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r/GiftofGames 1h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST][STEAM] Horizon Zero Dawn (50% off until 3 February)


Hello GoG!

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world, third-person, role-playing game set in the 31st Century. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world swarming with gigantic machines, humanity has largely regressed to a tribal lifestyle and a society made up of hunters and gatherers. With all the good land overtaken by machines, humans have retreated to mythical forests, treacherous mountain ranges and the ruins of old.

We play as Aloy, a huntress and an outcast to her tribe. While her early life has her shunned and ostracized, Aloy still fights to protect her tribe against the machines that pose an incredible threat.

Why is Horizon Zero Dawn interesting to me?

Aloy is not a character that boasts brute strength, rather, she is a character that relies on cunning, stealth, proper use of tools and precision attacks. Versatility is the name of the game and Horizon Zero Dawn offers that to the player through the way they approach combat.

Stealth is a fantastic and completely viable option where Aloy picks off machines one by one with her spear at close range. Whistles can be used to lure an enemy to your position or rocks can be used as a distraction in a pinch. If things prove too tense, one can always bypass these threats without a single robo-dinosaur being touched. Adding a third layer to the stealth is the use of reprogramming enemy AI to fight for you, causing a distraction for you to move. Finally, a variety of traps can be used to your advantage to capitalize on the element of surprise.

When the jig is up and you have to fight, Aloy is equipped with three different types of bows as her primary weapon. Enemies can be scanned to identify weakpoints or points of interest. It is then up to the player to use this information to their advantage. The bow can be used to strip armour from the machine for increased damage, snipe enemies from afar and deal elemental damage for all kinds of status effects. You are rewarded for your precision and use of enemy strengths and weaknesses.

Special mention to elemental damage: We have Tear to dislodge components from machines and send humans flying. Fire deals damage over time and can expose weakpoints. Freeze allows you slow an enemy down and inflict heavy damage on the next attack. Shock is for temporary paralysis. I believe there are a few more, but I don't want to spoil myself.

When a bow isn't enough, you have a sling that you can use to fling an assortment of bombs. Adding to your arsenal is the ability to fire tripwires to zone off areas in combat and another weapon to tether weakened machines to the ground.

All of your arsenal will be required to tackle the larger enemy encounters. This is where I would say that the Monster Hunter High Rank comparisons come in and you really have to study your enemy quickly and think on your feet. Location-based damage is key to mastery over your enemies and their own weapons can be shot off and turned against them in a limited capacity.

How does hunting machines benefit the player? Well, machines provide resources which can be used for crafting and trading. With the central currency being metal, this does make sense. With some customization to your gear and modification slots, it would encourage one to keep an eye out for resources and useful plants in the field. Plants take on a special role regarding your ability to heal as they can be used to craft health potions.

Speaking of the RPG elements, Aloy can level up into classes that enhance her stealth, direct combat abilities, resource collection and ridable creature skills.

Compelling combat aside, one can feel the care put into the main story, side quests and collectibles that reward you with lore. Side quests have depth and are more than worth the undertaking as characters you encounter progress to the main story. This level of interconnected design highly encourages me to scour the game for content. Looking far and wide to uncover the mysteries of this world.

A lot of effort has been put into making this world compelling and believable. For me, Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with mysteries and questions - how did this happen? Why are machines our primary antagonists? How long has this been going on? Is there a feasible way to stop this? How has humanity come this far in spite of such impossible ends? Horizon Zero Dawn seems content to answer these questions if you are willing to explore the world and uncover the mysteries. Your curiosity will be rewarded with enough effort. So I greatly appreciate a game that values it's own world-building.

The attention to detail is astonishing, from the day/night cycle to the weather effects. The environment is lush and beautiful while the machines stand out in stark contrast, their robotic exteriors seemingly at odds with the nature around them. Speaking of machines, there is a large variety of them that roam the landscape. Meanwhile, there are other human tribes that roam the landscape as well. This lends value to the idea of a living, breathing world that is highly immersive.

Final thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn:

I am fascinated with a lot of the mysteries surrounding Horizon Zero Dawn's plot and setting. Not only that, I wish to know why Aloy is exiled, how she grows as a person and what kind of development she takes as the game progresses. I am highly intrigued by the inner workings of the world, how the tribes function and what society is like.

What kind of purpose do these machines serve? Is there a greater threat beyond them or is this a matter of our own undoing?

Plot mysteries aside, I am quite thrilled with the combat system on display. The systematic destruction of a machine in giant battles or the outwitting of smaller groups will never get old to me. I am the kind of person to switch up their playstyle, so the dynamic nature of Horizon Zero Dawn is seemingly a small gameplay blessing. I love to try out new tactics and new weaponry, so I can see myself experimenting with the combat side of things for a very long time.

When not engaged in combat or the plot, I can see myself hunting for collectibles. After all, if the reward is more lore and backstory then that's a great incentive to take my time and explore.

Of course, the game looks and sounds beautiful and engaging. So a visual treat is always welcome. Plus, I've been holding back...it's robot dinosaurs against a lady with a bow and arrow - that's cool!

I would be absolutely thrilled to play this!

Thank you for reading and take care!

Steam Profile

Store Page

r/GiftofGames 5h ago

GOG [GOG] Thanks to u/Parzalai for Ghost Recon Frontline beta access!


