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J-Mod reply in comments Muted for RP - JMod Tyranny. This has absolutely crushed me... I know not many people on rs roleplay but it's really what I enjoy doing most about this game. I don't even know what rules I broke by doing this, I'm just sad.

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J-Mod reply in comments 27m lost to some kind of trade exploit? A warning.


Hey everyone. I just started playing again a few weeks ago. Last night I got scammed, and I am not really sure how. Its so demoralizing, all my profit over the last 3 weeks just gone and I have no idea how.

Situation: There was a guy at GE last night asking for help with GE buy limits (which I have done before for others).

Asked him what item he wanted. He traded me, showed air battlestaff and 96m in cash. I (very, very foolishly) spent almost all my whole cash stack of 27m on ~3k battlestaffs for him. I go to trade him, he puts up 27m, I click accept. 27m shows on second screen just fine, and then we both accept and POOF. Trade accepted, no cash in my inventory, battlestaffs are gone, and he is immediately logged out. I sat there for a few seconds utterly confused. Once I realize what happened my heart just sunk.

I know its just a game but I am not very good at it. I just got my first primordial from Cerberus and I was feeling hot. Now I am just so sad, I just logged out immediately.

Now I am broke, I have no recourse other than report for scamming (which I did). It really ruined my night last night, and I don't think I am going to keep playing. That was 1/4 of my whole bank just gone. I was just starting to hit some good loot luck too.

So heads up to anyone out there, don't trust anyone. Only trade stuff through GE. Has anyone else had this happen? What the hell happened?

If anyone from Jagex sees this, I have the guy's username although I dont know how useful thats going to be.


Edit: For anyone seeing this and not wanting to sift comments, it sounds like there is some kind of a trade bug exploit that allows the exploiter to seemingly process a legit trade all the way to the second confirm screen. Once there, some people say the gold disappears if you wait long enough. But if you're like me and you take only a few seconds, and then accept, the gold will not get traded and the items will disappear. I would not recommend trading with anyone you dont know/trust 100% with any trading of any kind. GE only. Sounds like this may have been reported by someone as late as 2 years ago.

I also appreciate the people who have offered to give me gold to cover, you folks are real saints. Now that I am aware of what is potentially happening, I want to get the word out more than anything. I don't want to take anyone's hard grinded gold, and I have contacted Jagex support directly to see if they can help at all.

Edit 2: I have reached out to /u/JagexTyran as requested with info, and am waiting on their investigation. Also to be fully transparent, I have accepted 40m from two VERY generous (and very persistent!) redditors. If Jagex confirms this is a bug and helps out, I will be giving all of this back. I have received DM's and seen the posts of a lot of people willing to help me out and I truly appreciate it. It was great interacting with everyone on this, this community is beyond kind. Thanks for all the offers and kindness, appreciate everyone willing to help or contribute :)

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J-Mod reply in comments Locked out of my account due to a refund that Jagex approved on a ticket I had already closed more than a week before they replied.


So I somehow ended up purchasing 12 months of membership instead of Premier Club, I did this on Nov. 16th. I send in a ticket asking if it was possible to either have them exchanged and refunded the difference or if they could refund the whole thing so I could purchase the right thing.

The following Sunday (Nov 21st) I figured it wasn't worth the hassle and since I still hadn't heard from support I went and cancelled my ticket.


Today 10 days after my original ticket, 5 days after I had closed it, they've gone ahead and refunded me, which has locked me out of my account due to "Outstanding Balance". What the fuck.

https://imgur.com/a/9A1dDxB for pictures of tickets and more.

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J-Mod reply in comments I was trying to record this potential scammer and he actually glitched me in trade. Please be extremely careful everyone. DO NOT TRADE ANYONE UNTIL THIS IS FIXED!


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J-Mod reply in comments Jagex employee, Kelvin Plomer, wins award at IRL conference for supporting mental health initiatives during lockdown


The IRL conference aims to acknowledge and applaud members of the gaming industry who have risen to combat a multitude of challenges. One of the winners was a Jagex employee, Kelvin Plomer, who was awarded a trophy for his contributions towards mental health support.

"Winner: Kelvin Plomer for Lockdown Mental Health Support Initiatives at Jagex. In an exceptional year, Kelvin led initiatives that facilitated the donation of more than £445,000 to Jagex’s charity partners at a time when it was needed most – it was the largest donation they have been able to make in 20 years of operation."

