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Fortnite has absolutely no shame when it comes to copying other games

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Political Why does Kate Brown get to attend events without a mask while she still imposes strict mandates for the people of Oregon?

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Guys this means more than it sounds to me.

So I had very strong erectile dysfunction for almost my entire youth im 20 now and it started with 15 because that's when my depression started to really take me down. I had almost no libido never really jerked off and after I started dating I almost never got hard at all, not even a bit. You can belive how this damaged my self esteem because of all the men telling me that I think they're not good enough or ugly or me thinking it etc. Even when that was never the case, especially my ex bf broke up with me (cheated on me) because of that. The sex was always a disaster. I never even could get hard with Viagra, and I mean a lot of viagra.

But it happened today.

I topped for the first time, I started with therapy and exercises a couple months ago, quit school that completely made me depressed and started focusing on myself and I started feeling happy and confident again (with the help of meds.)

So I decided to go on a date again, i thought it will turn out as usual of me being the bottom but he asked me if i want to fuck him because i was ACTUALLY HARD I thought that my dick will get soft anyways but it didn't and it felt great, bros let me tell you it felt really great, I felt the change of my life in just having successful sex for the first time after so many disappointing times.

Im so happy now the last years have been so depressing and soul crushing some times but now i think im on the right track again.

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Tectone | Just Chatting Tectone mad at Mizkif for not raiding him

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For those who only want non NSFW dad jokes r/cleandadjokes exists. No one is forcing you to be here. NSFW


Until the mods say otherwise NSFW jokes will happen. You can downvote it, or just not read it it l, but as long there’s an NSFW label it’s not against the rules.

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Shotz CG announcing war on cops

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Threw my swatter at a fly. Dont ask questions because I dont have answers

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Porn doesn’t create an unrealistic expectation of sex. You just haven’t met the right partner yet. NSFW


My wife and I have always had a good sex life. We’ve tried a few different things over the years and we were always both satisfied. For a lot of different reasons, we started going through a sexual awakening of sorts over the last couple months. We started to open up to each other about our fantasies and what we both really like, want to try and what interests each other. Turns out we’re both huge freaks and neither of us I guess had the courage to bring it up to the other. We started having way more sex than we ever have in the last 7 years of marriage or the last 13 years being together. It’s been like living in a porno. We’re both constantly turned on. Doing things that other people only wish they could. On other subs I hear people say, “I wish my spouse was more open but that would never happen.” I’m not trying to make this a brag statement even though it sounds like I am. I really think that deep down most people are pretty freaky and wish they could experiment or explore their sexuality more. They either can’t or don’t for many reasons. They might be worried about how their partner will react. Or maybe it’s religious upbringing or something from their past preventing them from opening up. Could be any number of reasons. But life is too short to not try and be your freakiest self. As long as it’s between consenting adults, go forth and get wild. Try something you only wished you could do from a porn you saw. When you’re with someone that you love and trust you’d be surprised what’s possible when you open up.

Edit: I’d like to add a couple things because I think I wasn’t clear enough and I’m answering a lot of the same things. I’m not talking about unrealistic beauty or body standards. I’m not talking about cheesy ass dialogue or unrealistic scenarios. I’m not talking about the effects that it can have on people that are addicted to it. What I was trying to say is that it is possible to have a crazy, kinky sex life like some of the acts that you see in porn. I remember watching porn before I was married and wondering if I’d ever find a woman that would be into trying some different things that are outside the norm. I never thought oh man all I got to do is deliver a pizza and this chick will want to fuck me. Or be a repair man or fucking nowadays have a step sibling or parent. Not my thing. But anyways I was more talking about the kinks and fantasies you see in porn and being able to act on them with a consenting partner. Also a bunch of you are like I disagree and you’re wrong. No shit. We’re in unpopular opinion aren’t we?

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Feedback New Player Perspective - Joined for 3.16


I'm on my way out the PoE door and I figured I'd describe my "new player" experience in the hope that other new players might find it useful.

TLDR; Had fun, but also had enough (not that anyone cares!).