Really appreciate it, my dude! Hope you have a good time and maybe we'll link up in game. :)

Happy Friday all!

r/GiftofGames 6h ago

OFFER [Offer][Origin] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


I added my free 30 days of Amazon Prime to get Total War Warhammer 2, but I don't really use or like Origin. If you didn't win Fallen Order from the last 1000 GAs, here's your chance. To enter, write down your Origin account (I think it's necessary? not sure) and your fave fandom, or none if you don't have any. Will end in 48 hours

r/GiftofGames 7h ago

OFFER [OFFER][PC/XBOX] Game Pass Ultimate 2 keys, 2month each


I already have Game pass ultimate till October, so of no use to me.

It's for new accounts, so you can just create a new account to claim.

Just leave a quote that keeps you going. Specifically not a quote any sentence that just fuels you.

I'll close the giveaway in 24 hours.

r/GiftofGames 5h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [GOG] Mafia 2 Director's cut $7.99


Link to the website: https://www.gog.com/en/game/mafia_ii_directors_cut

Hello everyone, the game i am asking for is Mafia 2 (Classic)

Mafia is one of the best franchise in open world crime games and mafia 2 is one of their best works that they ever did. The game was released more than a decade ago and still has very beautiful graphics. And I'm not even talking about the definitive edition.

The game has a really good soundtrack too, i remember specially one song from the game called 'Let it snow', everytime that mission would come up and that song, it started feeling like Christmas is around the corner, i have so many good memories with this game from when i used to play it as a kid but that was a long time ago and it was on Xbox 360.

The game tells the story of a man who returned from war and then met with his old friend when he came back into town who also happens to be a some kind of gangster in the town, i don't really remember the exact story of how it was like because it's been a long time since I played it honestly.

The reason i can't get the game myself is because I'm still a student who doesn't have a job yet, so would be really awesome if someone could get me this.

Also the reason why I'm requesting the GOG version instead of steam is because steam doesn't have the Mafia 2 classic anymore, they only have the definitive version which doesn't have good reviews and people claim the original is the best. And the original version is only available on Gog website as of now.


And my gog profile

r/GiftofGames 10h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [STEAM] Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit remastered


Hi there, My name is No-Zucchini, as you can read from my name, I HATE zucchinies, But that's not the point of this post right? (Or is it?) So, Let's get to the point, shall we? So, nearly 6 years ago, My father bought himself a PC, Very generic specs core i2 4gb ram, nothing out of the world, But to me, It meant the whole world. I always watched him typing various documents, it never interested me, BUT one day he bought a black wrapper, when he opened it, there was a black box with many pictures, it intrested my smol brain, I wondered what it would be? Until one day he inserted that thing into the computer! And just in a matter of minutes, he was playing the original Need For Speed: Hot pursuit. I was intrigued into Racing games from then, I played hours and hours on that PC when he was not looking, The absolute thrill and amazement I had when driving various cars was amazing, I miss those days. But soon, my dad got out of gaming, I only got to play games for only 40 minuets a day, until I got my own PC, And wanted to witness that amazement again, that rush of dopamine again, But my steam balance was not enough and my father thinks that gaming is an absolute waste of time. I'll be so thankful if someone gifted that small piece of my childhood nostalgia to me. I'll be blessed :) store link My Steam profile

r/GiftofGames 5h ago

GOG [GOG] Huge thanks to u/HailToTheVic !!!!!!


Thanks a lot bro for getting me Mortal Kombat 11. I was looking for this game since a long time. Huge thanks to you!!

r/GiftofGames 15h ago



I'm 14, and just got some money from my parents.
I've wanted to get both a pair of earphones, also want to get "MGSV: The Phantom Pain", but I can only afford one of them. I get really bored, with not many games to play, but I also could use a new pair of earphones, since my current ones are broken.
Can someone help me decide which one I should get?

r/GiftofGames 10h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [XBOX] Hollow Knight ($15 USD) (4th attempt)


Hey guys! This is my fourth try to get gifted Hollow Knight. It's a game I've really wanted for a while now and I am just absolutely itching to play it! For those of you who don't know, Hollow Knight is a metroidvania indie game with beautifully drawn art, amazing level design and platforming, and some deep combat with unique bosses. You follow a nameless Knight in a kingdom of bugs as you fight your way through the world and uncover mysteries.

I mentioned all of this in my last post, however this is why I really want to play this game! I recently completed Ori and the Will of the Wisps and I simply adored it! I was told hollow knight was a similar style game and I grew to want it even more than I previously had! I was hungering for more metroidvania style games to play, and when I set my sights on Hollow Knight, it was like love at first sight. The game looks absolutely incredible! There are so many creatures with such simplistic yet interesting designs and the theming of the areas are so unique with a subterranean feel to it. I love the tie in with medieval style sections as well and it just makes the game feel like nothing else I've ever seen. I have avoided story spoilers since hearing of the game and would really like to explore and experience the game myself. I have played other indie platformers before and they have never disappointed me such as Ori and Celeste so I know I will sink a good deal of time into the game if someone is kind enough to gift it to me.

I would be so incredibly thankful and play the game to the fullest extent. Thank you all for hearing me out and taking the time to read this and if you are kind enough to gift it it would mean the absolute world to me. I hope you all have fantastic days and stay safe!