It's nice to see some positive news about Jagex, and a huge congratulations to Kelvin for his efforts.

I can't share the link here but if you're interested you can read about the other winners at MCVUK.

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J-Mod reply in comments [Reaching Out To REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT] Lost Infernal Max Cape. Customer Support is Blatantly Lying.



Edit: Thank you Mod_stevew for clearing things up! It seems that drunkscaping on mobile has its consequences... Well back to the Inferno we go!

I recently got my first Infernal Cape and a week later logged into my account missing a cape. After a quick search I figured Jagex had removed it suspecting the cape wasn't acquired by me.

I filed a customer support ticket regarding my lost infernal max cape and as a result got told that Jagex isn't able to return/remove items due to technical limitations with the game, which clearly isn't true as I've seen and heard of similiar cases.

The least you can do is upvote for visibility and hope for JMod Smackdown.

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J-Mod reply in comments Throwback to one of the best moment of this sub

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J-Mod reply in comments Jagex's lack of customer support is bringing me to tears, I wish I were joking.


TLDR: I am going to lose access to my account because Jagex's account recovery is not designed in a way that make sense for legacy players and I have no support avenues to reach out to. I understand this is partially my responsibility too, but I am trying to meet in the middle. I am willing to provide any and all information I can to recover the account including transaction info and photo ID, etc.

Edit 2: I WAS ABLE TO GET BACK INTO THE ACCOUNT, CHANGE THE EMAIL AND DISABLE AUTHENTICATOR! Guys I don't think I have ever been this happy and relieved. Some VERY important things to note:

  • Despite all my gripes, I DID recover my account using Jagex's regular account recovery. The last time I had attempted recovery I was able to guess an additional password (so two passwords) got 3 of the recovery questions right, and provided billing info and several transactions on the account.
  • Some of this information I was definitely entering in before but may have misunderstood. IE, providing a "transaction ID" instead of the "Invoice ID", providing the "Payment Date" when funds actually left my account, vs the "Authorization Date" when I actually made the purchase.
  • I also logged in through the official OSRS client. This is just a hunch but to be honest I think this may have been one of the larger determining factors. I have been logging in from the same IP all this time, but normally use RuneLite. Maybe RuneLite masks IPs. I was just informed that RuneLite doesn't mask IPs. I'm really not sure what caused this, all I know is logging in through the official OSRS client did help.
  • Some of this ambiguity around what information to provide is exactly why I felt the need to contact a live person, but I was never trying to circumvent the system. I am a real person. This is my account, and I'm really happy to have it back.

Mod Steve W helped me with advice only. Please to not spam him with requests for help. I understand how all of you feel and can say from the bottom of my heart that I have been there. My best advice for everyone else would be to keep trying slight variations of things you know are true, really rack your brain for any past passwords you might have used, and if you still have the ability to log in, log in through the official client before submitting an appeal.

Thank you all for getting this post the visibility it needed, and best of luck to everyone!


Edit: I have to get some sleep before work tomorrow so I can't continue to respond as frequently as I have, but I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH everyone for all the support and sharing your stories. Even if I never get this figured out, I feel a lot better knowing that most of the community is behind me and understands what I'm going through.

I do realize it's just a game, but this game was such a huge part of my childhood, helped me develop lifelong friendships, and has been a major source of happiness in my life well into adulthood. I'm a very sentimental person and it would be such a major bummer to have to start over from the beginning. Not to mention all the time and money spent that would have been for nothing. Anyone can just start a new account sure, but I'm not getting those thousands of dollars back... thousands of dollars that should in part, be going to fund better customer support to begin with.

I will come back to check on everything tomorrow and still greatly appreciate your replies, advice, and upvotes. Thanks again.


First I want to start off by saying I am a huge fan of this game, and have been using my same, original, account that I made when I was in grade school. I will try my best to make this concise but I am very frustrated and scared I will lose my account for no reason other than poor customer service.

Currently, I still have access to my account and I know my password. I can log in fine, and I play regularly. Yet I have been battling account recovery with Jagex for the better half of a year because of an old email from highschool that I attached at some point, in hopes of making my account more secure. That is what stronghold of security says anyway, right? This has been the single biggest regret in my life even outside of RuneScape. I really wish I were being dramatic but I am dead serious.