  • First time playing PoE in 3.16 (Scourge)
  • Played Soft Core Trade Seasonal league only.
  • Sunk close to 500 hours into PoE. (I know, baby hours right?)
  • Bought all of the affinity tabs, a premium tab, and a cosmetic outfit to support GGG. Least I could do after 500 hours!
  • Killed Sirus A8 a few times, did some maven stuff, 116/118 awakening, level 96 (and a 92 alt).
  • I was pretty inefficient at making currency from what I can tell. Probably netted around 30ex or so in total.
  • Mature / old gamer (Gen X'er) that's played various ARPGs since Diablo 1 first introduced me to the genre back when I was a kid.


  1. The skill tree is super cool.
  2. The variety of interactions between skills, gems, and special gear effects is mind blowing and really fun to discover.
  3. Graphics and art pretty impressive for an old game. I especially love the divination card art. It adds a lot of character to the game.
  4. There's no other ARPG (or game at all I'd say) that comes close to PoE's depth.
  5. The campaign was pretty fun. I only went through it twice for two different builds, but enjoyed it both times. I imagine that like anything it would get old after a few seasons of re-running it, but I can't speak to that.
  6. Amazing community documentation, guides, videos, etc. Thanks community!
  7. Game is constantly being updated every like 3 months I guess?! That's pretty awesome and unique.
  8. Store is NOT pay to win. Yes I really did need to buy some stash tabs, but so what, I got a ton of hours out of this game.
  9. So many great third party tools. (PoB, Filterblade, CraftofExile, etc.).


  1. The game has so much content and systems from previous seasons that it ends up being a complete clusterf***. I don't know how else to say this to capture how big of a mess it is! It's like the game equivalent of a hoarder.
  2. Nonexistant GGG provided documentation. I get the feeling that GGG really likes building things, but when it comes time to document what they just built, the developers quickly exit the building. Forcing the community to fill in the (gaping) holes.
  3. A lot of community provided documentation / videos are out of date because of changes made over the years. Some examples would be learning about syndicate from a previous season's perspective, or seeing a really different looking atlas from a previous season (it recently got overhauled), or seeing builds from a previous season (again, recently overhauled). I can't fault the community for this, but it was super confusing at times.
  4. Trade league is pretty busted. A lot of bots selling (and I suspect also snipe buying) which I can't compete with unless I also run a bot. This puts me at a pretty big disadvantage since a lot of the really great gear is well out of my range. It's also super clunky, which I think there are split opinions on (auction house discussions etc.). I don't really care TBH, since if I ever play PoE again it'll be in SSF anyways. Trading just felt like crap is all I'm saying.
  5. Sirus fight is dumb.
  6. The darkness of the atmosphere combined with spell effects and the small viewport make it really hard to know WTF is going on a lot of the time. Effects clutter seems to be an ever worsening trend in video games, so maybe it's just me and the zoomers love it. Or maybe it's just that you all have Stockholm syndrome!
  7. Loot quantity / quality is pretty horrendous. Solved for the most part once I figured out how to set up a decent loot filter.
  8. Chat system is outdated and painful to use.
  9. So many absolutely necessary third party tools. You really gotta take the time to setup loot filters, figure out crafting, figure out builds, figure out trading (like harvest), all in third party tools.

In summary, PoE is a pretty awesome game. It held me for nearly 500 hours, which is crazy. That being said, game feels like work now (has for a while), and I can't even bring myself to login anymore. I can't see myself playing another season. I might checkout PoE 2 though when it comes out.

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Discussion I feel like this could have been resolved pretty easily


Like, what Gus did was bad, but it's not like he was ACTIVELY abusive. There have been plenty of YouTubers that have done/been accused of way worse.

Gus could have just made a video or a statement acknowledging what he did wrong, promising to do better, the usual, and that could have been that.

But now, we do not just have only Sabrina's side of the story, but the way he just tries to act like nothing happened and seemingly blocks people with the mildest criticism of him just make him look all the worse.

There, that's my two cents on the issue.

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Discussion When do you think the mask mandates and King County indoor dining/bar/entertainment vaccine mandates will end?


Is King County going to keep requiring vaccine cards for their venues, bars, and restaurants forever? When will the statewide mandate end? We are only one of 5 states with a statewide mandate. Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Illinois. The other 45 states don't have a statewide mask mandate. And we are now the only state that has ANY kind of outdoor mask mandate (Oregon got rid of theirs). It feels like when you go almost everywhere else in the US, its back to normal. Then when you are back in the Seattle area it feels like a dystopian world- Eastern Washington and rural areas of the state are pretty much ignoring the mask mandates. When will this end? Whenever Inslee is out of office? We don't even have anything to work for. There are no plans whatsoever.