My Gamertag: https://xboxgamertag.com/search/CodyLK17

r/GiftofGames 8h ago

CLOSED REQUEST [REQUEST] [STEAM] Mortal Kombat 11 PC (Attempt 2) NSFW


Hey r/GiftofGames, I'm A Dub, and I am new to this sub. I wasn't able to enter GiftofGames because I didn't have enough karma but now finally I have enough karma after a very long time of waiting. I recently requested for Fifa 22, one of my favorite games, but after 2 attempts, no luck. So now I'm thinking, maybe I should go for a little cheap game as maybe, who will give a stranger that expensive game. So again I'm here with my new request, my second most favorite game, Mortal Kombat 11. Yep! That's my second most favorite and I do play Mortal Kombat on my android phone, but it's nothing compared to PC.

What is Mortal Kombat 11?

Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios. It has insane graphics and we have to fight with opponent, get new characters and win.

Why do I want it?

Because I love this game. I have played think game on my older brother's PS4 and my Uncle's PC too. I love these type of kinda boxing and I have played Tekken 3 and 4 also (Again not on my PC lol).

Why can't I buy this game?

As I posted on my previous post, don't have enough money!! I recently upgraded my PC, and so no money. Also, my birthday is not near so I can't get it as a gift. Plus my father thinks that buying games is waste of money :(

My steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198989224904/

Link of game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976310/Mortal_Kombat11/

I want the simple game, no ultimate pack, nothing. Just the base game (Wouldn't deny if someone asks me for ultimate pack lol).

In India, the base game is currently ₹ 1,149 which is about 15.44 USD.

Please don't Make me sad this time r/GiftofGames. Thanks a lot!!

r/GiftofGames 7h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST][STEAM] God of War (4200ARS/ 40USD?) (third attempt)


Hello everybody! This is my third attempt but i don't really know what to add to my previous post, i think i said everything i wanted, so i keep it as it was. Sadly, no sale for it on lunar year :(

In last years i used to play a lot in online shooters. It was pretty fun to compete with other people and pushing yourself to be better. However my gaming experience became worse and worse in last months. As a token of gratitude from my provider to a loyal customer i got 10-30 ms ping increase and a free jitter. Basically i got into the position where the game doesnt rubberband or teleport you but you can cleary feel that your movement and shooting is somehow wrong, like you fighting through tar.And in addition i started to feel like a lot of events turns really unlucky for me. From timings and plays so stupid to became completely unreadable to broken sounds and ridiculous shots from people who barely can play. To the point that most of my emotions from playing became rage and envy. Or maybe i'm just not burning enough with competitive anymore and looking for an excuse.

Anyway, nothing i tried work so i decided not to argue with universe and got back into single player. Finally played some games i miss back then, finished some part of EGS collection i got from couple years. Filling the gaps in my gaming experience. Found a lot of gems like Psychonauts 2 (not as good as first one, but still completely amazing narrative and design), Alan Wake (Probably the most atmospheric game i played in a while), Spec Ops (Feel like a hero yet?), MGRR (if you have rare Armstrong memes you should immediately PM them to me).

So when another great narrative game were ported i was really exciting to play it since i never had a chance of playing it on console.

What this game is about?

It has very good narrative and complex combat system with some RPG elements and people find it one of the best games of all time. What is even more miraculous- good PC port!Story is about old grumpy Kratos and his son (referred mostly as BOY) getting into journey to the top of the mountain to scatter the ashes of boy's mother.

-What mindblowing adventures are awaiting them in this journey?

-How all this tension between characters will be resolve, will they become a healthy family?

-Will Kratos eventually open a small chest without breaking it apart?

Answers to these questions with a solid bucket of gameplay is the reason i really want this game. I would really like to write even more but it's kinda difficult to do so without completing the game- looks like a circle)

Why can't i just buy it myself?

No heartbreaking sad story about survival and hunting pigeons for food, usual stuff. I just got in the loop of replacing old things which were broken or just to old to function properly so all money are going to irl stuff, and since i still have needed dentist appointment its not looking likely to get some savings in near future. Since i couldn't repeat success stories of r/csgo by opening 1 case and getting $9999 knife from it, my steam balance is not bulging too.

Here is my steam account

I guess its all, thank you for reading (i'm probably terrible at writing so its impressive you make it this far). Have a nice day/night!

r/GiftofGames 1h ago

GOG [GOG] Thank you very much to u/Zealotte for fulfilling my request for Maneater.


Thank you very much to u/Zealotte for fulfilling my request for Maneater.

BLÅHAJ and I appreciate it. :D

Best wishes from Antipotheosis and BLÅHAJ. The best shark!

r/GiftofGames 8h ago

GOG [GOG] Thank you so much u/gesf for Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition!


Just 15h after posting a REQUEST, this amazing guy u/gesf gifted me Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition! I want to thank you for this game, and birthday gift. You are awesome! Thank you all for the attention, have a good day! :)

r/GiftofGames 6h ago

REQUEST [request] [steam] dying light 2


Hello everyone, this is the first time I'm posting here so sorry if I forgot to put info or didn't do it the right way or anything like that,

But i would like to ask if someone could gift me dying light 2 because i really love gaming and games like that

But now is the thing that I'm in a hard financial situation right now..