I no longer have access to this email and I will never be able to gain access to it. The email by itself is going on 9 or 10 years old. I have filled out the account recovery form several times with as much detailed information I can provide to try and get this stupid email removed. Granted, my account is very old, I don't remember all the account creation details. I don't know my original ISP from 16 years ago. I don't know my mom's credit card from when I was a child. I don't remember my very first password. The fact that any legacy player would be expected to remember that stuff is a huge joke. But still, I understand the need to verify account ownership.

I can provide the date my account was created - the city state zip code and country! The city state zip code and country I live currently! Tons of current transactions, including date, time, dollar amount, transaction ID, payment method, for about 6 or 7 different transactions. I can provide my current password! There isn't even enough room in the account recovery form for all of the valid verifying information I can provide.

Yet, every single time I try to fill out the account recovery form, which Jagex claims to review on an individual basis, I am denied, pretty much instantly. There is no way a human being is reviewing the information I'm entering that fast, absolutely no way. To add insult to injury, I get a cheeky email to the recovery email I'm entering saying that my password reset is denied. I'm not trying to change my dang password. That's the one thing I have held onto well all these years, and thank goodness that's the case. I need my email removed. I have reached out to support on Twitter too and I am always given a generic response about using the account recovery form. I so I go in circles over and over again.


Until recently, all of this has been frustrating, but I could push it aside just knowing I would never be able to change my password. At least by always remembering my current password, I could get into the account, play the game, purchase membership, buy bonds, whatever.

This came to a screeching halt upon breaking my phone. I have now just lost access to Google Authenticator, with no way to remove it without... ha, the Google Authenticator code. And no way to unlink Google Authenticator without removing that old, erroneous email tied to my account.

I've just come to the realization that my more than a decade old account, that I have probably spent close to a thousand dollars or more on, is going to become completely inaccessible and unplayable to me in the near future. And I really don't know what else to do except cry and wish that Jagex would get me in contact with a real human to hear me out. Seriously. I hate to be like this and I hate that I probably sound like a Karen but I am just heartbroken. Do you even care about your player base? Is there ANYONE I can contact???

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J-Mod reply in comments Muted by a Pmod.

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J-Mod reply in comments Laugh Of The Day: Got Muted For Inappropriate Language That The Reporter Said And Not Me

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J-Mod reply in comments Appeal: Denied - Transmission fluid: Changed.

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J-Mod reply in comments Vorkath only account progression. 16,3k kills in 50 days.

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J-Mod reply in comments Pray for Mod Tyran 🙏

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J-Mod reply in comments Mod Weath is leaving Jagex.

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J-Mod reply in comments Need JMOD Help. Can no longer log in to my account due to my email being deleted.


Gonna take this shot in the dark because I'm unsure if this has ever happened to anyone else before. I am currently unable to log in to my main account. The issue is that my main account's username login is an email address, but the email address has been deleted.

Okay, that's fine since that shouldn't affect me being able to log in to rs, except I had an authenticator on the account when I quit playing. I've since updated my phone and recycled my old phone. When I went to disable the authenticator, however, it sent an email to the registered email address, which was my college email address, which has also been deleted due to inactivity.

So now I'm in a situation where I'm unable to disable my authenticator due to my email address no longer existing.

Hoping that a jmod can maybe help me out by allowing me to change the registered email to one of my current ones.

RSN is iKrea.

The login email was an AOL one (i know, created it over a decade ago and never used it which is why it's been deactivated). My registered email was an @(institution.name).edu address. I can provide all of the details for the entire account's history as well. Just need a jmod to discuss this issue with since the support ticket was just responded to with an automated response.

Here's to hope, seems like a unique situation that I'm not sure many other people have been in before.

Edit: I've also called AoL support and my college's tech support in regards to getting these emails recovered, but they have stated that it's not possible to do so and that my emails were deleted due to inactivity and to free up space. So I'm not sure what the next move is to continue playing the account, without having a jmod change the registered email address so that I can disable my authenticator.

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J-Mod reply in comments You Thought It Was Just A Lag

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J-Mod reply in comments Very hostile PMOD

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J-Mod reply in comments Can a mod explain this to me?

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J-Mod reply in comments SABOTAGED Castle Wars games - World 334 (Two Players have been sabotaging games for MONTHS)


The Castle Wars community has submitted hundreds and hundreds of reports on these two players. Why can't anything be done? It is NOT fun for either side.