Seriously, go anywhere outside of the state or even outside of Seattle- everybody else has moved on. Its time that we do too. When will this virtue signaling theater end?

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My partner borrowed my car for a few days, and gave it back like this

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Miscellaneous LPT: Get married at a courthouse, and THEN plan/have your wedding. This better ensures you’re getting married because you want to have a marriage, not because you want to have a wedding. If this feels flat/unromantic, you might want to check yourself.


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Yes… Yes you did

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ .

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Image The cross is not a Christian symbol but has its roots in paganism. The original form of the Babylonian letter T was "†" and represented the god Tammuz, which is identical to the crosses used today. The original meaning of the word "cross" translated from Greek "Stauros" meant an upright stake.

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👽 Shitpost Just another reason to DRS your shares and protect yourselves.

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Come and See (1985) translation is edited and sanitizes the horrors Klimov intended to expose.


Firstly, I am Jewish. I am fully aware of antisemitisms effects—I was the victim of an assault in 7th grade because of my Jewish heritage. Nothing I express below should be read apart from those facts. Come and See is a deeply troubling, yet profound, portrayal of the Nazi’s depraved indifference to human life. I hold the work in the highest regard because it is able to convey the depths of horror that Jews experienced in the war. l just watched the new translation on the Criterion channel and, as I was watching, I got the sneaking suspicion that something was missing. I checked previous releases and it turns out this version’s translation is disgustingly edited without warning. The dialogue removes any use of the term ‘Jew’ and any mention that the Nazis were racially motivated. Why would anyone make such a choice? To protect us from a racial slur? They managed to show the actual corpses of starving concentration camp prisoners, but the editors believed the accurate representation of Nazi racism is a bridge too far. This is a despicable decision that achieves the opposite of whatever the editors thought they were achieving; it whitewashes the depraved racial motivation of the Nazi regime. I beg that anyone who sees this share and reach out to Criterion. They are wiping out Jewish history with this absurd decision. The profundity of Come and See is being stolen from new viewers.

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My(M22) gf(22) who is way hotter than me said something very frightening during a heart to heart conversation


Sorry for throwaway.Me(m22) and my gf(f22) of 2 years were having a heart to heart conversation where I voiced some of my insecurities.I said sometimes I'm insecure about our relationship because there's a clear difference of attractiveness between us.Let me explain:

My gf is the hot girl in town and our relatioship can be stressful.When she walks in the streets every man turns around to look at her(matter fact she said she feels safer taking walks with me) or tries to catch her eyes.Her DMs are flooding with guys hitting on her and someone didn't even bother to flirt with her while I was right next to her and it was clear that we're a couple.A lot of people made comments on our relationship,even my parents and that hurt a lot.In a way people imply that I should be grateful to her for "letting me date her" if that makes sense.Since we're going to be in a long distance relationship for college I voiced some insecurities and she said :"Love don't worry,I choose to be with you everday".That hurt.It sounds like she has to remind herself everyday why she is with me and one day she might just change her mind if something better comes.Maybe I'm just insecure I don't know.

TL;DR my gf said "I choose to be with you everyday" and I'm hurt

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Satire Bob Dole Switches To Democrat Party

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Discussion Still the worst fandom of all time. All you people do is sit on this subreddit and bitching whine about the show yet is trajectory has gone up, not down. (Unlike a lot of other shows.) And stop comparing titans to Doom Patrol, they are very different shows!!

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Instructor Which instructors should I ride with?


I’m very new to Peloton and have had mine for 2 weeks. I’m going through the 6 week beginner programme. The issue I have is that I find the over-enthusiastic instructors so annoying. When they sing and dance along to the music, with their eyes closed and one hand on their chest. Are there any instructors who don’t do this? I am genuinely considering sending it back as I find myself just swearing at the screen.

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Tech/Internet Kim Dotcom: The Most Wanted Man Online (Cyber Crime Documentary) | Real Stories (2021) [01:47:36]

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Me and the boys about to get some warmth.