A little bit about myself, I'm a 20 yo boy currently living on myself (guided living) because of some problems at home and with my parents

On top of that and because of some personal reasons i can't keep a job for longer than around 2 to 3 months what results in the financial situation I'm in right now,

I have to life from 40 euros per week which i need for literally everything (like food, household items, clothes, birthday presents, gas for my car, etc) and that gets me in the position where im just not able to save up for something nice for myself, can't go out with friends, or just go a day off to some place nice like a zoo or things like that.

And because dying light is a really expensive game i just can't afford it, and that's why I wanted to ask if maybe someone here could help me out so i can play this game

And for any questions or if you want to know more about how I got in this situation you can always send me a dm

Best wishes willem


*EDIT There are 3 "versions" standard (€59,99), deluxe(€79,99)(includes dlc one, and some other small things) and ultimate(€99,99) (includes dlc one and two and also some extra small things like skin crafting etc)

For me it's not really important which one i get ofcorse would it be nice to have the dlc's but for me only the basegame would be awesome and more than enough

I add this so people can see the prices for those who don't or didn't know them and what you get with each pack

r/GiftofGames 2h ago

REQUEST [Request] [Steam] Spyro Reignited Trilogy ($13.99)


Hello r/GiftofGames, I wanted to ask the community for a game that brought so much joy when I first played it on my brother's PS2.

When I was seven years old I remember playing the old Spyro games on the PS2. I remember looking at Spyro and being astounded by the graphics, even now when I look back at old Spyro gameplay it reminds me of my childhood. I remember Spyro and crash bandicoot being the first games that made me feel frustrated by their hard difficulty, yet I would always come back to these games because these were the games that introduced me to video games. I remember absolutely loving the soundtrack, atmosphere and character design. I don't even remember the names of the Spyro games I've played but I remember exploring the world for every gem that I could collect and to find every dragon dragon statue. Even after beating the game I would spend countless hours trying to locate the all the dragon statues and this was before the internet was so wide spread so I would talk to my friend trying figure out where all the dragon statues were. This was one of the best memories I have had with a video games, the excitement looking for all the secrets in the game made me LOVE spyro.

This trilogy is absolutely a classic for me and my childhood. When I first heard they were remaking the old Spyro franchise I was surprised people even remembered the game but I knew I had to replay one of my favorite games of all time. This community has been extremely kind to me by giving me games that I can only to me and I want to thank everyone who read my post. I want to thank everyone from this community for helping me and others to be able to play video games that were once apart of there childhood. Thank you and have a wonderful year!

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xMXCNxJesus713x/

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: https://store.steampowered.com/app/996580/Spyro_Reignited_Trilogy/

r/GiftofGames 8h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [IOS] Stardew Valley (USA) (4.99$) (3rd attempt)


Hello everyone!! It’s me u/popoooow and this is my 3rd request for Stardew valley on IOS. It’s 4.99$ on the US App Store.

Let’s start with an introduction to Stardew valley, it’s an amazing game!

What is Stardew Valley?

As I approached Stardew Valley, I wasn't sure what to expect. It feels designed to be a giant comfort zone. The game deposits you in a rundown farm next to a little town, gives you a few pointers on how to get started and then leaves you to explore it.

The world has a cutesy visual style reminiscent of classic adventure games, which is complemented by a cheerful soundtrack, and is full of nice people who are also to each other.

Your time in the game is divided into day-length chunks – your character wakes up every morning with a full energy bar, which is depleted by work and replenished by food.

In those early days, I'd frequently run out of energy by lunchtime and, disgusted by the prospect of eating potential profits, I'd retire to bed by noon. A neighbor would occasionally stop by with words of wisdom or offers of assistance.

Stardew Valley's greatest strength is without a doubt its flexibility and freedom. It's one of those games that gives you so much freedom that it becomes more of a roleplaying game than anything else.

Why do I want the game?

Stardew valley is the best game to go for when you want to relax after a hard day. It’s amazing seasonal vibes, the townspeople and each one’s story is what makes Stardew valley a unique game, different from other farming simulators.

You can grab a hook and go for fishing, mine stones with pickaxe, get married and have some friends help you develop your farm.

I would also like to add that you can take the game on whatever pace you would like to complete it. There’s no rush to finish the game early.

It has a multiplayer mode on PC, but on mobile it’s not available yet.

Why can’t I get it myself?

The economic situation in my country has made it hard for everyone to buy anything, online or in-store. The economic state has collapsed which has led many people to stop buying anything more than food during these hard times.

Here is a link to a trusted website to purchase a 5$ USA iTunes gift card :


Thank you everyone for reading my request!

r/GiftofGames 6h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [STEAM] [4TH ATTEMPT] Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach




Let me get straight to the point, recently Security Breach released and I've been catching up to the lore (with the new books being released and all), however, the books cost me a lot already and I would like to watch my budget a bit before spending too much money that I personally don't have haha.

The game is, as far as I know, a free roam Horror Survival game, where you play as a boy called Gregory trying to escape the PizzaPlex while being chased around.

I've been a big fan of the games since the first one released in 2014, and the VR title is one of my favourite horror games of all time. I would be really thankful if somebody would gift me SB, since I was looking forward to it for a long time already! I'm NOT good with horror which makes the experience way more thrilling and exciting! Then I'd also wouldn't have to stay away from the community to avoid Spoilers which would be nice.

