife mocks me (lovingly) for keeping a go-bag in my trunk. I recently had abdominal pains at work and had an emergency appendectomy. Guess who strolled into the ER (ok, hobbled in and practically crying) with a gym bag with pyjamas, tooth brush/paste, glasses, warm socks, device charger and headphones.

Honestly, it made my life easier as I could be as comfortable as possible without making my wife run around putting stuff together and running the gauntlet of COVID screening to drop stuff off for me.

Edit: there are thousands of variants of go-bags and tutorials on what to pack. If you live in a hurricane zone, your bag may be different than my general purpose bag or my winter car kit. Pack something.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Don't argue with your significant other in front of your friends


It makes them extremely uncomfortable

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Miscellaneous LPT : Practice good dental hygiene when you are young. Its difficult to rectify the damage when you are older. This may seem like common sense but people often neglect dental hygiene.


Start practicing good dental hygiene from a young age.

Brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. You will have less issues with your teeth and gums when you are older. Flossing is very important and it is something that is often overlooked. Flossing is as important as brushing.

It is also important to develop a good brushing and flossing technique. Make sure you use a brush that is able to reach behind your molars. Don't forget to brush your tongue !

Your future self will thank you !

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you know anyone that has passed from COVID, FEMA has had a program for almost a year now that reimburses up to $9k for funeral expenses. Only 25% have claimed it.


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Miscellaneous LPT: The vast majority of people cannot keep secrets. Think long and hard before revealing true secrets to others.


The best kept secret is one you never tell. To anyone. Ever. That you even feel the need to tell someone is this LPT’s Exhibit A - even you, the one with the true secret. The damning, fuck your life over secret…even you need to reveal that something to that someone. Before you do, give good thought to the person you’re going to tell. Are you TRULY close? Have they told you things others told them in confidence? If so…1) they value you more than that person or 2) they suck at keeping secrets. Think double hard if they are a drinker, unstable (in any way), or if your relationship is anything other than rock fucking solid. The end result of the analysis is usually: tell no one.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Before dropping your car at the repair shop, always remove your house key from your key ring


Not sure whether this is considered common knowledge but it can be easy to forget. If there’s just one dishonest person at the repair shop, they could easily make a duplicate key and let themselves into your house later, since they know your address.

This could apply to dropping your car with valet parking as well.

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Miscellaneous LPT: For people starting a new job. If a task typically takes someone ~3.5 hours and you can get it done in 1 hour, don't turn your task in right away - wait about an hour. If your manager(s) discover how productive you really are, they will quickly overwork you without proper compensation.