For those wondering how these players sabotage the games:

They pick up a full inventory of barricades and spam the barricades across the map (Max limit per team is 10) therefore leaving the sabotaged team unable to place any barricades for the entire duration of the game. Leaving them defenseless and it's almost a guarantee'd loss. - Barricades are the most important mechanic in the entirety of Castle Wars

I know not a lot of people like Castle Wars, but if you'd upvote for attention i'd appreciate the try.

PM me for video/screenshot evidence.





Double Edit: Please read through the comments in this thread if you wish to know more information.

**--- [–]JagexMerchant

38 points 3 years ago:

"Hey. We do actually take action against these guys but it can be difficult to take action appropriately.

I'll take a look when I get in."**

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J-Mod reply in comments Wait What

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J-Mod reply in comments In need of Help With Locked Account [URGENT] [ISSUE IN COMMENTS]

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J-Mod reply in comments getting royally F'ed by jagex, PLEASE HELP


at the begining of the month, i bought 61 bonds. jagex saw it as suspicious and froze my account and "refunded $427" after 2 weeks, i had only received $210 in refunds and jagex keeps claiming they refunded it all and to contact bank, i kept contacting the bank and they kept saying i never received the remaining $217 and to recontact jagex, so a week of going back n forth: jagex "contact ur bank, we refunded theres nothing we can do" --> bank "contact jagex, you havent received that refund" etc. etc.... the bank finally disputed the missing money and gave me the missing money, so i payed off my unpaid balance and was able to play for 2 weeks. now today, why im posting, i am now frozen AGAIN, and jagex message says "we were recently disputed, please pay off remaining balance to get unfrozen" and it says i now owe $320...

my rsn: happiepanda




edit: thank you guys for the plats and silver, means alot that at least you as a community do care <3 im hoping jagex replies soon. usually 2-4/5 hours from now is when they reply to emails

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J-Mod reply in comments Remember this? It's time for round 2

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r/2007scape Apr 30 '20

J-Mod reply in comments Does Mod Weath actually exist?


I have been trying to find out WHY I was permamuted well over a year ago. I have been trying to message moderators to find out why I was permamuted/if it can be lifted and I am unable to get a human reply.

It was a manual permamute for "impersonating a moderator" but I never impersonated a moderator, and no proof has EVER been provided to me. I lost my email and had to wait 30 days to recover it to remove authenticator and place it back on the account and around this time I was suddenly permamuted.


Here is proof over a year ago I had the authenticator issue. The permamute/authenticator issue happened at literally the same time roughly.


I tried messaging both Mod Acorn and Mod Weath again to no reply, I buy TONS of bonds, and I receive all the billing information to my email, I HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING IN REGARDS TO WHY I WAS PERMAMUTED.

Idc if I can't be unpermamuted, I need to know what was said, the permamute says it sent "details to my inbox", there has never been anything besides billing information in my inbox/email and nothing about any mutes in my email.

I have tried everything, I tried posting this in the post on another account and I believe this account too and its immediately downvoted.

"TL;DR: I am requesting a mod smackdown, on myself, to find out WHAT I said, please post what I said so the community can make fun of me and I CAN FIND OUT WHAT I ACTUALLY DID, or if it can possibly be removed. "

Give the community a laugh or help an actual customer out.

The account's name was sent to both Acorn and Weath, if an actual mod replies lmk and I'll give you the account name and you can look.

I doubt this will get the exposure it needs, I'm not an OSRS influencer or a youtuber so Idk whats going to happen.

I would actually pay to find out WHY I was permamuted, I would PAY for them to send me the email/inbox message on why I was permamuted, I bought like 20-40 bonds in the last 6 months (sadly not joking) but they can't help me. I would seriously give like 100$.

Please help a customer, or give the community a good smackdown and prove theirs a good reason you spend a full year dodging customers.

For anyone doubting me, here is me messaging both of these moderators a year later with no reply still:


Like come on, what do I have to do, for real?

For those wondering, I was in a clan chat where people kept calling me a moderator, and I kept saying "I AM NOT A MODERATOR", I believe this is what got me permamuted, that was over a fucking YEAR ago, but no proof has EVER been provided so at this moment in time I'm begging for help. I just want the proof yo.