It'd just be very relaxing to play this game in these trying times.

If anybody would like to talk about the franchise, feel free to hit me up under this post! Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

r/GiftofGames 3h ago

REQUEST [Request][Steam] Hitman 2 Gold


Hey all! I’m here today for what feels like shooting for the stars but I figured I’d try anyways.

Today I’m asking for Hitman 2 Gold Edition so that I can continue my Hitman Journey. I got Hitman 1 Season 1 not too long ago and played the absolute crap out of it and completed the story. I then did some really cool side missions like assassinating Harry and Marv as Santa and replaying the map missions trying to get all the opportunities and challenges done on the maps. Yesterday I also figured out that I could get Hitman 2 starter pack (free) and basically have all of my Hitman 1 maps transfer over onto Hitman 2 but now that I’m finished with those levels I really want to continue on with the new missions available in Hitman 2. One mission that I saw (I try not to look too deep into all of them as not to spoil myself) had you sabotaging a race car in a magnificent crash during a race to make it look like an accident and so I can only imagine what other opportunities there are in just that one mission alone. I see myself playing this game for a while as I already got 25 hours on Hitman 1 and I still haven’t gotten every challenge and opportunity done. I could very well see this game going up to my top 3 with how much I’ll play it. Hell my first game I got from this sub is now in my top played games with over 100 hours.

Now as for why I can’t afford to get it myself, I just don’t have the money for it sadly. I spent my last $7 on steam yesterday gifting a game (this was promised a while back for when this sale happens and I don’t regret it as they had a really great post and I wasn’t gonna break my promise. Only reason I bring it up is just in case someone ask why I gifted someone here yesterday) so now I have no leftover money on steam and can’t really afford at the moment to get the game now that it’s so much cheaper than usual. I figured I might as well try even though I know $25 is a lot to ask so thank you for reading this far and I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

My Steam

Hitman 2 Store Page

r/GiftofGames 3h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [STEAM] Blazblue centralfiction My Experience With this Sub


Sorry for y'all's but I'm too lazy to put punctuation in also English ain't my first language

Act 1: the discovery

Twas a dark and not so stormy night I was in the throne of my comfort room scrolling through this site we call Reddit I decided to search for one of the games I own to find out if there was such a subreddit for it but Alas there was none so I decided to scroll through the most popular and most worthy post out there in which I saw a stange post requesting for said game I personally thought the fact that asking for a game is quite strange so I decided to go forth and lurk around the subreddit

Act 2: actually doing something

It has been a handful of days that I have been part of this subreddit I have read most the rules and understand some things but I haven't posted yet for I am quite nervous of asking for a game but I wanted to atleast try and get a game I have intended to get but I have none enough money for so I decided to post something something who is not that long tasking for the game I am now asking for BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION but I have discovered that Twas not long enough so I decided to read the rules slowly and surely to understand what was to be done

Act 3: thinking on what to do

After discovering what I have done wrong I decided to take a long slumber but alas I could not sleep for my mind was restless so I just thought of what to say and when shalt I do it I have thought of an idea an idea I knew I would regret for I haven't wrote anything this long since my elementary days I wanted to write it in a way you the reader see now something that I think none you people have seen then I just decided to sleep and do it sometime tomorrow

Act 4: the night of the doing

I have just got out of the throne I decided to write what I want to write It is currently 2:19 in the AM's writing this hoping this work of writing shall be finally posted in this place we call Reddit and I won't have to make a difference post for I am of the people you call lazy now I shall get all my links and things ready for the post and then hope for the best

Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199157006759/

r/GiftofGames 7h ago

REQUEST [REQUEST] [STEAM] Fifa 22 [ ̶5̶9̶,̶9̶9̶€̶ 23,99€]


Hello, this is the second time I've tried a request but this time I'm trying Fifa 22, I don't think there's anyone who hasn't heard of the Fifa game series.

𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙛𝙞𝙛𝙖 ?

Fifa is a sports-themed game created by Electronic Arts and released under the name EA Sports, where there are several game modes, the most popular being Ultimate Team and Career mode.

𝙒𝙝𝙮 𝙙𝙤 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮 𝙁𝙞𝙛𝙖 22 ?

Probably many people wonder why I want to play Fifa in January, anyway the game is almost over in the Ultimate Team, but I really like the Career mode, playing the Career mode a lot when I was a child, at fifa 12-14 , and now that I saw that it was on sale, I said why not try it.

𝙒𝙝𝙮 𝙙𝙤 𝙞 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙧 𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙚 𝙨𝙤 𝙢𝙪𝙘𝙝 ?

I remember when I was a child, how I tried to take a lower ranked team, and take it to the top of football, from the lower leagues of the major leagues, to winning the Champions League, it was a huge satisfaction for me at that time, to take a weak team, and some of the best teams in the world do.

𝙄𝙛 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮 𝙞𝙩 𝙨𝙤 𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙙, 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙗𝙪𝙮 𝙞𝙩 ?

As for the financial part, it seems to me that the game was once again on sale in December and I wanted to buy it, because it was about some scholarships that I had to receive as a result of the good results at school, but this money did not I came back, and so I didn't buy Fifa.

I would be very grateful if anyone would like to purchase this game for me, thank you in advance!

My steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/41ugr8eygr823ghy

Game link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1506830/FIFA_22/

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REQUEST [REQUEST] [PC] Minecraft Java Edition ($26.95)


Good day GoG community, My name is Htet Htoo Lwin. Please refer to my [Intro] post for background information of myself. The story began when I once saw a youtube video about Minecraft from a youtuber I watched frequently almost a year and a half ago. For people who do not know about Minecraft, Minecraft is the most purchased game in the world, with 238 million purchases total. Minecraft have 2 versions, bedrock, and java. Bedrock is better for frames and have more features in game, but Java Edition is better , in my opinion, because of its limitless capabilities. The code can be edited to do different things, have fun with people around the world, custom plugins and mods, and more. I couldn't afford this marvelous game, as I am 13 years old, my family are strictly forbidding, and we are in military coup. I really admire the Minecraft server by the name of Hypixel. Hypixel have many in game minigames. Most popular being skyblock, skywars, and bedwars. I have started admiring Hypixel Skyblock since the release of the Dwarven Mines update, and I really look forward to finally being able to play what I have been wanting to play for a year and a half. Thank you for your time, Htet Htoo.

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REQUEST [REQUEST] [XBOX] Sekiro Shadows Dies Twice -50% off (30 USD)



Hi there! The my name is Christian but i like when people just call me Chris, i have posted on this sub a few times already (and once i was lucky enough to get gifted, i am still really thankful about it).

Right now i have another request for a game i would love to get the chance to actually experience myself.

My Story

Some of you may have already read this story, i have written it a couple of times already, but in case you haven't, here we go again:

I am a young gamer from Venezuela, if you heard of it, it's a country with a disastrous economy and not exactly a good place to live in, life in here has become a little more manageable though.

I've been playing videogames since i have memory... Quite literally. Since i was a kid my father and my cousins got me into this hobby, we all enjoyed together for so long (life back then was a little more easier and normal). We played together for years and enjoyed every second of it.

Sadly, as i mentioned this country haven't really done much good for me or anyone, the "situation" of this country started and trying to have a decent life in here became harder and harder, my cousins had yo emigrate on search of a better lifestyle and now they reside in the US (i miss them, but i am truly happy for them nonetheless, the live a decent and modern life).

Some time ago one of my cousins decided to send us a Series S because he wanted my dad and me to play the amazing games he was enjoying. (For a long time the only thing we could play was a PS3 and a 360... Imagine all of those releases on the Last Gen that we missed).

Thanks to that we got the chance to play amazing games we never even dreamed about playing (Devil May Cry 5, Resi 7, Village, 2; Batman Arkham Knight, Dark Souls III, Gears 4, It Takes Two and so much more). I am pretty sure i already said it on previous posts, but it felt magical to finally lay hands on this games i could only watch on videos.

Why do i want to play this game?

I played my first FromSoft game some time ago, it was Demon's Souls, i won't lie, i fell in love instantly and started playing through the Soul Series (got the chance to replay DS Remastered thanks this sub). They became some of my favorite games of all times (i could easily call Dark Souls III my single favorite game of all time, to be honest).

I have immense respect for Miyazaki and everything the modern FromSoft has developed on the past decade, the only game from them i haven't played yet is Sekiro... And god, it looks amazing, i know i need to play it myself.

Why can't i get the game myself?

I guess the best is to keep it simple, i don't really have the financial stability to afford it, right now is at 30 USD but sadly I don't have the money because of expenses.

I am an online freelancer and my job does get me enough money to live fairly decently and once in a while give myself some small luxury, but all the games i bought in this time has been on sales and discounts (and to be honest i have only bought some relatively old games with lower prices on top of the sale).

Right now the game is on sale but it still is a little pricey for me:(

I just cannot afford it right now.

Would i actually play this game if gifted?

Of course i will, i know it's gonna be challenging, but i am not the kind of person who gives up easily, trust me.

I truly want to experience what this games has to offer, i can certainly promise that i will played it.

Methods of gifting and info

As always, there are multiple methods: Xbox Gift Cards, PayPal, or the buy as an gift option on the Microsoft Store.

Here's my GAMERTAG: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/profile?gamertag=kurisugutz&csrf=Gs4CD40H4R410JGIRxGi0BONz8lCdDdfc3_THc8DNjvmIwkUbf6RrIjBza3sNqTH-Uf0_N-oo-sa4F-sZOBvo5tY2uw1&wa=wsignin1.0

Sekiro on the Microsoft Store: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-goty-edition/bqd5wrrp2d6q

Special thanks for reading

Soooo, this is the end of my post... I truly hope i got lucky and a kind fellow gamer can help me and grants me the chance to play this game.

In any case, if you read all the way here, i truly thank you just for that and hope you all have a great day. :)

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REQUEST [REQUEST] [SWITCH] Pokémon Arceus Digital Copy $60.00


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope the New Year has been good to everyone so far (:

Pokemon has been a a huge part of my life ever since I was a little kid. I first got into it from watching the Pokémon series when I was around 5-6 years old and Pokemon Yellow was the first Pokémon game I ever played as well as the first game I ever played overall. It was such a delight to have my very own Pikachu and travel the region with it and catching all the Pokémon I could find and filling up the Pokédex. Seeing them evolve and getting stronger over time was very exciting to little old me and even now I am always stoked when a new game comes out with new Pokémon and regions to discover. Growing up I always played any Pokémon game I could get my hands on and would even play games similar to it (TemTem, Monster Sanctuary, Nexomon, Evertale to name some examples).