EDIT: Current state of my account: https://imgur.com/a/zAcS1WZ

EDIT: :c

EDIT: https://imgur.com/a/XgB0dO3 He is active but hasn't replied to me in over a year, I am terrified at this point that I am going to keep buying bonds and supporting a game that can't even provide me any evidence of why I was permamuted. Idk what else I can do at this point. I thank everyone who tried to get this more exposure but it seems like unless im a botter or something, they don't care about permamuted customers that are requesting simple evidence, seems like they'd rather help the gold farmers and cheaters. :c

EDIT: For those saying he doesn't handle mutes, who the hell do I get ahold of then? I have tried to "appeal a mute" through the website and it does NOT let you appeal a mute. I just want the transcript/evidence PLEASE.

EDIT: By Mod Weath:

"Thank you u/SvvayEveryday for somehow finding an account I abandoned long ago to try to conceal my identity, thanks for doing that. My story hasn't changed in over a year, and instead of getting help, it seems people are working REAL HARD to discredit me, VERSUS PROVIDING ME THE FUCKING EVIDENCE.

EDIT: I give up, people are just commenting non stop that "apparently my story has changed", I literally cannot get the evidence, sorry I asked, I am disabling inbox replies to this post, gl to anyone out there, I'll probably see you out there, I am that guy emoting.

EDIT: We do offer the ability to appeal mute offences through the offences section of your account management page and I can see that you did appeal it in May of last year. Your appeal was manually denied by a JMod and you were sent an inbox message explaining the Support Team's decision (which you've read). You also received a temporary warning mute to stop your disruptive behaviour on the 11th of February (which included another inbox message) but you continued to break the rules with very toxic behaviour. Some staff, like myself, have a quality filter on Twitter notifications. This is to avoid spam tweets that come in quite regularly which is why the tweets may have been missed. I can appreciate that it would be frustrating to not receive a reply from me but there were plenty of opportunities for you to resolve this through the official channels."

I could only appeal it through the account on the website, I tried reaching you a year ago and was ignored.

Your appeal was manually denied by a JMod and you were sent an inbox message explaining the Support Team's decision (which you've read).

I have not read anything, or seen anything in regards to evidence of the permamute, just information that I have BEEN permamuted, CAN YOU PLEASE EMAIL ME THE EVIDENCE.

You also received a temporary warning mute to stop your disruptive behaviour on the 11th of February (which included another inbox message) but you continued to break the rules with very toxic behaviour.

Wut. What evidence please email me it.

but you continued to break the rules with very toxic behaviour.

k so you don't want to unmute me, fine, please send me the evidence.

there were plenty of opportunities for you to resolve this through the official channels."

HOW, WHEN, WHERE, PLEASE TELL THE ENTIRE OSRS COMMUNITY WHERE THE OFFICIAL CHANNELS FOR SUPPORT ARE PLEASE. You will not provide evidence and just want me to burn, as per the normal its fine, have a good day, thanks for the fucking reply.

I give up, I am not replying to anyone or anything anymore, please stop calling me back to this thread, I am not going to be unmuted and they aren't going to provide clear evidence to me directly.

Have a great day reddit. I was smackdowned, you happy? I sure feel great. /s

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J-Mod reply in comments Account Hijacked for 5B+


UPDATE: My account seems to be in my hands again. THANK YOU so much to everyone in this subreddit who helped me with this situation even with a simple up vote, I don't know if this could have worked if it wasn't for your help. Just want to thank Mod Stevew for his effort in this, and for his awesome customer support on this thread. If anything else happens to my account I will update further, but for now it seems to be secure in my hands again. :)

Original Post: My username is Nelsi, & my account was recently hijacked today. They were able to recover the account somehow & were able to bypass using my email to gain access, & somehow have linked their email to the account through the recovery system. I have authenticator, pin, secure username, pass, never clicked any links etc.

I have checked my crystal math labs & it seems that they’re using my account to stake. I don’t care about the money I lost I just need help getting my account locked and returned safely. Any help is suggested, I’ve submitted my own recovery request trying to get my account back. But I don’t know what to do if the hijacker is able to provide enough info to get my account recovered themselves, which is the only option I have myself at this point.

Please help

Edit: All other information regarding this situation is in the comments. I didn’t expect this much support, & I thank everyone who’s helping. I’ll update this post with any further information regarding my account. For the most part, I just hope this post can help others from this happening to.