Pokemon was what ignited my love for games and the RPG turn based genre. Pokemon Arceus is the next game of the franchise that was released just today and follows you as you explore and discover the newest region of Hisui. However unlike prior pokemon games, Arceus is different in that not only is it an open world kind of game like breath of the wild but fighting and catching Pokémon has been completely changed. You don’t walk in patches of grass or up to Pokemon to trigger battles, but rather you have to basically hunt for them as your trainer self, and learn their behavioral patterns as they react to you as you figure out how to catch them or choose to battle them. Not only that but there are instances where you as a trainer are “fighting” pokemon yourself rather than through the use of your caught Pokémon.

To be honest I haven’t really looked much into this aspect as I don’t want to spoil myself too much but I have seen many clips and it feels like as if you are in the Pokémon world and show itself where you have to make effort in an open world to look for what you are trying to catch and it’s not as simple as just walking up to them. This makes the entire game and world feel way more realistic, alive and as if you are a part of the show itself. I love it xD

Recent years have been tough due to the pandemic and I don’t really have the money to afford to buy this game. I’m not really working as it’s been hard to find a work from home job (trying to avoid public places because of covid) without prior experience, and school is also taking up a lot of my time as well. Which is why I have decided to post on here in case someone may be willing to help me out with getting this game.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this, I appreciate you all and I hope you’re all staying safe and doing well. Thank you! (:

Friend code: SW-8146-5744-2120

Name: Azusa

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Hello! I am asking for spelunky 2 for the Nintendo Switch. (digital code version or Eshop gift card:))I would really enjoy this game because I can actually play a fun cheap game and I only have one game and I got my first console this Christmas so I am trying to build a small game list I would be very thankful if this happened thank you in advance. This game if you did not know is a unique platformer with randomly generated, levels that offer a challenging new experience each time you play.

I have very fun memories of playing Spelunky with my brother (as was only game on our ten year old computer) We've spent 112 hours in the game many of those hours spent dying to spikes, Man-eater plants, long falls,Lava,giant spiders, angry shopkeepers, Ghosts, Vampires, Olmec and accidently or intentionally killing each other all to find the city of gold, beat Olmec and get down to hell. We died a lot in those 112 hours and a lot of rage and a lot bickering sadly the computer died and black screened last year so the memories have disappeared but hope to continue on the switch :).

Here is the link and 20 dollar game in the US https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/spelunky-2-switch/

I really do not know how it works gifting on switch but I am guessing you can just send me a Reddit dm with the code I think Nintendo switch friend code SW-4784-7781-4888

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REQUEST [REQUEST][STEAM] $40 CAD Steam Gift Card for Life is Strange Remastered Collection


On January 30th 2015, the first episode of Life is Strange came out. The remaining 4 episode of the game came out scattered throughout 2015. The year after the game was ported over to Linux and in 2017 it came out on the IOS store. In three days it will be the game's 7th anniversary, which is going to be celebrated the next day with the launch of the remastered collection.

The remastered collection was announced alongside with the announcement of Life is Strange True Colors, on March 18, 2021.

A lot of speculation is that they are only remastering this because Life is Strange 4 is supposedly going to be about Max and Chloe after the storm. They want people to be caught up with their story before that game comes out. IF that is true I would lose my mind. I have been waiting so long to see Max back in a game. Imagine how the game would be with Deck Nine leading the production. It would be a dream come true.

!Warning there will be spoilers below!

My History with Life is Strange

I downloaded app panda the summer of 2017 mainly to look for cheats in this mobile game I used to play, The Simpsons Tapped Out. I got the cheats and been regularly using that app on and off, since it tends to be revoked in a matter of days. I think it was in August that I discovered Life is Strange. I read that there was free in app purchases so I naturally hit download. Free is good, I thought.

When I booted up the game I had this feeling it might not be a good game since I've lost interest after waiting 45 minutes for it to download. App panda has slow download speeds for its non vip users. The game threw me in right away, we were in the middle of no where during a massive storm. The goal was to get to the lighthouse since it was "safe". Once you get there the entire lighthouse will snap in half like a kit kat and fall on top of Max. Max wakes up in class afterwards and it was all just a nightmare. Or was it a vision?

That beginning of the game really reeled me in and I knew I had stumbled upon a great game. After finishing the first episode I knew that I HAD to buy the game on the App Store since 1) wanted to support the devs, DONTNOD at the time of making the game was a smaller company and 2) the whole revoking issue which I know will make me have to restart the game every single time. I asked my parents to lend me $15 to get the ep 2-5 pass and they agreed.

Got the game on my phone and didnt stop playing until I finished the game. Episode 2 was so dramatic especially the part where Kate tries to kill herself. I'm glad I decided to snoop around in her room because I if I didn't she would had died. Episode 4 and 5 were amazing especially at the end.

Once I finished the game, I knew I wanted to play Before the Storm. Unfortunately, i couldn't. My phone at the time was the iPhone 6 plus and BtS required a phone with the newer A11 chip which my 6 Plus clearly didn't have. Ofc I wasnt going to beg for a new phone just to play a game so I settled on watching gameplay of the game on youtube. You probably wondering why I didn't just play it on Steam. I didn't know about Steam at the time, nor did I have PC that could run it. I used to play disc games on my PC, mainly sports games.

A year later we went to Japan for a summer trip. It was amazing, the entire flight I played Life is Strange and NBA 2k18 on my phone. At that point I am pretty confident I had over 100 hours in the game. Apple doesn't keep track of game time then so I'll never really know how much I played, but I did finish the game like four times and each run I would spend around 20 hours meticulously talking notes abt each aspect of the game and trying to get all the achievements completed.

Fast forward to late 2019. I got a new gaming PC and finally got to download Steam. I got $50 to spend on Steam and the first games I bought were Eastside Hockey Manager, Cities Skyline, Life is Strange, and Life is Strange Before the Storm. Played the crap out of both of the Life is Strange games and they were amazing. Later on I managed to pick up Life is Strange 2, which was an amazing game. I know a lot of people hated it but I liked it. Minus Daniel I hated him. I replayed the game recently and it was pretty good.

True Colors was a pretty decent Life is Strange game. Like don't get me wrong, I loved the game especially seeing Steph again, but the game felt like it was lacking something. I haven't replayed the game yet so my opinions will probably change once I start a new save in it. The Steph DLC was really good, we got a voice cameo from Chloe and Rachel Amber.

Why The Remastered?

The issue a lot of people ran into with the OG game is the lip syncing was garbage. It was understandable since at the time DONTNOD was a smaller studio. If you are looking at it 7 years later, the game does hold up pretty well, but issues like weird facial animations and lip syncing problems do in a way take away some of the immersion that the game has to offer.

They have been releasing teasers and comparisons for the remastered on the official Life is Strange YouTube account. I watched pretty much all of them and here is a few of the things I've noticed;

  1. Darker tones. The game is much more saturated than the first one and there are points where this really shows. The shadows are much more prominent than the first game and at times do look way too dark. I am iffy here like I love the new coloration of the game but at the same time it might be something I have to get used to
  2. Improved lip syncing and facial animations. There's actual emotion and TEARS in their eyes now. There is a visible improvement if you compare the old game to the new one now. I think with better facial animation it makes certain moments in the game stand out a lot more than it used to. Emotions will be conveyed better for sure if you compared it to the OG game
  3. Max looks like she has either very heavy mascara OR she got two black eyes. I think that can be fixed when they desaturate the game a bit, so hopefully they do that
  4. Chloe actually looks really good in BtS, whereas Rachel looks good at some points and cross eyed at times, I'm willing to overlook that.
  5. THE ORIGINAL MUSIC IS STILL IN THE GAME. This was super important to me since the games wouldn't have the same feel if it wasn't for the soundtrack. It isn't the same without Alt J.

A friend of mine just recently really gotten into Life is Strange. Like me she spontaneously tried the game out on the Appstore. After finishing LiS and BtS on her iPhone, I let her try LiS 2 on my Steam account which she LOVED. At the end she ended up buying the games so she could play on her own account. If you haven't tried the game you should def try it.

Will You Play The Game?

If I were gifted the remastered I would put in a LOT of hours especially the original Life is Strange title. I have over 250 hours in the OG game on Steam and probably 100+ hours in the IOS version of the game. I haven 25 hours in BtS. I would def start with the first game before moving over to Before the Storm. I would play them over and over again I would love to start speed running the game some day.

If you did not know, I am a massive Life is Strange fan. I have all of the games, minus the remasters. My profile on Steam is pretty Life is Strange orientated, I read a ton of LiS fan fiction, a lot of my friends on Steam are fans of the game, I love going thru the LiS subreddit, and I am really excited for the LiS TV show they are apparently going to make.

Why Can't I Get This and Why I Have A Lot of Games

I can't get this since I'm still in school I basically spend most of my money on tuition and textbooks. My grandma isn't really into me buying games since she thinks its going to derail me from my studies. I play when I have free time and since my classes are at home rn, I have more free time to play. Jobwise I used to be a ice hockey ref, but with the pandemic it isn't profitable for me to work. I have to pay about $300 to get my certification and training in order to qualify as a referee. Since covid happened, its like every season so far halfway thru that it gets cancelled. Absolutely frustrating, but it is what it is.

I got a small grant but I don't think it is intended for me to buy a game with it so I got some new school supplies I needed with it, binders, paper, new printer ink, lead for my pencils, etc.

The games I currently have in my account are either, freebies (ie giveaways or 100% discounts), games I get sent from devs to play or review on my YouTube channel, I get to buy things on deep discounts, I like to pick up dollar bundles or bundles when they are cheap and I have the cash to afford them, my brother and some friends like to use my accounts for games that they play so some of the games aren't mine but it theirs, and some were gifts.

If i were to be gifted I would def give back here. I do giveaways or fulfil requests whenever I have cash to spare.

Game Details

So I only need $40 since the game is discounted for me. I have enough money in my PayPal (around 2 bucks) to cover the taxes so, $40 in Steam funds would def work. The game comes out in four days, I/m looking forward to watching streams.

My steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/maxchloeandrachel/

Game page https://store.steampowered.com/app/1265920/Life_is_Strange_Remastered/

Thanks for giving this a read and hope you have a nice day.